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  1. help with front anti roll bar

    Compression struts and drop link anti roll bar the way forward
  2. Stack dash

    There are lots of types on eBay half the price
  3. Stack dash

    I want one can't afford one lol sorry not much help
  4. Nice car needs the Windows kicking out set of arches and a duratec in it
  5. TYRES......Help please.

    I'll look on the loft see how they are
  6. TYRES......Help please.

    i think I got some old ones but prob hard as nails
  7. Zetec water pipes??

    I have top and bottom hose from retroford if u want to see a pic
  8. I saw the Capri that there using yesterday white one very nice it was too
  9. 3.75 atlas cwp

    Great job marcel can't wait
  10. 3.75 atlas cwp

    Still after this
  11. Two tyres used for one track day £150 ono
  12. Bit of carbon any one

    Just for the record it's real carbon not carbon look , if that's what u ment lol
  13. Quality Gutter Trim for Mk2 Escort

    That's a good option i think Ide like to see that
  14. Quality Gutter Trim for Mk2 Escort

    Ide like to see that