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  1. stephens_xpack

    Wide fenders for a mk3 capri

    Although Fibre sports do still list them, you may struggle as not sure they actually do still do them, think the site info needs updating. But they do still produce other fibre glass bits and pieces so give them a call and ask them. The fit should be good, as JP says they are the original manufacturer of the xpack kit, one of my mates used to work for them many moons ago and my Crapi (in my opinion) wears them very well..... But as Col says, although a good fit, will still need a fair amount of work and skills to get them looking spot on, and a decent set of wheels to fill out the extra arch space is a must....
  2. stephens_xpack

    Anyone for a Sandwich?

    Only one thing on your mind, maybe my avatar pic can help you out?
  3. stephens_xpack

    OSF vehicles

    See the Sierra at Dartmoor. Very cool it is to....
  4. stephens_xpack

    Just plain wrong!

    The saying "Just because you can, doesn't mean you should" springs to mind.
  5. stephens_xpack

    Just plain wrong!

    We need something with more space, I know - we'll get a van.....
  6. stephens_xpack

    Just plain wrong!

    ^^^The early Panamera^^^
  7. stephens_xpack

    I listened to the voices..they made me do it.

    If only......Just trying to brighten up the site.......
  8. stephens_xpack

    I listened to the voices..they made me do it.

    Nice, another one saved from death by scrap yard - hope it doesn't hit you too hard in the wallet...
  9. stephens_xpack

    On the naughty step!

    Currently subjected to the sound track of "The Greatest Showman"......have to admit, I quite like it.....and one of the best film clips is Mike Tyson knocking out the hairy fella in "The Hangover" to the sound track of Phil Collins, just saying....
  10. Always nice to see another Capri looking awesome and saved from an almost certain scrap death if in someone else's hands - good work. You hoping to make any shows this year?
  11. Corringham Classic Car and Family Fun Day Sunday 22nd July, at the Pegasus Country club if any locals fancy what looks to be a nice day out. SS17 9BJ details attached.
  12. stephens_xpack


    Nice, I had a 1.6 GL many moons ago, had a nice stance and went ok. I personally love the square headlights on the mk2 GL's and Ghia's as well. Pics of said project please, and welcome.
  13. stephens_xpack

    66 stanced corsair

    Any pics of the stanced Corsair - looks nice in my head. Welcome.
  14. Looks cool, but I have not been before - but like you say, I am trying to mix it up a bit. Even I get a bit bored of the all Ford shows, so understand where Mrs and daughter is coming from. Nice to see all and everything sometimes. If you do make the journey, let us know and I'll come and say hello.
  15. stephens_xpack

    1300E resto number 2

    looking stunning Ray, well done mate. You must be over the moon with the way it is starting to look?.... Gorgeous..?