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  1. the st tina

    STs are a good cheap engine but expensive to get any massive power, they do pull well with mild tune and a set of itbs, I took mine a bit further but still NA as I wont do forced induction. RX8 boxes are cheap and quite easy to fit and will take power, I have just removed my RX8 set up as 1st gear is a bit short for me and racing, but a smooth box with nice shift and worked well with my master cylinder. I've run English axles in my mk1s and mk2s at santa pod without any real problems, but if you do fit an LSD fit stronger shafts, I know from experience a bit to aggressive on launch and goodbye LSD. anyway nice car mate
  2. Trouble for Ford Fest.

    have we got an issue with fiesta's now? my lads got one that runs a 13.4 plus a basket case of a van he working his guts out on.
  3. compression test

    Thought you could but just checking. Gone from making way to much to way to low. Cheers
  4. compression test

    can you do a compression test without any intake on?
  5. capri leaf springs

    I've seen them, seeing if there are any second hand possibly a wee bit cheaper. It's for the long roof and got to get it down a bit, at the moment it's higher than Afroman.
  6. I'm looking for a pair of single leaf capri springs, closer to Peterborough the better if anyone can help. cheers
  7. cortina estate

    in storage area
  8. cortina estate

    my bad lol
  9. Looking for a drivers side rear quarter glass for mk2 cortina if anyone got one. cheers
  10. Bored

    I will when he's in his final resting place
  11. P16 Cortina Caliper Wanted

    Hi mate got these and also a gearbox that came out of a 68 mk2
  12. Bored

    So made a new shift light
  13. mk1 cortina

    1965 mk1 cortina four door. had this a few years and ran it in the osfdc, it's been resprayed but does look quite presentable, obviously has had welding to the normal places but not rotten. quick spec now: mk2 cortina back axle on capri 2.8 single leafs with adjustable gaz shocks, single piece bailey morris propshaft. bilstien coilovers on rack and pinion steering. type 9 five speed, 2l black top with bike carbs and nodiz pro ecu, new alternator, flywheel and exhaust manifold with stainless exhaust (off a mk1 escort so had to be adapted) all the engine conversion parts are retro ford, ali rad and electric fan. half cage and scobby bucket seats. few other bits like line lock, ali fuel tank etc. defiantly not concourse but a presentable mk1 thats as much fun as a bucket of soapy frogs. My attention is now being focused elsewhere and not got time to give this the attention it deserves. all I have left to do is sort some new front calipers. feel free to get in touch. £5,500 located in Peterborough
  14. 105speed s/s exhaust for sale

    Hi mate, is this still for sale? If so, could you pm me? Thanks