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  1. Tried on the 8J alley cats, sticks out pretty far past the arch! I think I would need to run a stretched tyre, not for me thanks! The previous owner ran 175/50s on them! The Nankang definitely appears to be a wide tyre but not got good reviews in wet weather, so so in the dry. Stick with the Toyos on my steelez for now The car drives so much better on the 185/60s compared to the 175/50s that were on it when I bought it. Pic coming of 185/60/13 Nankang 611 on 8J.
  2. Thanks, just the info I was needing, There is plenty clearance on mine with 185/60s on the 7". I'm going to fit the 8" spare on later, see what clearance there is, will take a pic.
  3. Yeah people say 205 works well. Does anyone know if 205s will clear mk2 standard arches on a 8J Alley cat? I just can't get my head round the fact that my spare tyre Nankang 611 185/60/13 on a 8J rim does not looked stretched! It must be a lot wider a tyre compared to other brands! Shame it is no good in terms of performance. Think I'll look at fitting 205s. Thing is others have stated that 185s are fine, even for track use. Like I say, maybe some other brands are a better fit. Who knows! Lottery choosing tyres!
  4. Hi, Needing to pick folks brains on tyres. I recently bought Toyos CF2 Proxes 185/60/13 with a view to fitting them to a 8J rim. I have 7J steel rims on the car with a second set of 8J alley cats. The spare wheel is also a 8" alley cat, came fitted with a Nankang 185/60/13 tyre - Looks good! Not stretched at all. I tried the Toyo on the 8J rim and was well stretched!!! So decided against it and fitted them to my steel rims instead. I did read afterwards on the net that the Toyos are a narrower tyre compared to others News to me... Is the likes of Yokohama/Falken a wider tyre. Or any other makes that you recommend? Think I might be struggling to fit a wider tyre on the rear (Mk2 Escort). Thanks,, Allan
  5. Allanscort

    Side light & cluster illumination issue

    Yes both front parking lights are out. I found the fuse box diagram on here, but wasn't sure if it was the same as the car has been modded, thought I'd change them anyway. I'll need to check all the wiring again as been adding wires for a radio and things but these are separate t the original wiring loom. It's more than likely a dodge earth, just hassle trying to find it! The engine bay has no fuse box as been tidied of all cables, battery in the boot. As far as I can see there is just the fuse box behind the glove box, some relays under dash but not too clued up on electrics so could be missing something.
  6. Allanscort

    Side light & cluster illumination issue

    Its a possibility, I'll get a look again over the weekend hopefully.
  7. Allanscort

    Side light & cluster illumination issue

    Yes I have the ignition lights, oil/battery/indicators/high beam. Just the back lighting isn't working. It was lighting up the left side before, (rev counter and fuel gauge) but decided to check the bulbs and now nothing, including the headlight side lights not working now too. As mentioned the tail lights are working fine on position 1 on the stalk, just the fronts aint.
  8. Allanscort

    Hi from Glasgow

  9. Allanscort

    Hi from Glasgow

    Hi James, Thanks! Had a good scan over a lot of topics on here already, very useful! Allan
  10. Hi guys, I just recently joined, seems a good forum! Few issues on my mk2, advice and help on this would be nice. Both my headlight side lights have stopped working. The tail lights, dipped/main beam, indicators all fine. Thinking this is maybe linked to the dash illumination bulbs as they are not working either after me fiddling with battery still connected, idiot! I have changed all the fuses in the fuse box under the dash, behind glovebox. No change. Can anyone shed any light on what to check, are these two issues linked? It isn't likely to be the stalk if the tail lights are working is it? Cheers, Allan
  11. Allanscort

    Hi from Glasgow

    Hi everyone, Bought a mk2 escort 4 door, clean shell with one or two mods. Had a few issues to sort out and still! Daresay I'll be picking your knowledgeable brains on some things soon. Allan