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  1. My 1975 1600 sport resto

    Cheers mate, yer had a bloody heart attack, now gotta stay in and be transferd to another hospital where i gotta have a tripple bypass, didnt expect this at my age, take note lads......get off the fags and easy on the burgers!!!, will keep all posted xx
  2. My 1975 1600 sport resto

    Started again yesterday on the old girl, have removed inner wing as it had a nasty repair, now have all new panels ready to go, will add some more pics later when i make a bit of progress lol, All the best
  3. I sold the xr2 to wheeler dealers and the green mk1 made an apperance on the same program when they done the yellow mk1, i think my rs2k is now owned by another osf member, now running a very quick motor!, cheers.
  4. Here ya go, pics not in order as my nipper done it yrs ago, enjoy x
  5. Gotta good build vid of it, try and find it later
  6. Nar, happy with the latest project tbh, better to have love and lost than never loved at all lol
  7. My 1975 1600 sport resto

    Its the same with he aussie imports too, guess its cos they need a greater range, gonna leave it as is, i think its great!
  8. Nudgers mk2 Escort project

    Good idea that, looks loads better with all that useable space under the bonnet
  9. Nudgers mk2 Escort project

    So did you have the twin carbs fitted before with the servo tower in place?
  10. Escort estate mk2 with mk1 exterieur

    Love this project, mega amount of work, fair play to ya bud, please keep the pics coming!!
  11. My 1975 1600 sport resto

    Its ideal!!
  12. My 1975 1600 sport resto

    Bit of bare metaling today, cant belive how solid it is!