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  1. Rallye


    Cracking cars on the stand this year
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/FORD-ESCORT-Mk-1-2-FUEL-PETROL-CAP-NONE-LOCKING-MEXICO-RS2000-LOTUS-TWINCAM-RS16/302933834915?hash=item4688437ca3:g:CYMAAOSwxLdb0hAz:rk:6:pf:0
  3. Wanted x1 8x13 Minilite wheel in Silver Wheel size: 8" x 13'' Offset: ET -5 PCD: Ford Fitting 108mm Weight approx: 7kg
  4. Rallye

    Escort Mk1 AVO boot jack hooks

    red car image is correct by orientation and distance
  5. Rallye

    1300E resto number 2

    attention to detail, superb Ray. Are those side repeaters NOS ?
  6. Rallye

    Pinto distributor

    thank you, I prefer the old fashioned points, can you PM me a price please neil
  7. Bosch distributor required please
  8. I keep a close eye on MkI 1300 Sport numbers, in fact my register has less than 50 on the list which includes those overseas and resting in garages. With this model reaching it's 50th anniversary this year I think it's fair to say any surviving MKI is worthy of the marque.
  9. 1st in Show & Shine @Pure Ford
  10. Rallye


    there are quite a few reviews for the AR-1 by Nankang, if they fit your needs. Failing that Yokohama in a 50 profile come up on ebay
  11. Rallye

    Indian Restaurant Birmingham

    Milan on Newhall Street, great lamb madras
  12. Rallye

    Mk1 Escort Mexico engine bay loom

    Unfortunately not, you have to be a FB user or know someone with an account.