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  1. accord83

    I think I've got a new doorstop.

    That's kids for you, no responsibility. I'll stop his pocket money and let the tyres down on his BMX, that'll teach him!
  2. accord83

    I think I've got a new doorstop.

    It's only done about 15k miles. I suppose I deserve it, my son built the engine when he was 17, he's now 36, and the 11yrs in the barn, followed by 5yrs of abuse wouldn't have helped it. Poor thing.
  3. Between 2 and 3 cylinder's. Hi Ho Hi Ho it's off to the spares pile I go..........
  4. accord83

    Just plain wrong!

    HA! You won't find me 'cos I'm hiding under the stairs, Err hang on a minute, DOH!
  5. accord83

    Just plain wrong!

    I'd worry about a cop picking up those wheels for dangerous parts/condition with those edges sticking outside the bodywork. Buuut, roll the arches, fit some Anthracite ATS cups and a works spec engine and I'd be on it. None of yer Subaru transplants, that's like fitting a Redtop in a Ford Anglia............ Big John now runs away and bravely hides๐Ÿ˜
  6. accord83

    Trick or Treat ...

    Switch the lights off, lock the doors, retreat under the stairs with a bottle and a big bag of chocolate. Or Switch the lights off, lock the doors, retreat into the garage and and fire up the welder.
  7. Shouldn't it require a BIVA test? It surely cannot be allowed to be tax/mot free as it's more Honda than Ford. It appears to be an exercise in ruining two good cars, were Leepu and Bernie involved?
  8. accord83

    Just plain wrong!

    And then he'd fall off, write off his fairground ride, and the engine could go back in a cement mixer? Is that what you're trying to say?๐Ÿ˜
  9. accord83

    New type metal pressed number plates

    OooooH! I'm off to get some pressed plates for my Mk1 Golf Cabrio, I didn't realise the benefits.
  10. accord83

    So..Mk2 Escort Actual Differences 4 door 2 door.

    4 door seats don't need a tilt mech on the fronts, and the rear base on a Mk1 Escort has cut a away squab to make entry easier. I don't know about other 4 doors. Door handles, window winders.
  11. accord83

    Your Club Needs You ! #OldSkoolFord

    I'm an old technomuppet and like the site as it is and appreciate the work that goes in with thanks, but if change came I would roll with it. I have noticed since I joined 11yrs ago that the age demographic has shifted, or we have got older and the younger feed in is becoming rarer. This is probably due to old Fords increasing in price, even old shitters to restore, (or bodge and smoke around in, which is probably where most of us started), are daft money for what they are. I'm glad NudgerSS asked the question as to who the Retards Club was as I hadn't a clue either. I wasn't even aware OSF had a club FB page.
  12. accord83

    Rare, Unique or Prototypes

    Back in the late 70's I remember talking to a Regional Crime Squad cop who was using a 4dr 1600Gl badged Mk2 Escort which was apparently an RS2000 4dr, they also had Modena Green 3litre Consul GT which had Capri 3.1 RS drive train. Lots of weird shit went through Police forces as development vehicles, like the Cosworth 2.9 Granadas, before they became open to sale. We had Mk2 Granada 2.8i's with taxi interiors and sports suspension, and then there was the Flying Pig MK4 Zephyrs with Ferguson 4x4 from the 60's, Lancs Police still had one on their skid pan in the late 70's for the instructors to rip off rookies for beer vouchers.....
  13. accord83

    expensive memorabilia

    As a ringing kit.
  14. accord83


    A purple member? Oooh Matron! Made me snigger like a 13yr old anyway.๐Ÿ˜
  15. Another interesting one, again from Clitheroe, re shelled, standard shell. no tags, a classier type of ringing kit to someone? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/escort-mk2-rs2000-rally-race/192638120779?hash=item2cda20734b:g:x2wAAOSwHj1bgsM5