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  1. Just plain wrong!

    Mummy always taught me, "If you cannot find anything nice to say, say nothing"
  2. Just plain wrong!

    I like the shade of blue, yes, that's a very nice blue. Interesting wheels, are they pretending to have big brake discs?
  3. Thinking of buying a land rover ?????

    Range Rover Sport? Ah, so not a LandRover then, a mumsy estate.
  4. Thinking of buying a land rover ?????

    Buying a LandRover Col? Have you been lying on a sun bed too long youth? A tractor in drag, the old series 2a I had was a numb as a numb thing on numbness pills.
  5. Please read

    On any other type of forum that could get you arrested
  6. Peter Lloyd Rallying

    I went twin box, single box must be quite loud as mine is plenty noisy enough for me. I haven't got a radio fitted as I'd never hear it over 40mph, (but I am a sensitive little soul.)
  7. Peter Lloyd Rallying

    I've had one on my 1300 for 3yrs with no problems, but, I had to make a bracket to pick up a gearbox bolt to stop it rattling. This is also a prevention mount to stop the manifold cracking at the collector point. My standard GT manifold cracked twice at this point before I ditched it. It's horses for courses, a cheap manifold, but mine has done its job OK.
  8. Trouble for Ford Fest.

    I bet that startles the neighbours.....
  9. for colr6

    We must 'ave 'ard water Oop North Col, it's that soft southern stuff which keeps weeping out.
  10. for colr6

    By that comment I make the supposition that you have never driven one in anger.
  11. for colr6

    Of course, I'm old school, but our 16 valvers were just as good and reliable. My son also had a Cavalier SRi 16valver and he could break a Tonka toy, it eventually died at 90ish K when some muppet rear ended him but the engine lived on in a Mk2 Escort rally car, and it eventually got retired to spare engine duty, it was an brilliant engine. (but if you really want an awesome Vauxhall, you need a Senator. )
  12. for colr6

    We used to beat the crap out of our SRI traffic cars 24/7/52, never broke one, but apparently a driving school car developed a strange tap at 90k, it was a big end bolt which had failed, the head came off and the bolt (now a stud) was wound out and tapping on the sump. New bolt, good for another year until age retired. Great engines.
  13. Crazy prices ???

    Iirc a boxed nos pair of mk1 front indicator units went for £720. I bought repro for £60, i'm not proud.
  14. Just plain wrong!

    Driving it would make me wall eyed trying to look past that lot.
  15. Just plain wrong!

    That's Tomi's car, he and his dad Ray have a varied selection of cars. This was one Ray built: The Metro has small trick details like rectangular frenching on the aerials.