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  1. New member from Canada

    Welcome Dave My sister lives in Port Moody and after a couple of visits I don't recall seeing any OSF's. I think you definitely have a rare car there, especially one as good as that.
  2. My mk1 project

    Your car looks the absolute dogs danglies. I don't think that there is another colour combination on a mk1 that looks as good as that. Keep up the good work. Interior next?
  3. Sorry to hear of your bad fortune. That list of goodies seems amazing, but tbh a bit, sorry, a lot over my head. Reading through the very thorough list is there anything missing or is the car ready to be put together? Also is it going to be a track only car, I noticed the rear slicks? I am only in Rayleigh and that looks right down my street.
  4. Loving it. Keep the pictures coming. What colour are you going to do it in? It actually looks in good condition
  5. Mk 1 project

    Very nice looking build so far and top colour choice. looking at all your build pictures makes me well jel!! I want one, I want one, I want one!! Keep up the good work and the keep the pictures coming.
  6. Auctions. . . . should you?

    The mk1 had quite a late lot number so I was holding out till then, but I fancied a few of the other Fords like the supercharged mk2 Tina. I may have been tempted otherwise.
  7. Auctions. . . . should you?

    I saw a group of guys, one with a blue Ford Escort hoodie and I thought I know what he's come here for! Was that your group? It took me 2 hours to get there as well. That Avenger was a lovely bit of kit, nice buy, well done.
  8. Auctions. . . . should you?

    I forgot about the auctioneers premium. They were charging a reasonable 6% which is basically another £1000, plus transporting it home, so the guy that bought it has paid almost £17,500.
  9. I found a mk1 escort RS2000 listed at a classic car auction last week. The auction was held today. They put a guide price of £8 - 10,000 so I thought I would go and if see if I could buy it. At that price I was prepared to give it a go. It was an unfinished project that was a little rough around the edges, but it was essentially rust free. It was a non runner with no front windscreen, but it had a full interior with a few holes. The pictures on the auction site made it look better than in the flesh, but overall I thought not bad. It had quite a high lot number so I got to see a lot of cars sold, and I don't know why, but the longer I was there, the more I got a feeling that there was no way that the car was going to be sold at any where near the guide price. 4 hours later it finally came up and the bidding started at £8000. Within what seemed seconds it had been sold at £16,200! I didn't either bother trying to bid. I can't quite believe that a car in that condition could be worth that sort of money. What is the general consensus on auctions and what do you think about the real worth of an unfinished project car like that? I understand that these cars in good condition are fetching quite a bit these days but surely for the home mechanic that's too much money, and for a dealer there won't be much of a profit left. Anyway, i'm going to keep searching for the holy grail and hopefully I will find a car soon enough. It was my first visit to an auction and I found it really interesting. A tidy 2.8i Capri sold for £9200 which was a running car. Quite the bargain by comparison!
  10. That is a truly epic car. It must be genuine and if it is, it should go in a museum.
  11. Ford Falcon project....

    Wow that's different. I like it. keep up the good work.
  12. Escort Mexico restoration

    Top job. The car is looking gooood! Are you changing the wheels?

    I did try that one, but she immediately said, and quite correctly, you won't sell it when it's finished!! She obviously knows me too well.

    Don't you think that wives just get in the way! I have just told my wife I am buying a mk1 escort this weekend and she said why? Why do you want to waste money on a crappy old car that's going to cost loads of money to do up? I said it's a hobby, an interest that will keep me busy and something that I will enjoy. She didn't understand! Your car looks awesome btw. The colour scheme is subtle but looks spot on and the wheels set it off perfectly. Well done on bringing another osf back to life
  15. I thought that was Battlesbridge as well. I missed the Ford show this year, but went to the American show. There were still loads of OSF's. Cracking show really enjoyable.