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  1. accord83

    RAF Fly past for Donald Trump

    I even had running pumps when I was a kid 😂 ( I'll get my coat!)
  2. accord83

    dont use car wash

    The Old Bill? What, in Barra? Give over. Its like Dodge City's bad cousin, it's twinned with Helmand 😂😂
  3. accord83

    Strangest item found in a new purchase

    I once bought a Singer Gazelle to banger race and it had a sack of freshly drowned kittens in the boot, they were returned to the farmers front lawn at about 1am (Git!)
  4. accord83

    Strangest item found in a new purchase

    Nah, it'd be a two stroke....
  5. accord83

    Mystery wheels, any ideas?

    They were too cheap to refuse, and I might get my inner 70's medallion man vibe going with them. Or not, and they'll go on the "maybe later" pile at the back of the workshop. Happy days, either way they won't eat any corn.
  6. accord83

    Mystery wheels, any ideas?

    I think I've had a positive ID from retro rides as early Cobra Super Slots. My Googlefu has just about confirmed this, as the Cobra Drag Slots had a different valve location. I knew you would be near Col due to the Anglia guess earlier. 😁
  7. I have just acquired these from a stash of rally parts, allegedly used on an Escort for two road events, then went on a Lotus Talbot daily, then slung in a lock up in the odds and sods parts dept. They have no identifying marks. Any ideas. There is no prize.😁
  8. They would be worth more than my car.....😂
  9. accord83

    Just plain wrong!

    Does it tow this?
  10. accord83

    Happy Birthday Vista

    Have a good 'un Scott.🍺
  11. accord83

    Mot exemption

    I once knew someone who would pull you by the fuzz and give you a slap for a small fee.......😂
  12. accord83

    Car cleaning

    What did he use the kitchen knives on......?
  13. I've got an Ology, or was that lobotomy? One or't other anyway
  14. Yes but i'm consistently rubbish, it's a skill.😁