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  1. deltamal

    Tour of the moor

    Excellent tour! the notes and direction pennants worked well! we enjoyed the quiz, it was fun looking for some of the clues, we stopped for lunch in the Highwayman in Sourton a real quirky pub that's worth a visit! shame about Sunday though the persistent rain spoilt it but looking forward to next year, a big thanks to Scott and Chris for organizing the tour
  2. deltamal

    Classic Look Bluetooth Stereos

    My Mk3 Tina still has it's original Clarion L/W M/W radio fitted, can't get a lot out of it though, modern gubbins inside it would be good!
  3. deltamal

    Happy Birthday Vista

    Happy Birthday old chap! have a good one! see you on Saturday (with my navigator)
  4. deltamal


    Hi, I tried to post a pic on a Cortina forum and their site doesn't support photobucket imaging, due initially Iguess to the exorbitant yearly subscription they were charging, after a change of photobucket management it is now a more reasonable £2.00 or so a month.
  5. deltamal


    Are Photobucket image's downloads allowed on OSF? as they are not allowed on some other sites...
  6. deltamal

    Pinto bike carb..all in

    Glad you sold them! if not I would have to have bought them! but it would have meant taking off the fairly new 38 DGAS! trying to keep my 2.0 Cortina Crusader estate standard, but as in a previous topic - the voices!!
  7. deltamal

    Are you legally allowed to sell....

    You could sell your knees - a metal replacement from a private hospital costs £14,000! a new hip - £20,000! £34,000 should get you a decent twin cam! may have to drive with one leg though, could be a problem!
  8. A top show! weather was good with sun and a bit of cloud, a good selection of cars to look at well organized by Mark and the team, a big thanks to them for another good show!
  9. deltamal

    Powderham Historic Vehicle Gathering

    Small club stand this year then!
  10. deltamal

    Can any one age this?

    Perhaps they would weld a new nappy in!
  11. deltamal

    Which Wheels will suit the 1300E

    I've just fitted the sport 5.5 stelies on my Cortina Crusader, had them shot blasted and powder-coated in silver with a fine flake, I fitted the vinyl decals and then had the wheels clear lacquered so they don't peel, I'm now hunting down some steel embellishers to finish it, trying to keep the Crusader fairly standard.
  12. deltamal

    Gearbox ??

    Type 9 would be best, Ive got them in my 2.'0 Cortina Crusader and Mk 3 2.9 Cortina, also the benefit of a 5th gear!
  13. deltamal


    The ones I bought were Pagid, used them in the past with no problems, and matched up with the old one I took in, perhaps I just struck lucky!
  14. deltamal


    I wanted a set of brake pads for my 82' Cortina Crusader so thought I would try local suppliers before trawling ebay, 'euro car parts' had them on the shelf made a change from the usual "not stocked them for years" response.....
  15. deltamal

    Steel wheel black plating

    The plating I have done is zinc base with black passivation, I’ve got Ford sport steel wheels on my Mk5 Cortina Crusader, had them powder coated in gloss silver, got the black vinyl decals from eBay fitted then lacquered the complete wheel, they look good! If Mr Ford plated them black and then sprayed silver it was probably for cheapness!