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  1. Cuili1

    1500 precrossflow Gt carb flat spot

    I've seen this before, all the comments are spot on and worth checking out/following up. But don't get the tunnel vision... these set ups are renowned for getting a breakdown on the electrical HT side (Coil, Dizzy Cap, HT Leads & Spark Plugs) when under load only. If you've got access these spares, I'd try swapping them out one at a time.
  2. GS Escorts had one recently.
  3. Cuili1

    mk2 rs2000 door card trim

    Top Job, really well done. Thanks for sharing with us.
  4. Cuili1

    mk2 rs2000 door card trim

    I agree... Pics up? Progress ones? 👍
  5. Cuili1

    Electric or manual ????

    I done this years ago to a MK1 (Lets just say other manufacture), I went down this kinda route. I wondered around a scrappie until I found what I thought looked like the best option, I then bought the two doors complete... Sold the doors and bits on and ended up costing me £0 I was all quite easy in the end... Having the donor doors there ended up being a big help for the movement measurements.
  6. Cuili1


    Oh, The HSR, the only Vauxhall I'd have
  7. Actually, have you seen a X5 on wet grass! Wet grass up hill and my money would be on the XR2. 😁
  8. Cuili1

    Rally Day 2018 - review

    great photo's, thanks.
  9. Cuili1

    Where my car came from?

    I'm old enough to know this, but have never thought about checking it out... My 2000 is from Oxford.
  10. Cuili1

    rs2000 gearbox into xflow powered escort

    Oops, sorry! 😊
  11. Cuili1

    rs2000 gearbox into xflow powered escort

    Is your 1.6L a XFlow or OHC?
  12. Cuili1

    Your Club Needs You ! #OldSkoolFord

    Thanks for that... I've never noticed that before! Done now. 👍
  13. Cuili1

    Anti-roll bar bushes

    They are definitely rusted on and come off. 👍
  14. Cuili1

    Your Club Needs You ! #OldSkoolFord

    I've not really been on here that long, but I like this forum, I like it a lot and it's got a lot going for it. I think how active it is speaks for it's self, and proves the guys that run it are doing a good job. I'm on FB, but don't use it for this sort of thing, I might be old school myself. But like what's been said above, articles, project builds, including all the pic's just disappear. Where as on here, you can search and look back at them. I've been on a few forums over the years, and still am. I'm on only one other that is thriving in the present climate. So can I suggest a couple of wee things that I've seen working else where. 1. Is your wee 'Like heart' at the bottom right of each quote could benefit from adding a 'Agree' and a 'Helpful' icon. 2. Is to have a two tear forum. The first part is the forum as it is, and the second part (Needs a name) a paying upgrade. I the paid section members would find in-detail car specs and any other information that the very knowledgeable guys wouldn't want to reveal on a open form. I do release this would take a lot of effort my meany to set up. But on the hole. I think the forum works well the way it is.
  15. Cuili1

    Car covers

    Hi Chinkamon, If your looking for another recommendation... I've got a couple of the custom indoor covers from these guys. https://www.classicadditions.com There indoor covers are very good, but I don't have any experience on there outdoor ones. Craig.