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  1. Ah, that's because i have a messed up head to start with
  2. I also like the white Mk 3/2, 2/3 whatever Escort.
  3. Which Wheels will suit the 1300E

  4. Which Wheels will suit the 1300E

    6J Weller Lotus copies and dog dish hub caps for me.
  5. Just plain wrong!

    I wonder how he connected the transmissions, or maybe used the front end as a spare power unit if when the VW broke.
  6. "What does everyone use to paint underneath there projects" In answer to the original question, I thought the answer was: "Other way up!" I'll get my coat and shut the door behind me.
  7. Dvla vehicle inspection

    If you get caught ringing you could end up sharing a cell with someone jumping through your hoop.......
  8. New Toy

    I bought it because I fancy wind in my eyebrows, the hair is long lost (what a card game that was! ) And my wife won't drive the Escort as "It's noisy and everything is so involving"
  9. New Toy

    If this is a Mea Culpa thread for daft things you buy as you get older, I've just bought this:
  10. Beige name

    Gusset beige?
  11. Old Skool Maths

    I've revised to 60, my parts are sadly on back order, the good news is they can supply 4 Dingaling Ditchfinders and 4 Bullsting shocks immediately.
  12. Old Skool Maths

    70. Football? As in Rugby Football? Sadly the Chiefs lost.
  13. Winner of a competition

    You mean that's not him changing the wheel......
  14. Just plain wrong!

    I'd be scared this was mistaken for a Porta Khazi.
  15. New Toy

    They've disguised that Lister Diesel dumper engine from 1905 well.