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  1. Mk 1 Mark

    Mk1 escort wanted

    Big spec 500 bhp mk1 big spec engine 07985 599983 Ben
  2. Mk 1 Mark

    Mk1 Escort wanted

    Big spec 500 bhp mk1 big spec engine 07985 599983 Ben
  3. Mk 1 Mark

    Stolen Recovery Truck

    Right to all the people that know me and know my truck. Keep a look out. Some no good bastard has pushed it of my drive and stole it from Canvey Island. It's one of a kind professional built Mk7 black transit recovery truck. Reward for anyone with information that aids to it recovery. This is so noticeable I have not seen another black recovery truck. If you see a black mk7 recovery truck please ring 07950599568 Huge cash reward for it recovery
  4. 4-4.5 only used for one track day at brands so in excellent condition £100 the pair
  5. Wanted a pair of good mk1 fiesta wanted. What you got?? Anyone
  6. Bought these and was going to use them in a Mk1 but now not needed. These are ready to go and set up to fit a mk1 escort but can be used in any vehicle 170 mph speedo 8000 rev counter Oil temp Oil pressure Water temp Amps Revotec gauges will upload pictures later £200
  7. Mk 1 Mark

    Rs2000 servo/ mater cylinder

    Tried Mark and Darren but no luck
  8. Would anyone have an Rs 2000 servo/ master cylinder they took of to do Cossy or bias peddle box? Want a standard one complete if possible?
  9. Anyone got on for sale? Even a 3.77 will do? <br />Let me know what you got peeps
  10. Mk 1 Mark

    Mk1 escort 2.1 pinto on bike carbs

    There both on there!!
  11. Mk 1 Mark

    LSD in casing 3:54 CWP

    No one got one for sale?
  12. Mk 1 Mark

    LSD in casing 3:54 CWP

    No mate there was an atlas on that, and I have sold the LSD I was going to put on that.<br /><br />Escort I have is standard
  13. Mk 1 Mark

    Brands Track Evening

    It's fully booked as I want to do this ;-(
  14. (WANTED) Anyone got one out there for sale?
  15. Anyone got one complete?