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  1. How THINGS have changed !!!!

    If too many were missed the hand would get a good talking to from a thin piece of bamboo! - I soon remembered to use them!
  2. Could a lot of us end up on a q plate ?

    I understood that the MOT exemption was just being considered by the government, I reckon they have bigger fish to fry to fry than this one! if it goes ahead it will take a long time to get organized, testers, testing stations paperwork and several thousand white collar staff to organize it!
  3. What's it worth question

    Originally fitted to Mustangs, mine was fitted to my NASP Cossie 265 brake with nos well over 300, with no probs, Mk3 full weight Cortina it made 13.1 on the strip.
  4. What's it worth question

    Thanks for that, just seen one on ebay for £1,200, and wondered if it was a realistic price.......
  5. What's it worth question

    What would be the current value of a Sierra T5 cossie box in good condition these days?
  6. Ticking clock......

    I could be a case of electric engine or leave it in the garage! by that time its bound to be anti-social to burn fossil fuels, a bit like smoking now.........
  7. Ticking clock......

    Formula E engine in an OSF? sounds like a plan, there should be a few old ones by then!

    Thank you! too many of em now!
  9. Happy Birthday Malcolm, 70 today! :party::part:

  10. Ticking clock......

    I will be 93 by then so not bovvered! we will all have been deemed obsolete by robots then so no need for travel!
  11. Power steering pump.

    apparently the pressures are not compatible as they are controlled (on modern cars) by the ECU so back to te drawing board!
  12. Power steering pump.

    I've got all the bits and pieces apart from the Pinto pump and bracket
  13. Power steering pump.

    The electric direct to column unit does not fit on the Mk3,4,5 Cortinas as there is not enough space for the unit under the dash, the mechanical bracket and pump that is fitted to the 2.0 Sierra is the one I need, but they are like hens teeth! I have a rack so the remote hydraulic pump seems to be an easy option.
  14. Power steering pump.

    Has anyone used a electric hydraulic power steering pump and reservoir to drive an 'old school' rack that is usually driven by a mechanical belt driven pump? I'm using a Mk4 2.3 Cortina rack, and was thinking about using a Mini Cooper pump.