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  1. Stephen-X-pack new year make over ??????

    Sorry mate, you could buy her the glasses, but then she'd see you more clearly - that ain't going to be nice for her.......
  2. Stephen-X-pack new year make over ??????

    If they could guarantee I could look like her, I would trans tomorrow.....and then never leave my house again....
  3. Hello

    Welcome Ian, I was 20 in 91, and I still have the OSF that I bought then. Hope you find what you are looking for at a reasonable price..
  4. Hopefully whoever is towing is the new owner and he will rectify all you have mentioned, the bumpers and wing look shite. Plus turn it back into a mk2 or mk3, one or the other but not both. Rear wing and louvre....brilliant.
  5. Auto Correct

    not a swear word apparently.
  6. Auto Correct

  7. Auto Correct

    that changed....
  8. Auto Correct

    Apple Pies
  9. Goblin Garage on Quest

    Yeah watched this as well. Paint was a great job, but didn't go much on the colour and pattern, each to their own and all that. but then I wouldn't have paid £30k for it either even if I could afford it. Great works though....
  10. Hellow

    Very cool, enjoy the build....
  11. Hello

    Thanks Vista, quite a nice drive for me and not done that one before, so will pencil myself in for a trip to the Motor museum me thinks...
  12. Hello

    Does the club attend the Simply Ford at Beaulieu, or is it more just individuals arranging to meet up on the day?
  13. OSF Tour Of The Moor 2018 - official

    I agree with Col and Ray, basically fook em. There are so many events now during the Summer months, bound to clash with someone. Can't not do it, I think the Moor Tour could become a permanent fixture as the site it is held on really is cool. Really hope to be there, looking at booking a room.....Mrs will not camp, at all. Yet me, I will camp and mince all day long if needed....
  14. Just plain wrong!

    ^^^^Those wheels and tyres are the stoooopidest thing i have seen^^^^
  15. Very cool vid that, and wow what a basket case you saved. Some serious work went into that. Looked super when done..