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  1. cappa

    bang any one ive got 2 to look at but still open to others lol
  2. 4 link back end

    hi guys was wondering has the next capri i have is going to be slammed has any one done this if so what coil overs and spring lb are you using and im collecting parts at the moment lol

    or you could go 4 barrel carb on it or a pair of 4 barrels looks like a easy manifold to convert to fit what you like on it really and some nice pics to i picked up a 2.9 the other day from a mate on here lol but im not sure were im going with it all at the moment has having change of planes but what ever it will be a cologne in it might have another carpi yet lol
  4. mk2 granny 2.8

    50 shades of blue for sale mk2 2.8 mot may next year change of plans forces sale could do with a bonnet ,comes with manurel pedal box and brand new clutch cable needs cosmetics 100% solid runs and drives well has a noisy wheel bearing on the front might just need greasing last owner owned it 20 years location is Peterborough price is £1695 ovno
  5. food and fords go together just like pu**y and beer i rest my case lol
  6. Osf bar

    and how does she sort sig pic lol
  7. alloy v6 rocker covers

    ok , cool beans
  8. alloy v6 rocker covers

    i dont know haven't seen you in years then you all over the place lol what sort of time im still in the same unit mate but not before 9.30 am im on holiday for another 2 weeks lol
  9. alloy v6 rocker covers

    ive already got a 2.9 lined up the guy is taking it out this week for me and i wont let him down has ive said il have it so who it this looking at your location is that you mark lol
  10. Now who's STUPID !!!!

    no you do have to take them to court your self it happened with a yacht a few years back it didn't make what the seller wanted and the person took him to court and got it depends how bad you want a mk1 escort i spouse
  11. alloy v6 rocker covers

    im no expert on these things bud are they worth any thing or am i better off using them has ash trays or may be plant pots dont know bud il send you some pics but ive got to take some first but im open to offers i do like red ball have new type v5 all in my name mot ran out this year and all the tires are flat but only on the bottom i was thinking of chucking a 2.8 auto in it and then claim it to be a old ford lol
  12. Granada 2,8i Ghia Automatic 4-door `83

    some nice work going in to the granny a proper sweeny motor
  13. ford granny mk2 which im modding have 0 years insurance to manual 2.9 efi running nos and then changing that to possible some think bigger do you have to declare nos or not
  14. Ford Granada 2.9i auto 1987

    im on that s""t im always up for laugh who wants pizza lol
  15. Now who's STUPID !!!!

    yeh but the bid is a binding contract and he can take you to court for the money if he wanted to or may be he decided to keep his pride and joy him self lol