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  1. Munch

    Historic vehicle tax free

    It was registered on 1/11/77. If yours was registered in March 78, why not send your V5 off and give it a try. They can only say no. If they do i'm sure they will tell you when you can re-apply
  2. Munch

    Historic vehicle tax free

    I think there will be too many people to splash out on burgers. . . is there a penny sweet shop there?!
  3. Munch

    Historic vehicle tax free

    Look what turned up in the post this morning. Yippeeeee! I am now a happy richer historic vehicle owner. I haven't had my rebate yet but I'm sure it will come next week.
  4. Munch


    Wow, they look like a perfect fit. Thanks James
  5. Munch


    Has your car got arches on? Is that your car in the profile picture? I have bought 2" lowering blocks and single leaf springs so if yours is the same as mine would love to give them a try. When you say tight how tight? Are we talking paper width between tyre and arch?
  6. Munch


    Do you have race tyres as I can't seem to find any wider than 185 or with a profile less than 60.
  7. Munch


    It is a proper shame because they look gorgeous. If Xp has fitted 225's on 7" wheels surely 205's would fit? I wanted wider tyres which is one of the reasons I went for those wheels. My other option is to fit some sticky 185 Yokohama's and use spacers to push the wheels out a bit. What do you think is the better option?
  8. Munch


    You are dead right Col & Xp. There was no choice of offset so I thought I would give it a try anyway just because I really liked the deep dish style.. I opted for the proper cheap Nankang tyres in case all went wrong, and that is exactly what happened. They are too wide. The front could work but the rears rub and it's not even lowered. Back to the drawing board.
  9. Munch


    Wow, thanks guys. A lot to take in. It seems I do have options then, but I'm not comfortable with £200 A tyre! Would 215 or 225's fit on a 7.5J rim? My wheels turned up today and they look amazing so I need to get a wriggle on and sort my tyres out.
  10. Munch


    I have just ordered some 7.5 x 13 RS4 wheels from JBW so that I can have 205 tyres, but the only brand that seems to make them for the road are Nankang. Has anyone used these before and if so what are they like? I have never heard of the brand before. Yokohama do tyres, but they are for race use only. In an ideal world I would like 205/50/13, but any tyre, even race only tyres, only come in the 60 profile. Any ideas or recommendations?
  11. Munch

    Classic Ford Show 2018

    I am only there on the sunday.
  12. Munch

    enjoy them before some one else does

    Very true. I might mention that to my missus and see where it gets me! I think maybe a red cheek.
  13. Munch

    Man’s perfect remote?

    If Carlsberg did remotes. . . . . .
  14. Munch

    Classic Ford Show 2018

    I'm in, just booked now. It will be my first OSF meet, so will be looking forward to meeting some of you guys. A word of warning to anyone that's thinking about booking a place in the club stand though, the deadline date is the 8th, so just under a week left.
  15. I know what you mean. Whenever I talk to someone about driving my car I get really animated and it basically makes me happy just thinking about driving it. You can't get that with a modern car. I would love to use it as my daily driver, but with the british weather it would destroy it too quickly.