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  1. steved35

    Escort duratec

    Emerald k3 looks really nice to work with our first time with it
  2. steved35

    Escort duratec

    Once we played with the software it runs and starts so well !
  3. steved35

    Escort duratec

    It's got no exhaust on so bit noisy was a challenge with software and secondhand ecu but got there in the end , light at the end of the tunnel
  4. steved35

    Emerald ecu map

    Nice one feel free to add more
  5. steved35

    Emerald ecu map

    Just wondered if any one had a duretec base start up map or zetec for emerald , I know 98% run carbs lol but be handy if any one does
  6. steved35

    Escort duratec

    Fuel lines all good pump runs , but can't get live link to ecu think its the lead so no spark and fuel through the injectors , I'll try my other lead when I got to get my car back from mapping asap
  7. steved35

    Escort duratec

    Fuel lines in , double check on tight tomorrow, then wire pump and fill with fuel and fire time ?
  8. steved35

    Escort duratec

    Just a few up dates trying the wheels for size , wiring mostly done ,new tank in and waiting for two fittings to get fuel to the engine and the its key turn time , we have turned it over and got oil pressure
  9. steved35

    Escort duratec

  10. steved35

    Led Lamps

    I like the idea to brighten things up
  11. steved35

    Escort Ali petrol tank

    Sorry now sold
  12. steved35

    Music video with some old skool Ford's

    The vamps , all night , YouTube it
  13. steved35

    Escort duratec

    More shinny bits
  14. It's just the tank not the stand or funnel ,it's all of the pump filter set up and hoses hardy used price TBC