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  1. Weber Carbs

    Did you synchronise the carbs with gauges on a running motor ??
  2. 4 link back end

    Consider Airride with coil over bags all around ( Mc pherson system bags ). If you use the adjustable coilover platforms with bags you can set ridehight vs PSI setting for a comfortable ride.
  3. Thank you JP and Linda

    Allways happy to help, anywhere in the world !!. If we can help, even if we have to bodge it somehow, we will do. Old Skool Ford to the bone. It was nice to meet you, Steve & Sharon. Next time will have some drinks. Glad you made it home without a fuzz. Consider Spa Classic also next year somewhere halfway May to be expected. Traveling distances with an Old Skool Ford is always a challance. We know all about it. New cars will break down also, but call the AA, they come with new parts, sort the issue and you'r off again... Call the AA with and Old Ford..... and they have a challance as there are no plugs to read out the on board computer to read out whats wrong. Lets forget the parts needed that are most likely not available on short term.. If we can help we will do. Even if we have to tow the car to our residence. We ( Linda & I ) believe its importand in this Woldwide OSF comunity to help each other out where ever we or you are. Together we keep the Old Skool Ford Comunity strong and "Alive". We believe................ in Old Skool Fords. Amen
  4. in need of the leccy connector that hooks into the four clocks ( with tacho ) Fiesta mk1 clock set. Too convert my Fiesta L into a tacho clock set. Shipping to Holland. Many thankz in advance, JP
  5. Just plain wrong!

    Won't mint driving this one as a daily. I sure has an attitude.
  6. Have a 1983 mk1 fezzy that need some touch up. VIN tag says colour code 3_3 Its a blue metalic. Have a tough up stick that came with the car that says Sea Blue Can't find any info in my books. What is it??
  7. Bought a mk1 L with standard clocks. Bought also a Fiesta sport clock set with rev counter. Whats needed to do the conversion. Does the socket fit or do I need a new differend socket. Have to trace a wire from the coil to the gaugepod thats the easy part Ill guess. Want to do it proper, not planing a hack saw jobby.
  8. Camping Weekend Zonhoven Belgium

    Scott, I got your logo's, A member of this board is working on it since halfway june..... after a request I made on this forum. Dutch Crew will be attending with a stand. Rally of Kasterlee, Belgium 27th august Europen Ford Event, Venray, Holland, 10th september. Ford Parts Day, Barneveld, Holland, 4th November.
  9. OSF Dutch Crew ( minus one ) was attending the Europen Camping Weekend at Zonhoven, Belgium this weekend. Classic Fords from the UK, Belgium, France, Germany and Holland where there. Even with the rain on saturday only we had a great weekend. Even a genuine Perana Granada from the Uk was there. As we ( the Dutch Crew ) had three sales stands on a row on the show we had no time to take pics but lots of time to talk about classic Fords and supporting OSF. I was told mid saturday 135 classic Fords attended the camping weekend ( even with the rain ) and I have been told sunday morning counting was about 170 cars and still going up. All wearing our new OSF Dutch Crew T shirts ( thankz Vista ) Its a shame we still have no OSF flags to support this beloved community ( I have no clue why ??) Next will be Short Rally of Kasterlee, Belgium 27th August, where Michel will be driving his Escort mk2 Rally car with Alex as a co driver.
  10. Photo bucket o' Crap!

    Well I also deleted all my pics. Won't use it any longer.
  11. Car events - European

    ​Otherwise 11-13 august theres a big Ford Camping meeting at Zonhoven Belgium ( near Maastricht Holland ) ​Dutch Crew will be there for three days. ​If you run into trouble in Holland we can collect the car by trailer in the evening hours and sort it out. ( still have a daily job that pays my bills besides my company Caprimasters Parts & Services ) and we have friends to with workshops so one way or the other you don't have to panic.
  12. 350 Capri's have signed in. All infernational. I am still wrenching to get mine ready for Take off. Have a spare Capri standing by.
  13. Old pics of yourself

  14. Happy Birthday Scott (Vista)

    Congratiolations mate. Same age now
  15. 1600 OHC Pinto tuning

    Thing is, I have nothing to say. Customer pays the bill. I give him what he pays for. Fact is, he doens't drive it 100K miles in his live so it doesn't matter if we go to the max bore as he won't wear that bore out. Its inside the engine and nobody will ever tell. But I sure like the 100bhp figur. Stock appearance, matching numbers and 100bhp. I quite like the idea. That High Torque cam is what I was thinking about to. Will do some calculations on that with Dyno Desktop.