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  1. steved35

    Escort duratec

  2. steved35

    Escort duratec

  3. steved35

    Escort duratec

    I'll try take some better pics
  4. steved35

    Escort duratec

    Well was first drive tonight about time couple of hiccups still new tweeking mot Saturday
  5. steved35

    Nice spec mk2 escort

    Yea we are hoping to get there are u ?
  6. steved35

    Nice spec mk2 escort

    Looks tidy
  7. steved35

    Nice spec mk2 escort

    Haha sold already !! Red one with duratec test drive Monday can't wait my orange one axel all back in needs break lines
  8. steved35

    Nice spec mk2 escort

    Can't believe your selling !!! But good luck with the sale
  9. steved35

    Mk2 1600 sport zetec

    Yea cool come out as a passenger
  10. steved35

    Mk2 1600 sport zetec

    Wats your nearest track snetteron?hope to be three next month
  11. steved35

    Mk2 1600 sport zetec

    It's had a new atlas fitted with drop link roll bar, new 5 link bars and gripper diff just waiting for the guy to re shim the diff , can't wait to be honest it's been powder coated zinc bars and carbon fibre diff cover , not seen it yet should look and function the nuts , the red one only needs few bits , we fitted the exhaust dry fit to check out noise and the stater motor packed up lol so that's gone to recon
  12. steved35

    Mk2 1600 sport zetec

    The pod not my thing like watching other people braking there cars lol I tend to break mine at the track lol when I get it back from the last of the bits being done
  13. steved35

    Mk2 1600 sport zetec

    Hi nice to meet Saturday night we were the three annoying drunk guys lol
  14. steved35

    Escort duratec

    Last parts of the jigsaw (prop not last ) thanks to Dave at retroford
  15. steved35

    RS ronal 7" wheels

    Sold I hope