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  1. Cobra did the Supaslots, Wolfrace had squarer slots, I've got some of each. Used to have them on my old Capri's
  2. 3litrepete

    Ford Capri 1979

    Nice........ But, rear towing eye on a 1979 car? I've got one on mine as I replaced a lot of rotten metal & it was handy to keep at the time
  3. I built 2 Soft top Capri's years ago, I wanted them to still look like Capri's with the roofs up. Think I succeeded. Hope the links work, long time since I used photobucket
  4. 3litrepete

    Alloy products

    I asked about having a washer bottle & rad catch tank made in ally for my Capri 3.0S & was quoted £600, so I had a go myself & got a local welder to weld them for me,
  5. 3litrepete

    mk2escortestatelover (tony) has passed away

    Sorry to hear this, I met Tony a few times, My thoughts go out to his family
  6. 3litrepete

    mk2 cortina advice please.

    If you go onto Buysellcortina, there have been a few V6 Cortina's including my one, if you go to members cars & look for Mk2 Cortina 3.1 V6 by 3litrepete, this is my one
  7. 3litrepete

    who does de cambered leafs

    I used my 12 ton hydraulic pipe bender to do mine, I did a little bit at a time & worked along the springs until I was happy with the result, It took me about an hour, I was told that if you heat them, they have to be retempered to get the spring rating back
  8. 3litrepete

    Lotus V8 Cortina 0-60 3.96

    Al, if you want to have a look at my system, I'm not at work this week, give me a call on 01268 530616. Pete
  9. 3litrepete

    car cover stolen. need cctv

    I've got a Micromark system from Homebase above my garage door, It is hooked up to a portable 14" TV & VCR so if anyone comes within 6ft of the door, it records for 30 seconds, this can be altered but I find it enough, It is black & white so can also be seen at night, The camera always shows a picture even when not recording, The problem you may have will be if the car is on the road, there will be a lot of movement near it causing lots of video tape to scan, Micromark have a website, Hope this helps, Pete
  10. 3litrepete

    How long have you had your OSF....

    I've owned my 3.0S Capri TUF 30S for 21 years & have put 45k on it, It used to be my everyday car but it kept picking up parking dings so it now gets used at weekends
  11. 3litrepete

    What Oil For an Essex

    Try Castrols website, They still list 20w/50 @ £17.99 gallon or 25 ltr @ £78.95 Orders over £30 free delivery
  12. 3litrepete

    Mk3 x-pack questions and pics wanted!!

    Hi Chris, Hope to see you there, I didn't sell the X-pack, It originally belonged to my best mate who sadly died, His mum told me I could have it after I asked about buying it, The car was falling apart so I fully restored it, even had to fit a new roof, His brothers saw it & decided it was worth money so they wanted its value so I stripped off all the new parts & refitted all the old worn out stuff & told them to come & pick it up, I've been told its been sold for £400 which was less than I offered for it. Someone did ask about it on Capripower forum, I answered but they never replied & haven't been on there since. Pete
  13. 3litrepete

    Mk3 x-pack questions and pics wanted!!

    Hi Chris, Yes I remember, Are you going on May 11th ?, I should have my 3.0S & Mk2 Cortina on the Buysellcortina stand. Pete
  14. 3litrepete

    Mk3 x-pack questions and pics wanted!!

    I have some pictures of my old X-pack in midnight blue, As i haven't posted enough on here I can't put them on, But if you PM me with an E-mail address I will send them to you, As previously mentioned, Fibresports made the panels for Ford & the X-pack that I used to have was used in their adverts. Regards, Pete