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  1. But vista their whole business is based on consumer experience. Do we really think the Iphone is made of 10 times the junk of another brand to command the price. No, I hope not...but what they are selling is the experience of the apple company, the brand, reacting like a teenager to an un-important issue. A bit of humour. soon Apple et al will be our best buddies and want to date our girlfriends while inserting us into the matrix!

    This was a major inspiration for mine...Not sure if its anything like it
  3. Garage upload busted?

    thanks vista. im guessing its this Imac thing! ill try it on the PC
  4. Garage upload busted?

    any advice admin?
  5. Garage upload busted?

    Hi had several attempts a few weeks back at uploading to the Garage. site wouldn't have anything to do with it and whenever I clicked on on of my uploads I get this error message Fatal error: Access to undeclared static property: IPS\collections\Category::$contentItemClass in /var/sites/o/oldskoolford.co.uk/public_html/ipb/system/Node/Model.phpon line 2153 And now it appears all the failed attempts worked but same error message comes up. Now I look sillier than usual. Uploading from Google chrome on Imac any advice
  6. Mk 1 project

    I've been using high tensile bolts in the race car for years. admittedly the doors have spent more time sitting on blocks than on the hinges. only problem is if the door mounts holes have ovaled or opened up. hard to find a right angle drill to open them up. JP
  7. Photobucket

    apparently google chrome with the photobucket app add-on allows them to be seen...apparently
  8. Just plain wrong!

    what was it originally?
  9. Justin

  10. Justin

  11. Justin

  12. Justin

  13. Justin

  14. Ticking clock......

    locked up tight in a container awaiting its future. Come over here or we go back. JP
  15. Bolt on Wings!

    race only car mate will never see the street again, was last on the road in '92, been racing since 97 JP