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  1. The best episode of WD Nice car and good to hear it's with an enthusiastic owner
  2. I had to cut down the input shaft, grind the front of the splines a little. And its got MUCH better ratio's and bigger heavier duty bearings.
  3. Mk 1 project

    S' a good plan
  4. Photobucket

    I,ve been on Flickr for years. Easy to use. Good thingyer if you need to remove a reg no. or whatever. I have almost 10,000 images there and I have used 1% of my space
  5. Mk 1 project

    I used to try and do the proverbial one thing EVERY day no matter how small but its bloody difficult. Whats the overall plan, might I ask, for it?
  6. Now who's STUPID !!!!

    Escorts are so expensive now that you can build a quick Anglia for the price of a tarted up snotter....
  7. Bit more detail. After buying 2 (2 Piece) Rs propshafts and then a made up (Sierra front & escort rear )propshaftall of which failed I bought one off GRP4 Fabrications and its been faultless. Then seeing as the car was idle I decided to replace the gearbox. The one I'd fitted was borrowed. So I started searching online until I found a V6 2.8i type for sale. Of course it turned out to be a diesel one LOL But I eventually got one. Then I swapped a bunch of Mk2 escort bits for an alloy RS bellhousing, clutch fork and bearing. The engine is now just repainted as it has only 3k since a full rebuild. The twin 40's were WAY too thirsty so I've replaced them with a 32/34 Weber. God it was good to get the driveline back in (note for yanks..a drive line starts at the engine and finishes at the driven wheel. What you call a driveline is a propshaft) DSC_0093 by quickrack, on Flickr DSC_0018 by quickrack, on Flickr Making a clutch bracket IMAG1712 by quickrack, on Flickr IMAG1711 by quickrack, on Flickr Till next time...
  8. Thanks. Luckily my escort was not involved. Now that would have been unbearable I was in a POS work truck (Canter) hit a couple feet of standing water under a bridge.....then the actual bridge. Anyway. No photos cos everyone knows what a wire looks like, I've been chasing my tail trying to get her started but no luck. Then while testing for the 11'tee millionth time I found an intermittent break in the earth between the coil and the dizzy. I'll replace it tomorrow and hopefully have a running escort again.
  9. Photo bucket o' Crap!

    Click on the photo. Theni n the bottom right corner you will see a bendy arrow. Click it and you get embeb or whatever options and resize as well.
  10. Since I posted this I stripped the car. Then I had a bad crash where I was severly hurt. Much better now but restricted in what I can do. I just plod away though and things are finally happening. I now have rebuilt my axle. Its narrowed, with new brakes, 3.77 gears and a quaife ATB differential. IMAG1659 by quickrack, on Flickr
  11. Various issues hampered progress over the last while but a programme of improvements has started now. I have bought new rear springs and and Anti Tramp Bar kit. The springs will be de-cambered. Then I can get rid of the lowering blocks. The type9 is replaced with a V6 version. Stronger and better geared. The gearlever is a quickshift which rattles so I bought a standard shifter and an modifing it. More planned but that lot will keep me occupied for a minute. DSC_2281 by quickrack, on Flickr
  12. I'll just leave this here.

  13. Escort mk 1 numberplate light unit

    Mk1 escort spares for sale and wanted On Retards Club. I was looking at a number plate light for sale earlier. Reasonable as well. 15 I think he is asking.