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  1. Really ? When I was testing , the data base at dvla / visa dictated what needed checking . Puddy
  2. What did you buy your ford for xmas

    Bought my mk1 tina a gallon of fuel and fired it up again , haven't used it for a couple of months. Had a look at my mk2 in the lockup today when I had to pick up a couple of wheels and wished I hadn't lol Puddy Ps. Col don't forget what I said about 5th gear on the t5 gbox rebuild.
  3. I think you will find that a "w" reg is 1980 / 81 not seventies ........ lol
  4. How are they going to mot a car that is exempt , I assume that when the tester puts in the vehicle details on log in , it will not come up ? Puddy

    I don't have a problem with race cars on the road , but in my opinion it was over engineerd in some areas and under in others. Puddy

    Still looks pretty ................. but having been in it a fair few times and even Mot'd it once or twice , I am not quite as enthusiastic as some people . puddy

    Saw Jims old Cortina at the Ace this summer at the Tina meet . Current owner has had it a few years now . puddy

    Funnily enough I remember visiting where Darran and Mark worked back in the day , it was a body shop in Chessington that did a lot of high end stuff called George ray's . And on Darrans wall of fame at the time was the fast car pics of my tina , lol. Puddy Ps. Most inspirational car at the time for me was Paul Bailey's vecta race car a cossie powered x pack , what a weapon .
  9. Comments anyone?

    Lol , non original colour, suspension and wheels and lots of ' lovely , but's ........ ' Chancer ! Lol. Puddy
  10. Comments anyone?

    You missed the classic Capri for sale by the same vendor at 60k + as well then ? Puddy
  11. If you cannot even find the ' For sale' forum , I would not trust you to post it ...................... lol ! puddy
  12. 20 year anniversary since me and Mike drove like loonies back from the cruise racing a cossie saph all the way down the A3 at 2.00 in the morning , and then found out Princess Di was killed in a car crash at that same moment. Might take my mk1 tina up , or my RD250 dx, have heard it may be worthwhile for once. puddy
  13. Actually bought this one , would have been nice to have a readers poll of the cars of the last 20 years , can't believe there isn't one picture of Jimmys Gartrac built Mk 1 Tina . Still pulls a crowd now if I see it at any local meets . Nice surprise to see a pic of mine tho , considering I have never done my own feature . Cheers ,puddy
  14. Hope the weather holds out John , see you Sunday mate . puddy