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  1. stephens_xpack

    Just plain wrong!

    Ah, i'm just glad your always thinking of me gents, i'm feeling the man love.......
  2. stephens_xpack

    1300E resto number 2

    To be honest, the work that has gone into it, can't say I blame ya...
  3. stephens_xpack

    1300E resto number 2

    Will its tyres ever touch the real road in anger?
  4. stephens_xpack

    1300E resto number 2

    You braver than me mate, I can scratch a car just thinking about working on it..
  5. stephens_xpack

    1300E resto number 2

    Nice. Must be some scary shit Ray, all that fiddly shit messing about on brand spanking new paint work.
  6. stephens_xpack

    New Garage Plans

    Sweet, I would love a proper space like that for my motors. One day when I have sold up and buy somewhere else cheaper with more grounds...
  7. stephens_xpack

    1300E resto number 2

    Would be great to see the purple princess at the NEC, put the rest of us to shame - but be great to see it none the less...
  8. stephens_xpack

    MOT Exemption

    MOT exemption is the most stupid idea they have come out with for a long time. TAX exempt I get as most old cars only get rolled out for 3/4 months during the Summer and even then mostly for shows. But MOT exempt, fooking baffles me. What happens if some old rotter without MOT fails and takes out a pedestrian minding their own on the footpath? Like most on here I will MOT anyway, just so if something like the above was to happen, I got a clear conscience - worth £30 a year if you ask me, but plenty will take full advantage and not bother, and they have the governments backing, crazy. If you were to have a failure and take someone out, who is to blame if the car has no MOT? surely it gives the insurance company another reason to not pay out for any of it.
  9. stephens_xpack

    Post something today's kids wouldn't understand

    My kids have learned to use this now, youngest daughter says when it rings, reminds her of a scary film.....
  10. stephens_xpack

    Anyone live in Cardiff on here?

    Take a short romantic break down there Col, and kill two birds with one stone?...
  11. stephens_xpack

    MSN Ford Quiz

    9-10... As above GT40 question got me, I don't know much about it or Le mans. And wasn't 100% Escort was more popular then the Mini, but went with the Escort. If question had of been "Which was the better car" then may have gone with Mini..........
  12. stephens_xpack

    1300E resto number 2

    Was just looking at the paint again myself, and gotta say has to be one of the best paint jobs I have seen, and I love that colour. No doubt Ray it will look super stunning when complete, I would be shit scared to own it though, almost too perfect.
  13. I will be there Delbert, have Capri and Porsche both booked in, but just not had time to completely sort the Porsche, so just the Capri but she will be shiney. see you there mate. I think it was you I was speaking to at the Orsett show a couple of weekends back?
  14. stephens_xpack

    NEC Classic car show - November 8/11th - ANY TAKERS ?

    Ladies and gents, seems we now have 5 cars for the stand, so we are now full. If any of you are visiting the NEC show in November, pop by and say hello. All peeps that have now signed their lives away for 4 days, I will be in touch via PM from this point onwards....
  15. stephens_xpack

    Car cleaning

    Exactly, and I have been doing that with Meguiars and getting decent results. But to be fair 19 years of that was on axle stands so the paint has lasted well as it hasn't seen too much action.