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  1. Mk2Jo

    Sleep tight Jo

    I didn't get a nudge for this post lol …. I bloody hate spideys
  2. Mk2Jo

    The Great Storm of 1987

    I remember it well …. I had to drive to work (aged 20) and the roads were horrendous with trees, branches and fences blocking many of the side roads … worst bit for me was that there was a power cut at home and I had to go to work without drying my hair !!!!!
  3. Mk2Jo

    Hmmmmmmm, Thoughts / comments?

    It's a No from me but each to their own 👍
  4. Anyone off to any car shows this weekend in their OSF or other?
  5. Thanks all for your thoughts and views, much appreciated
  6. Hmmm .... 27 views and no replies
  7. Hello boys and girls of Old Skool Ford, Your Club Needs You! We're looking to revamp the forum slightly and make a few changes here and there but we need you to tell us what you like about the forum and why you come on here so that we can do more of the things you like and remove some of the things that you maybe don't look at. We're looking for constructive comments and would really like to hear from those of you who don't normally post but are interested to read the various posts and articles that are available to you and that have been compiled over a period of more than 10 years. The more replies we can get, the better we can make the forum to take us forward into the future. We are so pleased that we still have good support from you all and we know that since Facebook has come into existence the forum scene has changed considerably but to enable us to move forward in the right direction, we would love to hear what you like about our forum. Please take the time to just tell us what you want/think, what you would like to see or read about and what you don't really look at on the forum. It really would help us a lot. CheeRS folks!
  8. Mk2Jo


    Aha ... that was the hotel me you and Malcy stayed at prior to Ford Fair the other year wasn't it ... great night that was
  9. Mk2Jo


    Shut ... The ..... F.... Up I have a boyfriend that is currently upgrading his Fez ready for Doorslammers next year ... no time for my little Escort !!
  10. Mk2Jo


    Omex is a very popular one as well ... when my RS eventually gets sorted ... I am going pinto with throttle bodies and Omex 600 (which I already have).
  11. Mk2Jo


    Been to the museum a few times. Great photo's 👍 10 years ago you used to see lots more on the streets as daily drivers but many were bought and shipped back to the UK. Get yourself up to Hal-far Raceway just past the airport on Thursday evening for the RWYB drag racing.
  12. Happy Birthday young Vista Hope you are having a fine old day!
  13. Mk2Jo

    OSFDC Round 3 - Retro Show - 16/17th June

    It's ok Rich ... it wasn't a dig at you ... .just a comment regarding the lack of interest in drag racing on the forum ... I think it's just not of interest to the members anymore - just a sign of the times
  14. Mk2Jo

    OSFDC Round 3 - Retro Show - 16/17th June

    I put a photo up of Chris at Doorslammers ..... a huge event ..... and just 1 person replied and that was Vista (in Old Skool chat). I just think the readership has changed over the years but I shall continue. I don't take videos so have nothing to add on here. It's ok, it's not for everyone.
  15. Mk2Jo

    Newbie from West Sussex

    Hello and welcome - sounds interesting!