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  1. Update your account ?

    I've started using imgbb.com to upload pics
  2. Adrian fu#$@ng flux

    Just goggle Adrian flux. I wouldn't insure my toy cortina with them.
  3. As above a require a carb for my cortinas 1300 pre xflow.iam running standard manifolds Thanks Paul.
  4. Does anyone know what carb would fit my 1300 pre xflow??its running standard manifolds,I've been looking at Weber 34ich on eBay but not sure if they would fit??thanks Paul.
  5. Cyclist rant!!!

    I had a guy on a bike come up the inside of my cortina the other week as I was turning left in slow moving traffic. The mirrors on my car are rubbish but I just caught sight of him as I turned so I jumped on the brakes. The guy stopped call me all the under the sun and told me the check my mirrors!!!!! WHAT THE FECK!!! Check my mirrors for you undertaking I replied. The best think was as he peddled off he shouted "your cars sh*t" had to laugh.
  6. cortina love

  7. cortina love

  8. When i go to news stand on my iPad and click on help it still sends a email to future. They gave me the email for Kelsey but I've had no replie. Might try and ring them tomo. I've only got a couple of months left ,i think I will go to getting the mag sent to my house as there were problems last month as well.
  9. I've emailed future but they say it's nothing to do with them its a company called Kelsey I think you have to email. I've sent them a email asking what the problem is and when will it be sorted but got nothing back.
  10. Is there a problem with the digital version?my isnt on my iPad yet. Tried emailing future I think got no replie. Cheers paul.
  11. I'm planning on painting my car soon and have decided to go back to the original coulor of saluki bronze. Where would be the best place to get hold of the paint or would my local paint supplier be able to match the coulor to the original paint on my dash?cheers Paul.
  12. As above after a set of 4 with tyres if possible. Cortina mk2 fitment. Must be in good condition with black centres and polished outer rim. Same as the ones from midland wheels. Iam located in West Yorkshire but will happily pay for postage. Cheers Paul.
  13. Which engine is this for?cheers Paul.