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  1. How too 2.4 zetec

    Gear box painted ready for bolt up
  2. Photobucket

    Doh oh well
  3. Real RS 7x13 wheels

    I'm in Luton but I'll get the tyres of to post
  4. Real RS 7x13 wheels

    Look deeper here I hope there better for standard arches
  5. Real RS 7x13 wheels

    Yea all 7 " ronels I think there called wrote on em
  6. Zetecs Into RWD Fords

    Quick paint of some bits before the engines back
  7. Photobucket

    I can't see the pics from there on here any help
  8. Real RS 7x13 wheels

    I have a set of these wheels I no longer need there not the copy ones the deep dish not 7.5 I think they were for escort x pack I had them refurbished in a dark colour just wondered if people still want them or what price they go for can't find any on eBay let me know ill put a pic up and list them in for sale if there's any interest
  9. Any Twitter users on here?

    I'm flow
  10. Zetecs Into RWD Fords

    Zetec pistons
  11. How too 2.4 zetec

    Fitted the rad and pipe work for last night loads to do , got a ecu need loom and fuel piping getting there
  12. How too 2.4 zetec

    My sons car come on a bit engine in and Mazda gearbox on the back of it
  13. How too 2.4 zetec

    These went in
  14. How too 2.4 zetec

    Hi all well things been standing still in our escort garage till now my new 2.1zetec(st170) engine should be back next week after a wait of over 7 months for parts to be made then the machine work and assembly , I can't wait I've raised the compression and bored to max should only take a couple of days to fit some minor upgrade
  15. Power stearing one of the best upgrades I have done , it's on a power dial so can turn it up and down for when u need it