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  1. Gold Mk2 Granada Ghia, WVM650X, Scunthorpe 05/07/18 Gold mk2 Ford Granada 2.8 Ghia was stolen from the garage of a property in Scunthorpe at around 3am by 4 thieves. The car is an automatic & is known to have travelled through Susworth on the Trent bank as the owners blue disabled badge was recovered from there earlier today.
  2. Black Mk1 Consul, KRV384, Carshalton 03/05/18 Black 1955 mk1 Ford Consul reg KRV384 was stolen from a secure garage of a property in Carshalton overnight Wednesday 2nd into Thursday 3rd May 2018. The car is black & has a red leather interior & has the chassis number EOTA-181989. The car was stolen from an elderly lady, the car belonged to her deceased husband so has great sentimental value to her. The thieves broke through the womans side gate & garage door to get to the car & will have been taken by means of a lorry or trailer as the car was a none runner.
  3. Polar Grey Mk5 Cortina Crusader, LMB219Y, Stanley, West Yorkshire 16/6/18 Polar Grey mk5 Cortina 1600 Crusader reg LMB219Y was stolen from an address in Stanley, West Yorkshire at approx 2am on Saturday 16th June 2018. The car is completely standard aside from a different set of alloys. The car was taken by 3 males & was used in a robbery in nearby Ouzlewell Green & possibly another at Dewsbury on the same morning. The car was then reportedly seen in Middleton at around 3:30am the morning it was taken.
  4. Green & white 100E, 682UXV, Worcester Park, Surrey 16/06/18 Green & white 100E reg 682UXV was stolen from the driveway of a house in Worcester Park, Surrey between 9pm on Friday 15th June & 4am on Saturday 16th June 2018. The car is green over white & has a rust patch on the driver side rear arch. The car is powered by a 2.0 Zetec blacktop fitted with twin 45s mated to a 5 speed type 9 gearbox & a 105E rear axle fitted with a limited slip diff. Inside, it has a roll cage & Cobra seats fitted. The car is fitted with superlites (wider on the rear).
  5. Beige Mk2 Escort WAE879T, Droitwich 31/05/18 Beige mk2 Escort 1300L registration WAE879T was stolen from a property in Droitwich, Worcestershire overnight of 30th/31st May 2018. The car is standard aside from 4 spoke RS alloys, quarter bumpers & an RS boot spoiler. The car has brown hounds tooth interior & is now fitted with round headlamps & grille. The paint on the doors is a different shade to the rest of the car. The car was reportedly seen being driven through Hanley Swan at around 8:30am on 31st May with 2 lads in the car, the driver being described as a pretty big lad. The quarter light window in the drivers door had been smashed.
  6. Did anyone who travelled on the M25 at around 4:30pm this afternoon (Tuesday 22nd May) see a white 3 door Cosworth on the back of an Iveco truck around junction 15 towards Heathrow. Looking to see if anyone has dash footage or taken a picture as it might be the one stolen from Mablethorpe at the weekend. Cossie has damage on the passenger side.
  7. White 3 door Sierra Cosworth reg D588OWA was stolen from the driveway of a house in Mablethorpe, Lincolnshire at around 3:30am on Sunday 20th May 2018. The car has been stood on the owners driveway for 5 years & was dragged off the drive as the brakes were seized on, the car is fitted with a steering lock & the steering was on full lock. A neighbour heard banging & dragging at around 3:30am. The car has a standard Cosworth engine aside from blue injectors from an Escort Cosworth & a 3” stainless exhaust system with 4” Prima racing spec Scorpion tailpipe. The car is fitted with 55 profile tyres & due to the car being stood, the lacquer is coming off the alloys. The car has a mint interior & dashtop & is fitted with a new fuel tank. Bodywise, the car has rust on the leading edge of the bonnet & the passenger side wing is dented. Someone had apparently posted a picture of the car on a Retards Club group stating that the car was rotting away in Mablethorpe not that long ago, now the car has been stolen.
  8. Blue mk2 Cortina 1600E reg XPH563G was stolen from a garage at a property in Caterham, Surrey during the early hours of Thursday 3rd May 2018. the car is fitted with a C20XE 16v Vauxhall engine with forged pistons, a ported head, 48DCOSP carbs, MBE management wasted spark coil & Ashley manifold & stainless system modified from a V6 system with stainless flexi pipe. The engine is mated to a type 9 5 speed box. The car has an ATB diff & Capri rack and pinion conversion. The fuel pump & battery are located in the boot. Possibly seen at 7:30pm on Thursday 3rd May heading towards the scilly isles, the roundabout between Hampton Court, Esher and Hinchley Wood, next to the Marquis of Granby pub.
  9. Damage doesn't appear to be too bad, owner's listed it on eBay https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Mk1-fiesta-gl-950cc-gl-LHD-French-registered/222921330745?hash=item33e7259039:g:W8gAAOSwheFaunA~
  10. Think he lives over here. Car was found burnt out this morning
  11. Copper mk1 Fiesta AN-832-JY (French plates), Haverhill, Suffolk 10/04/18 Metallic copper 1981 mk1 Fiesta reg AN-832-JY was stolen on the Bird estate in Haverhill, Suffolk at 22:30 on Tuesday 10th April 2018. The Fiesta is a French car (hence the Foreign registration number) & is left hand drive so should stand out. The car is completely standard.
  12. Car has now been recovered, along with the trailer http://www.rossgazette.com/article.cfm?id=112195&headline=Classic car recovered in Ross-on-Wye&sectionIs=news&searchyear=2018
  13. White Mk1 Granada Estate, TGJ990R, Chiswick W4, 10/12/17 White Mk1 Granada 3.0 V6 automatic estate was stolen on Sunday 10th December 2017 from Chiswick, W4. The car is completely standard & has an unusual coloured roof. The car is a 3.0 & is an automatic. The chassis number is GAGNSY05837 & anyone with any information can contact Hounslow police station on 101 or 0208 5771212
  14. Green 1929 Ford Model A Roadster reg BF7875 was stolen from a layby on the A449 between Ross on Wye & Much Marcle on Sunday 18th March 2018. The car, which had been competing in the Vintage Sports Car Club Herefordshire Trial on the Saturday was parked up in the layby on a trailer. Due to adverse weather the owner deemed it unsafe to continue his journey towing the car so left it in the layby. When he returned to collect the car on the Sunday, it along with the trailer had gone. Witnesses saw the car still in the layby at 16:15 on Sunday so it was taken after that time. The car is completely standard & is green with black fenders & beige wire wheels
  15. Silver Mk3 Capri 2L Laser reg D418OTW was stolen off the driveway of a house in the village of Earls Colne in Essex at around 11:30am on Thursday 15th February 2018. The car has been off the road for around 10 years so isn’t mint. No clear pictures of the car exist but Google Maps images show it to have rust & debris on the bodywork. Restoration of the car was due to begin this month. The car is on SORN. The chassis number is WF0CXXGAECGS35515 It’s been reported that the car was taken using a 52 plate white dual axle Ford Transit truck. Anyone with any information can contact Essex police on 101 or 01245 491491