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  1. 2.1 Pinto compression expectations

    According to the Haynes manual, the standard cylinder compression should be 185psi or above with no more than 20psi difference between the readings, guess that would be for a new build run in engine, personally I would want less difference between the readings!
  2. Slurp, #Heineken

    Is the dog a boxer?
  3. Mk3 cortina 2 door rear windows seals

    Have a nosey round on the Buy sell Cortina site, somebody will have some or know where to get some....
  4. New Toy

    Nice machine you will need some nice leather bits for it now; the crafty cow is at the Harley/Triumph site every last Saturday in the month - top leather work
  5. Think I want a Cortina

    Cortinas 1-5 like all old Fords suffer from rust problems, a lot of parts interchange with other Fords of the same era, spares can still be found on various sites, they don't command the same value as Escorts so more affordable except the Lotus! a reasonable Mk1 would start at around 30k.
  6. Who's fed up ....

    Yes fed up with the Grey! but Iv'e been busy sorting out the shows for this year so something to look forward to! it's supposed to be ok down here in sunny Devon on Sunday, so may get the Tina out for a buzz up the A38!
  7. New Guidance rules for VHI finally announced

    I will go for free tax and keep MOT's going, I would anyway for safety and peace of mind, even though mine's only modified a little bit!
  8. OSF Tour Of The Moor 2018 - official

    I will be there, barring flood, famine, and plagues of locusts!
  9. Here's one I prepared earlier

    A proper boat! I would far rather own that than a plastic Princess! as you said, a great feeling of pride to have been trusted with it's re-commissioning.
  10. Well Done Danish

    Well done Jane! you deserve it after all your hard work getting your Mk3 to how good it is
  11. The one that got away

    No pics, but it would be my 1957 Mk2 Zephyr, I got engaged and 'sensible' sold it and bought a more economical Morris 1100, well we learn by our mistakes, with the money spent on constant repairs it would have covered the extra petrol cost........
  12. Your thoughts please

    Iv'e got two Cortinas, a Mk3 modified a lot (not caged) engine, transmission, suspension and brakes, and a Mk5 Crusader estate which is original, could be the way to go, one for days out and shows, and one for track events........
  13. How THINGS have changed !!!!

    If too many were missed the hand would get a good talking to from a thin piece of bamboo! - I soon remembered to use them!