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  1. turnover

    Mk1 escort cigarette lighter bulb

    Think I got a few of them knocking around somewhere in the garage
  2. turnover

    Plastic glass

    The problem is if you want them functional as in wind up and down they do seem to scratch very easy ,but if you are having them fixed with slider will be fine
  3. turnover

    My Mexicos Road to recovery

    Keep the pics coming
  4. I’ve said this before but mk3 escort was around in 1980 same as last of mk2 escorts,well there are some 1982 mk2 escorts ,mk3 escort was discontinued in 1986 yet capri mk3 was still being registered up until 1988,so realisticly a mk3 escort is fairly oldskool similar bumpers to mk3 capri anyway metal an plastic 👍
  5. Had these to fit in my starlet but I sold the car bargain £175 tel 07801 242422
  6. 8 inch ford axle same as I had in my old car 52 inch case same as capri or ideal for arched escort,still has spring perches to sit on standard leaf springs comes with calliper brackets and I also have the brake discs still on 4 stud 4x108 if you want a real strong axle this is it forget atlas and English £600 tel 07801 242422
  7. turnover

    1980 Mk 2 Escort YB Cosworth

    I like that and best colour lol
  8. No that’s a Malta number scott
  9. turnover

    MSN Ford Quiz

    8/10 got gt40 wrong and ticked focus rather than fiesta
  10. turnover

    dont use car wash

    Don’t be so lazy and wash it yourself
  11. turnover

    Mystery wheels, any ideas?

    Deffo look like wolfrace copy’s
  12. turnover

    OSFDC Round 3 - Retro Show - 16/17th June

    I might come along Sunday see a few old faces
  13. turnover

    Is this legit?

    Yes it is but made of fibreglass hence the prices
  14. Scott I’ve tried to speak to you several times regards buying it ,but you don’t seem to be bothered or you don’t really want to sell it,but good luck with the sale I’m sure it will go eventually
  15. turnover

    Can any one age this?

    Got to be 70s or early 80s I’d say