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  1. Glad u it turned up, theving arse wipes need a good kicking ?
  2. mk2mania

    power steering for mk1/2/3 capri

  3. for all those who have asked over the years weve now got the capri steering boxed off,, works a treat and is 100% hidden out of site ( and it transforms the car )
  4. well spotted , £2000 , ye price always helps
  5. mk2 lhd estate HD shell ,rs tops and extra strengh plates, 4.1 english axle, on initial inspection need floorpans sill repair , bonnet trim and a motor , comes with a set of very good gold doors no the ones in the pic ( iam nicking them ) 07970 457458 use link below for more pics https://www.flickr.com/photos/107191724@N07/albums/72157676889777134
  6. full build on here http://s187.photobucket.com/user/mk2mania/mk1%20fiesta/story https://vimeo.com/197803175 video link above
  7. mk2mania

    Power steering mk2 mania

    lookin sweet, glad you like it , now you can concentrate on goin quicker rather than what corners are coming up ,,
  8. mk2mania

    Power steering mk2 mania

    whos system is on your tina,, and who fitted it,, also what mk is the cortina ??
  9. mk2mania

    just warmin up in the long roof

    cheers dude ,
  10. https://instagram.com/p/2Tv9cSiTYl/
  11. veiw the pics here its a 15000 mile 1 owner minter, being rebuilt to customers spec http://s187.photobucket.com/user/mk2mania/fiesta%20mk1%20restoration/story
  12. https://www.Retards Club.com/groups/3661...8901182873892/ pal of mine is arranging a summer evening track event, £20 for 20 laps check the link above,, a quid a lap ,, nice
  13. mk2mania

    What size wheels on standard arches

    if you buy the correct rims you can get 8s under and rear discs
  14. mk2mania

    fiesta power steering

    hi vista the full set up is £450, and yes weve done loads with boxes, tinas, transit mk1 and 2, there not to bad to do more info on http://www.easysteer.co.uk