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  1. escort rs 2000 mk2

    Escort mk2 didn’t make a recaro,but if your talking recaro seat runners compared to escort mk2 then they are different
  2. Happy Birthday Mk2Jo

    Happy bday you old bar steward x
  3. Hi everyone.

    Awe thx so nice to me x
  4. Hi everyone.

    was good to see a few old faces,not you Jo
  5. Mk 2 on a 10 grand budget

    As said a lot of S A ones about around that price or less
  6. Mk1 Escort wanted

    Didn’t realise you still had that Ben
  7. Hi everyone.

    I’m lurking lol
  8. Just thought if you send your number can send by text
  9. No sorry Mark but if you went and bought these new today would look no different,your only 45 mins away come and have a look cheers
  10. Webber twin 45s manifold and linkedge and throttle cable all bought new been fitted 3 months so virtually as new to fit pinto £600
  11. Pinto turbo project . Help needed

    If your burning rings and pistons,which maybe caused by detonation,too much ignition or not enough full,you don't mention what Ecuador your running but I have a feeling this maybe your problem,also your hitting a brick wall sounds like either boost cut or fuel cut,just a suggestion
  12. OSF Fantasy Football 15-16

    Thought I'd step out this year boys so there can be a new winner
  13. wanted rwd ford thats on road

    I have a capri lazier 2 litre auto ,been sat in my garage a while now,70 odd thou genuine not had welding interior very nice,been painted at some point not show standard but definitely presentable ,doesn't smoke pulls well ,down sides needs sticker decals putting on which I have and some of the side mouldings are missing that run down the lower half,and noisy cam but could just need tappets adjusting ,I havnt looked at it or opened garage ,but I have a few other cars so space needed ,£2000 you'd defiantly not lose money on it
  14. How the hell???

    Sometimes they have a tiny flat head screw underneath on the plastic shaft