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  1. Column Shroud wanted mk2 Escort

    got one here in black. £50 posted or £40 collected fella.
  2. Crossflow 1600/1700 bottom end

    hi, I have got a rare 2737E bottom end, is a 6 bolt crank one. its just a very good block (with excellent bores) and crank, SE London- only asking £60 for it. thought I would say just incase you need it. if not no problem
  3. Fuel tank sender replacement

    new tanks are on the market. just bite the bullet and buy one. trouble and hassle free and will last another 50 years or so!
  4. Old ford parts with prices now

    this guys spot on, bought parts Friday and arrived today- may be new, give him a chance, least he is offering stuff on here and not bookface or ebay first! but not everyones a plank like most I have come across! cheers fella happy with what I bought!
  5. Set of four 15x6 minilte type wheels. Et 20, ford fitting 4x108 (fits in escort arches fine) All have 4 really good 195/45 tyres 2x toyo proxes and 2x avons None have any kerbing or damage . But as you can see the laquer has peeled quite bad - easily be repainted or repowder coated . £225 collect from london/kent best to call me on 07969696746

    i have a load of 2 door mk1 escort glass, about 3 pairs of drop glass some rear 1/4 glass, and a rear screen,some good and saveabl want it all gone £30 collect from london/kent - give me a pm or a ring on 07969696746
  7. mk1/2 escort anti dive kit

    Yep all of above - still for sale would like it gone so who wants some more stability lol?
  8. mk1/2 escort anti dive kit, in really good condition barely used, believe it is a grp 4 productions one. complete with bushes ready to use. £40 posted thanks
  9. World cup xmember standard rack type - was brand new and had a notch taken out and reversed in to accommodate bigger sump-. Fully re powder coated and complete with new bushes- ready to roll £100 collect from kent/London or can be posted for an extra £10 thanks
  10. just spend £30 quid on an accuspark, does make a difference i found over points...
  11. Mk2 escort fule sender

    yep i have a mk2 escort fuel sender complete and working upon removal! will send you a pm
  12. i had something similair on my old mk1 1500 a year back, was juddering on full throttle or whenever we put the throttle down, turned out to be in the 1500 single pot carb (should be the zentih VN2 you have i assume?) the gasket that seats between the removable fuel bowl and carb body had got really thing and was not doing its thing! made a new one out of gasket paper and was fine as roses ever since and still is as far as i know! if it helps I have a proven good zenith vn2 carb if you need one working ?
  13. £125 before i put them on evilbay?
  14. As above no longer needed , these fit pre crossflows and even seen them on imps and minis retro fitted, suitable for spares or even repairs . As far as i can see its missing a return spring , and the cover screws. £30 collect from kent or i can post it for an extra £10