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  1. What did you buy your ford for xmas

    I moved mine in to its new garage, building was completed on the 20th December. I have no pictures though. Nice to have some space around the car. I have yet to sort out a suitable heater as my old one is not adequate.

    All the best y'all.
  3. Many thanks.


  5. Your thoughts please

    Are they not for fixing the panel in place with a plastic mushroom headed stud?
  6. Your thoughts please

    How big, speakers?
  7. Your thoughts please

    If car manufacturers decided that their shell design required an extra incursion into the passenger cell area, they would make cars wider to accommodate them. If you are not using the car competitively to the necessary regs, a roll cage can be dangerous. Ask your insurers if they will add a premium, the buggers used to. My cage was built by my Old Man, who served his time on Rolls Royce, Daimler and Minerva, and also raced stock cars in the very early 50's, it was sturdy but not "shed built" in design. I was an 18yr old apprentice, I'd have made it out of cheese just to get racing.
  8. Your thoughts please

    I end over ended and rolled my banger racer (Singer Gazelle) in about 1977, cage was padded, but I'm 6'6" and safety and seats weren't as a sophisticated then. The roof and passenger cell didn't move though as the cage was made of scaffolding tube, therefore I was the crumple zone. The helmet only took one strike and it got a lovely set of concentric circle cracks from the top to the cheeks.
  9. Your thoughts please

    Not if you head butt one and you're not wearing a crash helmet............. I use to have a Fubarred open face hanging in my garage, I wouldn't like to know what my skull would have been like without it, pre Hans days. (but I suppose you would wear one and a Hans restraint every time you took the car out)
  10. Here's one I prepared earlier

    Does that include the Russian hookers?
  11. Here's one I prepared earlier

    Ooooh! Very nice.
  12. Just plain wrong!

    Was that pic from auditions for a Tarantino film?
  13. Name That Ford

    Not so much a single thread, more a whole paternity suit.............. Something which might be fun at the fitting, but the bill is extortionate
  14. Name That Ford

    I find that ladies of a certain vintage around here all know what a Mk1/Mk2 Escort is, possibly because over 50% of the local kids in the 70s and 80s were conceived in the back of one.
  15. Just plain wrong!

    Thanks, I just barfed a bit of my breakfast back.........