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  1. LOL Ive just robbed one of its ABS pump for the Capri and got plans to have the LSD off one at some point.
  2. Our fords are old skool. mk1 focus are just old. Sierras have come of age for me though
  3. capri71

    Capri quick rack ???

    If you got the manual rack you just a different pinion - thats what i did. got a 2.6 turn one made up. Think it was like 40 quid. Ill see if I can find the name of the company but Im sure they were just a firm that reconditioned starring racks or something. Think I found them via an eBay listing. I run mine with a Corsa EPAS column on a custom x member but the quick rack bit was easy. I got a recon rack and added that. Same ratio as Focus RS as it happens.
  4. capri71

    How much for a special number plate?

    I've seen old Irish registrations with the short version of my name and 4 numbers for about 1500 quid. My wife has a 3 letter name and got hers perfect with 4 numbers and and last two are zero all for 300 quid but that was years ago. hers is worth more than the 1500 my would cost so I know its good investment. Only car related one id look for is one with V6, Ford or Capri on it so not much chance there! they would be out of my price range. I will get the name one eventually
  5. capri71

    Size matters #HMSQueenElizabeth

    Im more patriotic than most these day so don't take this wrong way but it just scares me. Seeing the stuff the next war could be fought with, is disturbing. I wish we could go back to swords and bows and arrows. We did rather well at that. Then came gun powder. I bet they were saying "foo king chinese" back then too.
  6. Does anyone here have any experience of making parts by lost wax casting? I made a pattern for my own throttle bodies and want to now make a silicone mold to make wax patterns for the final lost wa aluminium casting. Can anyone recommend brands and variants of silicone, wax and anything else they use? I know that using the wrong brand can mess everything up (Sip vs Clarke etc.) so any advice generally on doing this would be great. Im on the fence about getting it all done if anyone has any idea of cost? maybe someone here works somewhere they do this?!
  7. capri71

    Good company for putting in a roll cage?

    Thanks, there a company in Royston call Fabricage - apparently good reputation. The guy was at safety devices and custom cages in the past. I'm going to give him a call this week. I'll see what they say and look up Custom Steel Innovation for a quote. I'm googling everyone first though lol The off the shelf, fit your self cages don't convince me and they don't have the customisations I want. I want low door bars as I'm disable with leg and spinal injuries that make it hard enough to get in a car anyway. I also want to be able to remove the X on the rear stays so ppl can go in the back. I also want a bar going across behind the dash and bar s from the front legs to the struts. I got how I am because I got hit head on by a person coming the other way who lost control. I'm paranoid now. this is why i won't take chances with who does it. Any sniff of a stink and I'm outa there. Oh and before there a panic... it wasn't an OSF I was in, don't worry about that just an OF (mondeo v6 ghia I had JUST put new widescreen and new bumper on)
  8. capri71

    Good company for putting in a roll cage?

    Blimey, thats not good. I will have to email him with a link to this to explain why I'm cancelling. I don't care how many good jobs he's done if he also does shite jobs. Never no smoke without fire. Thanks for the heads up Mike. Think I'll get an "off the shelf" cage from either Safety Devices or Custom Cages. I know brilliant Welder/Fabricators to put it in for me. Decided the 4 link/coilover is a winter job but also going to buy stuff off the shelf and get my own guys to install.
  9. capri71

    Good company for putting in a roll cage?

    Will do Ive already asked him for a few customisations regarding foot protection and rear seat access and he's been accommodating so far One funny thing was I asked about T45 tube. He was so adamant it was completely unnecessary, he refused to make it from T45 LOL He basically said unless your planning to drive into trees, its a waste of money. I was only interested in the weight saving but he said it would amount to 5 kg! It was refreshing to have someone NOT try to sell you stuff you don't need! Seems like a great guy indeed. Thanks again.
  10. capri71

    Good company for putting in a roll cage?

    Alan Dent is doing my cage on the 25th Cheers Jamie
  11. capri71

    Original stereos. Time to give up hope?

    your good mate i appreciate the suggestions. Ive decided to make a panel of my own. I will dremel it out of some aluminium to mount some bits and bobs knobs and whatnots. Cars getting caged on the 25th so instruments will probably look better anyway. Need to mount the knob for adjusting the PAS, one to select ECU map, a Tyre pressure and temp monitor, maybe engine start.
  12. capri71

    Original stereos. Time to give up hope?

    How about this?? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Durite-Matt-Black-Steel-Panel-For-Mounting-52mm-Guages-0-243-03-/221383192030?hash=item338b776dde:g:ifoAAOxyZwpSVSSe What gauges though?
  13. capri71

    Original stereos. Time to give up hope?

    None on today either. Ok, time to look at alternatives. My current best idea is to make a panel that looks like OSF stereo but is just two knobs that are secretly wired to the volume control on the modern bluetooth, mp3 receiver in the glovebox. I know I could fab up a nice panel and source 12v round knobs but not to sure how to wire them to a modern stereo. I'm guessing in side the the modern stereo the round knob on its front panel connects with a little plug to a board in the unit. might be able to unplug the one on the Stereo front panel and run a long wire to the knob on my DIY fascia panel. The other knob could be wired my EPAS controller to vary my steering assistance.
  14. Mine was long gone when I got the car. I noted it but had other bigger priorities. Over the years Ive run the searches on eBay but never seen anything descent at a sensible price. Obviously they are only getting more ridiculous but whats really worrying is that the last few times Ive looked, theres NONE at any price! I started of wanting the correct one for it, the 2.8 injection special radio cassette but now would be ecstatic if I could get ANY Mk3 radio that fills the cut out in the fascia correctly
  15. I would never leave mine out of my sight unless it was locked up. Its a 1986 2.8 injection Special but far from original now - only the shell and LSD axle are original. I would have to spend 4 grand to make it like it was before I improved it lol Ive spent probe 10 grand over the years including buying it so it would have to fetch 20 for it to even break even as a standard original example. I love it how it is now and I reckon that in time bare mk3 shells as good as mine (mint) will be worth stacks.