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  1. I am not sure about if this is where they are originally, but mine is located attached to the underside of the battery tray.
  2. Munch

    Yet another newbie from Essex

    Hello there, good to see another Essex boy on the forum. Have you been to any events locally this year? I might have seen you
  3. Munch

    Where my car came from?

    Yes, so mine is ECX 66S and his was ECX 686S.
  4. Munch

    Where my car came from?

    Is the other car from the same place then?
  5. Munch

    Where my car came from?

    Blimey that was quick. Do you have a secret patch into the DVLA? So not Essex then. That's a shame, I wanted an Essex boy RS!!
  6. When I bought my car I got no history with it except for some receipts and a couple of photocopied V5's. The guy was a dealer who bought it from someone who bought it from an auction. One of the receipts happened to have a mobile number of the previous owner who I rang and all he could tell me was the man that he bought the car from was ill which is why he sold the car and he would forward a folder full of pictures and receipts to him which he never did. I had this persons address so I wrote to him. His wife emailed me and unfortunately he had died the next year and she had not seen any folder and had no idea of the cars history. The following week after receiving this email I went to the Battlesbridge classic Ford show and another RS pulled up opposite me with exactly the same number plate as mine but with an extra number! Mine ends 66S and his ends with 686S, I couldn't quite believe it. It got me thinking about trying to find out where my car was first registered especially when he told me that he thinks his car was from Essex, so what with the new GDPR rules does anybody know how I can find out where my car was first sold? I don't want to know who bought it, just where it was first registered. Thanks
  7. Munch

    Rally Day 2018 - review

    Top camera work Mr Gerbil👍
  8. Munch

    pinto rs2000 head colour

    Mine has a Piper 285 cam in and I find it idles smoothly
  9. Munch

    Rally Day at Castle Combe. Any interest?

    Another great shot. Sorry that I kept missing you, when I arrived you weren't there and I went off to have a look round and when I came back you had just left to do the parade lap. When you came back you parked up and disappeared! I stayed till 2.30 and left because I was wet and cold and am a southern softy!
  10. I joined this site earlier this year and have really enjoyed using it for meets and obviously help. I love that you arrange for a club stand at shows which gives access to places an individual couldn't, the likes of the NEC and the position you get at Santa pod. Before I joined I did spend a few months browsing, but that was mainly due to not actually having an OSF at the time so I thought I would be a bit of fraud without the experience of actually owning one and being able to join in. I realise now that that wouldn't of been a major issue, but for me I joined so I could go to shows with like minded enthusiasts as well as getting help and helping. I think that allowing browsing made me get to know the site and realise how nice everyone on it is. I looked at other sites and some wouldn't allow me to see anything without joining which comes across as very negative. Maybe you could allow people access for browsing for a limited time or a certain number of searches to give them the opportunity to see how good the site and members are. I do believe you have a great site because you have open access though. I will join the cult of OSF shortly as all you admin guys do a great job and after now being involved in a few events I realise how much work goes into the organisation of these and that they do cost money and every little helps!
  11. Munch

    Rally Day at Castle Combe. Any interest?

    Thanks for taking this picture, it's a great shot before the rain started. I realised when I got home that I hadn't taken one.
  12. Munch

    Rally Day at Castle Combe. Any interest?

    Both bottom corners on my screen leaked as well, but Friday night after looking at the weather report I put some clear silicone in each corner. After over 8 hours of being in the rain, neither corner leaked! Result. I would recommend this to everyone rather than replacing the rubber! Soooo much cheaper and quicker too.
  13. That's a cool story, and I love the fact that he kept it for so long before finishing it. I know how he feels though, I had an RS4 stolen off my drive a few years back and the police found it the same night. It had been damaged where they had cut the carpets trying to find a tracker but at least I got it back just like this guy.
  14. I am going to combe tomorrow whatever the weather. I would obviously prefer it to be dry but I don't normally go out in the rain so once a year shouldn't hurt the old girl! I am also going to the warren on Sunday in my other car.