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  1. BeigeAl

    Rare, Unique or Prototypes

    A family member of mine worked on the development of this project at Laycocks Engineering (of overdrive gearboxes fame). Unfortunately I don't know much more about it as the family member now lives overseas.
  2. BeigeAl

    Capri 2.8 bilstien brass inserts

    Never heard of brass bushes - from what I remember of what were in mine from the factory they were tin backed aluminium and then a Teflon coating on top.
  3. BeigeAl

    New Ford Xflow Bloxk

    Sorry this is a bit late but these blocks should be treated as original 711m blocks - max bore @ 83.5mm, and if boring to bigger size than that you should be having bore-wall thickness-testing done.
  4. BeigeAl

    Mk1 rs1600..BDA repro

    Do Quaife rebuild Atlas axles?
  5. BeigeAl

    Escort Mk2 Toe settings

    0-7mm toe in according to Haynes manual.
  6. BeigeAl

    Gearbox ??

    I think the later Type 3 (there are two types of type 3 gearbox) was the only one fitted to a pinto and as far as I know it was only on the 1.6litre pinto. I wouldn't fit a type 3 behind a 2litre pinto. Not an overly strong gearbox. Certainly not as strong as a Type E. In my opinion if you're going to fit a type E jut fit a type 9 instead.
  7. BeigeAl

    711M Block & Crankshaft

    It's possible, you'll need either or both a thin/modified jackshaft to clear the con rods and maybe non-Ford con-rods and thinner diameter big end journals ie big end journals ground down to a smaller size (if not already done) to avoid the jackshaft. Shorter pistons needed so that they don't clatter the crank webs at the bottom of the stroke as you'll already be needing short con rods to give you enough room. You'll likely need custom made short pistons, and maybe rods depending on how it's all worked out. There's likely to be rods that'll work with mods but really not one part of this proposed route is going to be straight forward compared with "normal" modifying. 85mm bore size possible on a 711m but you might ruin a couple of blocks before you get there. The bores might not break through but they may be thin depending on age and how centrally the reboring work is done. People will say " I had an 85mm and it had no problems" but how many did have problems? Engines like this ought to be treated as development engines as it's outside of usual parameters. By that I mean expect some hiccups along the way! It's not a straight forward answer but I think 87-88mm stroke is about the limit on a crossflow block when used with a twincam head.
  8. Why not just set one set of valves with 0.050" lash plus the relevant normal valve lash? Save machining anything twice then!
  9. Why don't you fit right angle plug leads so that you can keep the dizzy and still clear underneath your carb(s)? Cheaper option!
  10. BeigeAl

    MK1 Rally Car

    I know how a car looks to its owner is important (and I think wider wheels do look much better) but going around a track faster is better than going slowly but looking awesome! - just check out the racing Lotus Cortinas that ran on 13x5.5" wheels! 180+bhp too and they managed on slim wheels! Perhaps drop back fractionally on wheel size to give you more clearance and you might get away with a tyre with slightly less stretch that still clears the arches.
  11. BeigeAl

    last mk2 Bits wanted

    Is that 2 pairs. or just the 1?
  12. BeigeAl


    I've got a complete diff in nice condition with genuine Ford CWP, nice gear teeth, no rust in the gear teeth etc. £275. I can package if you send your own courier.
  13. BeigeAl

    Mk1 Gearbox support tunnel brace

    Automatic escorts have the larger tunnel as standard and also have this brace fitted from the factory so if Ford intended one to be there then it's meant to be there.
  14. BeigeAl

    Engine block number i/d ?

    This is to fit a 1100/1300 rear bowl xflow engine - my very original mk2 1300 escort (which has a 711m 1300 block) came with one and all of the other 1100/1300 engines I bought came with one too. Numbers crossover - it doesn't mean it's only for a vehicle designated with "751" - for example a Lotus twincam has an anglia 105e dipstick.
  15. BeigeAl

    Xflow type9

    I love it when someone asks a question, gets a response, and doesn't even follow it up! 1 post only - what a great contributor!