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  1. turnover

    OSFDC Round 3 - Retro Show - 16/17th June

    I might come along Sunday see a few old faces
  2. turnover

    Is this legit?

    Yes it is but made of fibreglass hence the prices
  3. Scott I’ve tried to speak to you several times regards buying it ,but you don’t seem to be bothered or you don’t really want to sell it,but good luck with the sale I’m sure it will go eventually
  4. turnover

    Can any one age this?

    Got to be 70s or early 80s I’d say
  5. turnover


    Ok sounds good I always did mine on YB a couple of thou over,but tolerances these days and quality of materials is much better
  6. turnover


    Col did you open the ring gaps ? Always a good idea if your gonna abuse it but I guess you know that
  7. turnover

    escort rs 2000 mk2

    Escort mk2 didn’t make a recaro,but if your talking recaro seat runners compared to escort mk2 then they are different
  8. turnover

    Happy Birthday Mk2Jo

    Happy bday you old bar steward x
  9. turnover

    Hi everyone.

    Awe thx so nice to me x
  10. turnover

    Hi everyone.

    was good to see a few old faces,not you Jo
  11. turnover

    Mk 2 on a 10 grand budget

    As said a lot of S A ones about around that price or less
  12. turnover

    Mk1 Escort wanted

    Didn’t realise you still had that Ben
  13. turnover

    Hi everyone.

    I’m lurking lol
  14. Just thought if you send your number can send by text