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  1. Munch

    Mk 2 RS2000 battery

    Ha ha, no they didn't and I'm not a sales rep for them either! I was just really chuffed with their service
  2. Munch

    Rally Day at Castle Combe. Any interest?

    Just booked my ticket, see you all there.
  3. Munch

    Damn you Google street view

    He could get a fine for parking his 'car' in a 'layby'
  4. Munch

    Mk 2 RS2000 battery

    I have just bought a new battery for my RS from Tayna batteries. It is a 075 Enduroline 63ah. The length is 242mm x 175mm height x 175mm width. It fits perfectly and is cheap. It was delivered on my chosen day as well. What more could you ask for?
  5. Munch

    Suspension change

    I thought the same actually. Even though I used 2" lowering blocks, the car doesn't seem to sit any lower. I was pleasantly surprised how cheap the components were.
  6. Munch

    Rally Day at Castle Combe. Any interest?

    Will do, thanks.
  7. Munch

    Suspension change

    If anyone asked me how my car handled, I would say like a 2cv. It seemed to roll a lot and was very spongy. I thought it strange for an RS, but it is 40 years old. I bought single leaf springs with 2" lowering blocks and 2" lowering springs for the front as it already had uprated suspension. On Wednesday I finally got round to putting it on. I found out why the car was behaving the way it was, the top smaller spring on each leaf had cracked. Turning the nut saw the spring split completely in half on both of them. After changing the springs the car now sits flat round the corners and is so much more fun. Sideways officer. . .not me!
  8. Munch

    Rally Day at Castle Combe. Any interest?

    Alright Mr Gerbil! I'm up for that one, count me in.
  9. Munch

    Fishnet Recaro swap

    No, I'm the only gay in the village.
  10. Munch

    Fishnet Recaro swap

    Is that how you do it, I have been trying to roll the material off without success! If you slice the underside how do you reseal it? One last thing, what the he'll is a daffyd vest? Is that from Gavin & Stacey? Great help, thanks dt36
  11. Munch

    Fishnet Recaro swap

    I could do I suppose, I will have to look into it. Yes my headrests are Brown. Being vinyl would paint stick? I saw a pair at Santa Pod for £140 but retrimming and new headrests will cost a few quid.
  12. When I bought my car it had grey cloth fishnet recaros. The guy I bought it from had some brown beta clothed ones that were a bit worse for wear which I also bought. I have since had the bad bits re-trimmed and have swapped them with the grey ones. The only problem is, my car has black back seats, door cards, head lining and carpet. They don't look too bad but I am wondering if anyone has a pair trimmed in black cloth that would want to swap?
  13. Munch

    Are you kidding me

    I haven't booked it yet, but I will definitely be going to that one. See you there.
  14. Cool pictures. All the cars look top notch. I did have the pleasure of seeing Colin and Popeyes cars at Santa pod so I know the standard of their cars.
  15. Oops, didn' mean to do that. I would be up for it but I'm not sure my car is up to show standard. It's far from a rotter but I don't know what you expect for a show like that