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  1. stephens_xpack

    1300E resto number 2

    And all that wooden trim reminds me of my daughters after a spray tan....
  2. stephens_xpack

    1300E resto number 2

    If someone failed an MOT on that car because of that sticker, they would deserve a hefty slap. Doesn't need an mot anyway.
  3. stephens_xpack

    1300E resto number 2

    Looking superb Ray. Gonna sort a day/evening in the next couple of weeks with Munch to pop in and take a look in the flesh...
  4. stephens_xpack

    Oh Bother......need advice and a hug

    The Mex is safe, long live the Mex!! Good for you Gerbil - anywhere good in 2019?.....
  5. stephens_xpack

    Lotus stripes

    Also make sure you cut back the area you are going to paint first with some very fine wet and dry, get a good key for the new paint going on top. I personally think the painting is the easy bit, make sure you put the time into the prep. and as Col has said above, give it a good few days to dry properly even a bit longer if you in no rush, then depending on the finish you have got, some very 2000 - 2500 grade wet and dry if there are any rough spots, but if not just compound, polish and when you happy with the finish, a good coat of wax.
  6. stephens_xpack

    Being as I own a #HarleyDavidson

    Not a lot of love for the Harley then? Lucky you don't give a shit Vista....
  7. stephens_xpack

    Off my head 🙈

    Very nice Col, one of my good mates had a white bgt and had it sorted back in the day when I had the Crapi, cool little motor. does your one have the overdrive? Not long after that we both went 50/50 on an Interceptor that needed and fair amount of work, we just used to start it up and listen to the 7.2 v8...
  8. stephens_xpack

    Rally Day at Castle Combe. Any interest?

    Say it how it is Ray.... Not a bad turnout considering the forecast - well done for sticking with it.
  9. stephens_xpack

    Your Club Needs You ! #OldSkoolFord

    I don't think you can help the forum too much more than you already do - I think it is a good idea as mentioned above that only fully fledged members can see other members details, but most on here don't go too specific on details anyway, as you never really know how is checking you out. The site lay out I think is very easy on the eye and easy to navigate. Forums by their very nature are quite boring unless you like being online all of the time, me personally not - I use it when I need/want to but can go weeks or months without, and that is not the forums fault, it just that I have a life, it is what it is. Some posts are fun and you get involved and they go on forever, some not so much. And although OSF, it does seem that the majority of talk and members revolve around Escorts, no ones fault, it is what it is..... .....Now where's the popcorn.
  10. stephens_xpack

    1300E resto number 2

    Nice, can so tell you want her at the NEC - she'll certainly be the jewel of the stand if you do get her there....
  11. stephens_xpack

    1300E resto number 2

    Be done before September finished the way you're going. NEC here she comes.....
  12. stephens_xpack

    Camping - used and abused. show us pics if you use as intended!!!

    Cheers VivaLaRic, definitely a great place to hang out, oldy worldy, the car fitted in nicely...
  13. stephens_xpack

    1300E resto number 2

    As said before mate, happy to help and come with you...
  14. stephens_xpack

    1300E resto number 2

    No i haven't spoke to Gary for a bit. Feel free to call him if you like, or i will speak to him this week. You still hoping the Purple princess will be ready in time? She looking great mate...👍
  15. stephens_xpack

    1300E resto number 2

    Thought it was a close up shot of a suspension block judging by the ride height you go for.....