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  1. Paul RS

    1300 2 1600

    Nice one
  2. Paul RS

    1300 2 1600

    At least you have it in place now
  3. Paul RS

    1300 2 1600

    Good luck for tonight
  4. Paul RS

    Mk2 rs 2000 rear brakes

    It shouldn't make any difference really, if the self adjusters are working correctly, fit everything, bleed and it will adjust itself. If not, do it manually before or after you bleed. Paul
  5. Paul RS

    Cellulose aerosol paint

    I wouldn't touch Halfords with a barge pole, just looking for a simple off the shelf solution. Paul
  6. Paul RS

    Cellulose aerosol paint

    okay cheers Col, nothing off the shelf? Paul
  7. Paul RS

    Cellulose aerosol paint

    Hi all. I am after some ford black aerosol paint spray cans for some under bonnet touching up. I used to use Holts ford black years ago and it was a perfect match. Does anyone know of an equivalent I could get hold of these days? Paul
  8. Paul RS

    Mk2 escort gearstick identification help.

    Pretty sure my stick doesn't have a kink in it, mk2 rs2000. Paul
  9. Paul RS

    Brake pad question

    I have never come across sticky pads with brake pads, surely they would melt. Leave them out and use the steel shims as usual. Paul
  10. Paul RS

    Bolt on Wings!

    Will you bolt on the replacements or have them welded? Paul
  11. Paul RS

    Mk2 Ghia windscreen tinted??

    I would expect it to be tinted.
  12. Paul RS

    Inner wing suspension support

    Cheers col, I was thinking that but didn't really want to drill any holes.
  13. Hi, I am replacing the under inner wing suspension support panels, plates and bowl, on my mk2 rs2000, and was wondering the best way to weld these back to the inner wing? It seems impossible to clamp into position so I was wondering what people would normally do. Also, I don't have a spot welder, just a mig, so is it better to seam weld them in place or "pool" weld them? Paul
  14. Paul RS

    Pinto Bottom pulley timing marks

    Delbert, yes this is correct.
  15. Paul RS

    Mk2 on ebay

    Yes, I wouldn't touch it