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  1. Happy Birthday young Vista Hope you are having a fine old day!
  2. Mk2Jo

    OSFDC Round 3 - Retro Show - 16/17th June

    It's ok Rich ... it wasn't a dig at you ... .just a comment regarding the lack of interest in drag racing on the forum ... I think it's just not of interest to the members anymore - just a sign of the times
  3. Mk2Jo

    OSFDC Round 3 - Retro Show - 16/17th June

    I put a photo up of Chris at Doorslammers ..... a huge event ..... and just 1 person replied and that was Vista (in Old Skool chat). I just think the readership has changed over the years but I shall continue. I don't take videos so have nothing to add on here. It's ok, it's not for everyone.
  4. Mk2Jo

    Newbie from West Sussex

    Hello and welcome - sounds interesting!
  5. Mk2Jo

    OSFDC Round 3 - Retro Show - 16/17th June

    We have only around 30 racers who use the FB page because it links up with their newsfeed where everything they want is all in one place (which is the beauty of FB but the death of forums). There are far more than 30 people using this forum still but it seems they are not of the drag-racing fraternity. Nevertheless, I shall continue with it
  6. Good Afternoon Race Fans Just a reminder for those of you that are interested (although I never get any replies to any of my posts so I am not sure anyone is interested ) that the 3rd round of the Old Skool Ford Drag Challenge is on this weekend at the very exciting Retro Show, Santa Pod. Newcomers very welcome. We hope to see you there!
  7. Mk2Jo


    CheeRS chaps Bryn has now contacted me For those that are wondering .... I always book a stand at Retro Show for the OSFDC racers (which is why it hasn't been advertised openly on the forum). I have, in the past, run a joint OSF static / OSFDC racers stand but it is like trying to juggle custard with organising the parking up of cars, trailers, vans and bufty show cars so I now only organise it for the OSFDC racers. That said, I usually have a limited number of stand passes available but you will have to park up where you can on the stand, side by side with the racers PM me if you would like a pass but only if you are definitely coming as passes are limited and it is first come, first served
  8. Mk2Jo

    Classic Ford Show - Thank you's

    Oh no .... very sad news!
  9. Mk2Jo

    Classic Ford Show - Thank you's

    Great to see you back out again Thierry .. lovely to catch up with Chris too X
  10. Mk2Jo

    Classic Ford Show - Thank you's

    Forgot to say ..... let's see your photos
  11. Mk2Jo

    V8 mk1 cortina

    I saw this a day or so ago on Facebook >>>>
  12. Good Morning everyone How is your Pod Face? What cracking weather at CF Show this weekend! I just wanted to say, on behalf of the Admin and Mods on O.S.F., thank you to all of the members that came along and supported the club stand at the show. We had a premium spot by the grandstands (a position we have been allocated for many years now) and the stand looked superb! What a great variety of OSF's --- PROPER OLD SKOOL FORD'S !! A massive, massive thank you to J.P. and Linda - our Dutch contingent - who parked you all up in place on the Sunday. It is with great pride that we can tell you that we won BEST CLUB STAND OF THE SHOW - no mean feat and for the 3rd year in a row!! Well done to all who helped us to achieve that. We hope you enjoyed the day, thanks once again
  13. Set of 5. Need a refurb. 6J13. Can take to C.F. Show if paid for in advance. £100. Fit Capri/Escort etc. https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-4-spoke-alloy-wheels-set-of-5/302754605239?hash=item467d94a8b7:g:sYAAAOSwVK9bDw72
  14. Mk2Jo


    Hello and welcome!
  15. Mk2Jo

    Mk1 escort newbie

    Hello and welcome ... that's a very nice MK1 you have there