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  1. Wheeler Dealers... yes or no

  2. new guy

    Nice skills fella, keep the pics coming...
  3. Afternoon

    Need to legs though for those shorts...
  4. New boy

    Hello Sean, that 100e was at the NEC - very cool indeed.
  5. TYRES......Help please.

    Yeah blockley, saw them at the NEC, even had a 235 on an RS 4 spoke alloy. Yes Col they ain't cheap, but doing a 1000 miles a year they should last a while, and the ones i have on still have at least next year in them I reckon. Cheers for looking gents.
  6. Mk 1 project

    That is looking awesome. Cracking build fella...
  7. Full respray

    This white arched mk2 was at NEC, looks awesome i think.....
  8. Not frightened, it spoils the cars aggressive stance for a good front on photo....... Anyway you were frightened to close yours.....
  9. Oh yeah, and the gods must love a classic car as it was dry on trip up and dry on trip home. Can't ask for more than that in November.
  10. Yeah, i can't sit still, so much to go and look at. I thought i was OSF hardcore on the Sunday though?.... Yeah the fat girl got me home without issue, gear box sounds a bit dry and noisy, I'll have to try putting some of that oil stuff in it that is mentioned in all the manuals... Good fun, look forward to catching up with you again soon.
  11. Was a fun four days, loved meeting you all and loved all of the cars, ours and the shows - lots of awesome stuff and glad i was there for the duration as it was a cracking experience, one i would gladly repeat in 2018 - here's hoping Gary gives us a shot at it if he doesn't want the job himself again? I will learn sign language for next year, to help Ray out and come to think of it Col as well i suppose, save money on translating Northern monkey into Southern twat... Yes i think Ray was King of the stand, his stupid 1300 E just got loads of attention, and rightly so very period correct no attention to detail missed. Was a good blend of differing cars, two escorts yes, but both very different beasts. And the Tina is a stunner, very, very cool. And good to see khanlad and Leo.. There obviously were others, but i did like a wander so missed most visitors.
  12. A few more pics from my rounds....all OSF obviously..
  13. Cheers Col, Ray and Gary. The banter is good and made me feel very welcome, not that would matter too much if you hadn't as i ain't been there much, been on walk about for two days. I will be stand bound tomorrow, i promise.....well maybe an hour of walk about - but that is it.... Great show, loved it. Defo again next year..
  14. There's twinkle on my photo....😎