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  1. Green 1929 Ford Model A Roadster reg BF7875 was stolen from a layby on the A449 between Ross on Wye & Much Marcle on Sunday 18th March 2018. The car, which had been competing in the Vintage Sports Car Club Herefordshire Trial on the Saturday was parked up in the layby on a trailer. Due to adverse weather the owner deemed it unsafe to continue his journey towing the car so left it in the layby. When he returned to collect the car on the Sunday, it along with the trailer had gone. Witnesses saw the car still in the layby at 16:15 on Sunday so it was taken after that time. The car is completely standard & is green with black fenders & beige wire wheels
  2. Silver Mk3 Capri 2L Laser reg D418OTW was stolen off the driveway of a house in the village of Earls Colne in Essex at around 11:30am on Thursday 15th February 2018. The car has been off the road for around 10 years so isn’t mint. No clear pictures of the car exist but Google Maps images show it to have rust & debris on the bodywork. Restoration of the car was due to begin this month. The car is on SORN. The chassis number is WF0CXXGAECGS35515 It’s been reported that the car was taken using a 52 plate white dual axle Ford Transit truck. Anyone with any information can contact Essex police on 101 or 01245 491491
  3. White Sierra XR4i was stolen from an underground parking area in the Jewellery Quarter of Birmingham during the early hours of Saturday 10th March 2018. The car is totally original apart from the stereo. The car is white with grey skirts & has a red sun strip on the top of the front windscreen. It has a small amount of corrosion around the leading edge of the sunroof & has overspray of waxoil under the front valance. The electric mirrors & speaker selectors don’t work & the gas struts for the rear hatch have failed so don’t hold the boot open. These should make the car recognisable. The car has recently been put back on the road & has 4 new tyres fitted. The car is registered to a doris who is seriously ill & has been in her family for over ten years so holds great sentimental value to the family. There is a reward for any information leading to the recovery of this vehicle. Anyone who has any information can contact the owners son Russell on 07708610365 or West Midlands Police HQ on 0345 113 5000 or via 101 & quote crime reference number 20BW54839AL18
  4. Yellow Capri II 3.0 Ghia, UFT890N, Newcastle, 01/03/18 Daytona Yellow 1974 Capri II 3.0 Ghia reg UFT890N was stolen from a warehouse on Chillingham Road, Heaton area of Newcastle on Thursday 1st March 2018. The car is a one owner from new car & has been off the road since 1989. The car is Daytona yellow with a black vinyl roof & is fitted with an automatic gearbox. The car has a stainless exhaust & has covered around 30000 miles from new. The car will have been lifted or trailered away as the car was on axle stands with no wheels or wheel nuts fitted at the time of the theft. The thieves who took the Capri filled the warehouse with used tyres. Anyone with any info can contact Northumbria Police on 101
  5. Black mk4 Escort XR3i, C29UUY, Rayleigh, Essex 26/02/18 Black mk4 Escort XR3i reg C29UUY was stolen from outside the owners Mum's house in Rayleigh, Essex on the night of Monday 26th February 2018. The car is a 90 spec RS Turbo replica with clear front indicators. The car is running an 1800 ZVH engine & is fitted with 16" Mondeo alloys (3 grey & 1 silver with grey centre caps). This is the 3rd stolen in the Rochford/Southend area since October (plus a mk3 Fiesta XR2i which was crashed around the corner from where it was taken from).
  6. White series 2 RS Turbo, G457MTH, Southend, 05/02/18 White series 2 Escort RS Turbo reg G457MTH was stolen from the driveway of a property in Southend between 9:30pm & 10pm on Monday 5th February 2018. The car is frozen white, 90 spec, has clear indicators & side repeaters & is fitted with a K&N air filter, Scorpion exhaust & 17" Fox alloys which have been painted black. Looking at the pictures, the trim has been removed from the bumpers & the doors have been delocked. The car would have been towed, trailered or Hiab'd off the driveway as the owner had removed the turbo to get it rebuilt.
  7. White Mk1 Escort, GAE036, Paola, Malta, 02/01/18 White 2 door mk1 Escort carrying the Maltese reg GAE036 was stolen in the town of Paola in Malta on the 2nd January 2018. The car is standard, is fitted with an AA badge on the front grille & red aftermarket door mirrors. The same owner had a mk1 Cortina stolen on 6th January, however this has been recovered in Qormi suffering a bit of damage.
  8. White Mk5 Cortina, EMD963V, Dagenham, c10/01/18 White Mk5 Cortina 1600L reg EMD963V was stolen from a locked garage in Dagenham sometime around 10th January 2018. The car is standard & is white with a black vinyl roof. The car has been owned for 38 years so obviously has great sentimental value to the owner. The car is currently on SORN. Anyone with information can contact Dagenham Police on 101, phone Met Police on 02072301212 or contact the owner, Joe White via email: white23j@yahoo.com
  9. Orange Mk2 Escort reg OJN351V was stolen whilst parked on the B1102, Freckenham Road between Freckenham & Worlington, Suffolk between 7am & 11am on the morning of Monday 29th January 2018. The car has been fully restored & is fitted with a Mexico front spoiler, an RS boot spoiler, quarter bumpers & has clear front indicators & rear light clusters. The Ford badge in the front grille is red. The car is fitted with a pair of black bucket seats & has a black rollcage fitted. The car has a chrome tailpipe. Anyone who saw anything or who has any information can contact Mildenhall Police on 101 quoting CAD150 of 29th January.
  10. Truck will have been trailered. towed or Hiab'd as the battery was flat, the steering wheel chained & the prop disconnected from the rear axle as work was being done on it
  11. Desert storm & white 1956 Ford F100 truck reg KGH581A was stolen on 2nd January 2018 from Eltham, South East London. The truck is fitted with a 5.0litre Mustang V8 with C6 auto box. The truck has a small rear window & extensive body mods including shaved door handles, vents in the bonnet & 59 Caddy lights fitted into the rear arches. The truck has peep mirrors The truck also has a hydraulic rear bed which lifts the rear of the truck. The truck has an LPG tank in the bed behind the cab. Wheels are American 5 stud international smoothys with General Grabber tyres front & rear. The wheels had Mooneyes discs fitted.
  12. Tawny Brown 1972 mk1 Escort 1100 reg LGO831K was stolen from an underground car park in the Paddington area of London in early to mid January 2018. The car is owned by an elderly person & is currently on SORN. The car has been sitting for a while.
  13. Fantastic news!! Barry's Sierra has been RECOVERED after being found dumped on a main road in Bolton. The vehicle is back with the owner having suffered damage to one of the doors which had been bent back, one of the tyres, rear seat & steering lock. Recovered thanks to social media
  14. Another possible sighting at Tesco, Rotherham Rd, Barnsley at 2046hrs (27th October 2017)
  15. White Sierra Sapphire G56ALK, Bolton 27/10/17 White Sierra Sapphire 1.8L reg G56ALK was stolen in Bolton between midnight & 7am on Friday 27th October 2017. The car is fitted with Cosworth bumpers which are painted grey with green trim, the front bumper fitted with a Renault Laguna splitter. It has a Rouse Sport rear spoiler & a debadged front grille. The car has smoked & red rear light clusters & clear front indicators. It’s fitted with Escort Cosworth style alloys & has a standard L interior. The car has Bazworth & Grouse Sport logo’s on the rear of the car & inside the boot there are a number of signatures of the guys from the Ford Sierra Appreciation Club who built the car for the owner. The car is very well known. There was a possible sighting of the car travelling along Rotherham Road in Barnsley around 3:30pm/4pm on Friday 27th October, did anyone see anything?