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  1. 1300E resto number 2

    Trouble is Ray, you do realise that is far better than Fords would have ever sent them out. Gorgeous car.
  2. If anyone is interested. I still have the one make parking sticker from 1998 on my windscreen. Last time she was on the road until Tour of the moor last year. I am going back for another one make parking sticker, only a 20 year gap between visits....
  3. Just plain wrong!

    Perry, the platypus....
  4. Just plain wrong!

    Loving the pro roller....
  5. Looks like a great day, if i am free i might pencil this one in. I'm on a mission to do as many different shows this year, and never done this one.
  6. 1300E resto number 2

    Looking very nice Ray, keep the photo updates coming as and when. Sure it will be spot on when complete....
  7. OSF Tour Of The Moor 2018 - official

    If there were only a few shows, i think river dart would be rammed. Lot of shows now, people got loads of choice.
  8. OSF Tour Of The Moor 2018 - official

    Seems like we all love OSF's, but our ideas of a good car day/weekend differ from person to person. I thought the river dart weekend was awesome, but the 8 hours to get there was a bit of a killer. And i loved the NEC, but Popeye struggled to get 4 of us together. Horses for courses as they say...
  9. Unbelievable!

  10. White Series 2 RS Turbo, G457MTH, Southend, 05/02/18

    Yeah hope it turns up, I hate thieves, utter scum. And if you don't get it back, I hope the car knows and catches fire and kills them inside it.
  11. 1300E resto number 2

    Fair enough, maybe I'll change my deodorant....
  12. 1300E resto

    Looks awesome Ray, defo got the most attention at the NEC, top class....
  13. 1300E resto number 2

    Just thought I'd say hello... Would either of you fancy the NEC again this year? I'd love show there again, loved it.
  14. 1300E resto number 2

    It is white, might show at this years NEC, you can bring your new 1300E...
  15. 1300E resto number 2

    Superb work Ray, very cool.... What colour you doing the bonnet on this one?....