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  1. Hi Thanks to all who attended the 2016 Snowdonia Tour in aid of the Children's charity namely Hope House Hospice which caters for life linited children and their families in their time of need Here is a video of the cars leaving the meeting point...... it is nearly 7 minutes long so please watch when the soaps are on ! The 2nd video is of the line up next to Snowdonia and is only a few seconds long....enjoy.... Anyone who would like to donate would be welcome to do so via the following link : https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/snowdoniaclassicfordtour
  2. aled

    Midlands to Wales 22nd May 2016

    Looks good for Sunday
  3. aled

    Midlands to Wales 22nd May 2016

    You are all in for a treat !
  4. aled

    Midlands to Wales 22nd May 2016

    Ross....please can you add Al and Helen - Capri - meeting in Wales
  5. aled

    Midlands to Wales 22nd May 2016

    Please also note that the first 65 drivers/ cars (Those from the Midlands will be given priority) will receive a special rally plaque with their entrance fee
  6. aled

    Midlands to Wales 22nd May 2016

    Dave and myself have today planned a lovely route with a mix of roads, quaint towns, magnificent scenery and 'somewhere a little different' as a lunch stop. We don't want to spoil the mystery but it will be very interesting to spend a couple of hours there with tea and coffee provided at a discounted entrance fee of £4 for adults and £1 for under 16"s. Please bring entrance fee with you as it is a nice place to eat your own packed lunch and is very interesting. If you don't want to go in, then that's fine too Like Comment
  7. This years Snowdonia Tour 2015 has been limited to 100 cars but 106 are booked on and entries were closed on 5th June The route is a secret but will be a brilliant route over 2 days and the finishing point this year has been decided and will be 3pm on Sunday 23rd August 2015 : Llyn Brenig Visitor Centre Llyn Brenig Cerrigydrudion Conwy Wales LL21 9TT Please come and say hello and see all the cars if you are able to. We would all like to see you
  8. All welcome to attend...this will be a lovely country run through Cheshire and Shropshire..... Weather forecast is great .......see you there if you fancy it, tather than tennis http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/forecast/gcqj6fxgr#?fcTime=1436659200 1. Richard (Darcy) 2. Chris (Leachy) 3. Carl B 4. Craig B 5. Dave Raver 6. Les 7. Rayj 8. Carlos 9. Bonsai 10.Aled 11 GhiaJohn 12 Mark Mayo 13 Tony Madden (if weather is ok !) 14 Just Mark - X - Pack 15 Brian MK2 Granada 16 RS Dolph - If sober enough 17 Fran - RS1800 18 Pete Ferg 19 Geoff Parkinson 20 Mike Parkinson 21 Rob H 22 23 25 25 Read more: http://nwcf.freeforums.net/thread/458/cheshire-shropshire-sunday-12th-july?page=1#ixzz3fQzSNSVd
  9. Cheshire / Shrophire Run - Sunday 12th July (Posted on behalf of Richard Matthews a.k.a. Darcy & Chris Leach a.k.a. Leachy - North Wales Classic Fords) Dear all.... Once again another lovely Cheshire run is planned by Riachard Darcy and Chris Leach , members of North Wales Classic Fords It will be approximately 150 miles long broken down into 3 stages. We will meet at the Midway Truck stop in Prees Heath at 9 am where breakfast can be had before the starting time of 10 am. There will be a fuel stop and also a drinks / social stop. You may wish to bring snacks/ butties for dinner as no lunch stop will be pencilled in due to having had breakfast. The drive will consist of B roads and lanes through some lovely Cheshire villages , hamlets and sweeping Cheshire and Shropshire roads. Meeting Time: 9am Start Time: 10am prompt Location: Midway Truck Stop, Prees Heath, Whitchurch, Shropshire, SY13 3JT Richard and Chris are after an idea of numbers so could you please add your name if your interested in attending. All rear wheel drive Classic Fords welcome 1. Richard (Darcy) 2. Chris (Leachy) 3. Carl B 4. Craig B 5. Dave Raver 6. Les 7. Rayj 8. Carlos 9. Bonsai 10.Aled 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 Meeting point.....
  10. aled

    Midlands to Wales tour 2015

    Brilliant video Ross....love it ! Thanks for all your hard work. People are still buzzing now !
  11. aled

    Midlands to Wales tour 2015

    Great pics Greg and nice to meet you . Glad you had such a nice day. Your car is amazingly oeiginal, unrestored, non concourse, and that is why it won the award. Ace, just ace ! Glad you enjoyed your bubbly too. Sorry it was only Aldi but that is all we could afford lol ! On the topic of forming a group, then I would strongly advise it. It is very rewarding, satisfying in the knowledge that like minded people who very often lice nearby get together occasionally and have a laugh and help each other out. Go for it ! Arrange a monthly meeting throughout the Summer months then see how it goes. It will grow from a few to quite a few in no time. Best of luck
  12. The XE setup is still for sale , soon to be on Ebay unless someone from here wants it ?