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  1. l j shaw

    RS4 13x7.5s on mk2

    Didn't people use the 105e axle and then fit the wheels, as the axle is just a bit more narrow than the escort one
  2. l j shaw

    This is never right???!!!!

    The title of this www site is oldskoolford, rolls off the tongue and is a bit catchy, ....much better than, Ford car enthusiasts group for cars designed and released before 1980 which are fitted with metal bumpers ...bit long and takes a while to put in the search engine. So oldskoolford it is, it supports these cars from that age and shouldn't really dilute its ethos by changing the goal post, or it ends up loosing its identity
  3. l j shaw

    In today's Sun

    I'd say yes it's worth it,.....the replica copies recreation etc etc etc just haven't got what this has, timing chain or rubber band ? That could effect the price ....but if it goes for that price will we ever see it at shows or meets again ??
  4. l j shaw

    Cibie super Oscers

    Lense and good silver light dish have gone so only got the bowl and securing rings left. ... I'm saying £25 for both bowls and rings
  5. l j shaw

    Just plain wrong!

    Wasn't that built for the show ...Pink Panther, along with the other car
  6. Got two Cibie super Oscers ....bowls and rings decent ...in a past life have been sand blasted and painted grey, One has a broken lense and one light backing dish is showing signs of delaminations, Had a quick search for a new lense and was going to put them on a car, but plans change so up forsale hoping to find someone who maybe looking for them Item located in nth Lincs Price is £55 postage included to mainland UK Can send pictures to email address if your serious l_j_shaw@hotmail.co.uk
  7. l j shaw

    Escort 1300 GT engine wanted.

    Know I've got a 1300gt ...will check the block numbers if your still interested
  8. l j shaw

    mot Exempt

    My 60s Anglias need MOT ....but none of my 70s escorts don't need it now ...yippee ...but I guess it's just as people say ...it's an admin over sight
  9. l j shaw

    Heater Matrix

    Looking for a early Escort Mk1 heater matrix ....the one I've taken out is an all copper item if that helps. Ok ok I know I should have sorted it when it broke 23 yrs ago lol but better late than never Lee
  10. l j shaw

    MK1 Escort - Worth re painting

    Look into shipping it somewhere and getting a lot more for your money .....I can remember a few years it was so much cheaper sending stuff to Poland and people who did it getting better quality for a lot less.. Yes did read a few horror stories, but heard more positives ..
  11. l j shaw

    Fiesta fixing up and then some..

    Great and interesting progress, As for the anti roll bar, try looking for series X parts, they did a front anti roll bar, very rare tho. I do have one fitted to my supersport ...but has taken me years to find it. Was also informed once, a Vauxhall nova roll bar is close to the same dimensions and with some fabrication and fitting be made to fit. I've never pursued this avenue as I finally got hold of an original one I did once fit a group 2 handle kit to one of my old cars, it was great handled well ...but it did stress the front end and removed it after a year. Cars looking great ..will follow the thread with interest
  12. Cool car as said before ...like the car
  13. You carnt blame anyone for trying to get as much as they can for the cars, if auction is the way of achieving that. And yes I did try selling my RS1600 not long ago ...what a pain that turned out to be ...at least some potential dealers where honest enough to say what price they would put it up for, but just wanted to knock me down even more ...
  14. l j shaw

    Is Specialised Engines still trading?

    I was very happy with the Vulcan built crossflow I had ...and would use them again, I found the engine reliable and usable in slow traffic as well
  15. Got IDFs on my supersport .....what a pain to set up ....but once I had it right it's been an absolute awesome set up well worth the effort