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  1. Mk1 Gearbox support tunnel brace

    Automatic escorts have the larger tunnel as standard and also have this brace fitted from the factory so if Ford intended one to be there then it's meant to be there.
  2. Engine block number i/d ?

    This is to fit a 1100/1300 rear bowl xflow engine - my very original mk2 1300 escort (which has a 711m 1300 block) came with one and all of the other 1100/1300 engines I bought came with one too. Numbers crossover - it doesn't mean it's only for a vehicle designated with "751" - for example a Lotus twincam has an anglia 105e dipstick.
  3. Xflow type9

    I love it when someone asks a question, gets a response, and doesn't even follow it up! 1 post only - what a great contributor!
  4. 1500 cylinder head valve stem oil seal leaking

    Nothing to worry about there - this is a function of valve stems needing to be fed with oil and having sufficient clearance - if the clearance was too tight the oil wouldn't get between the valve and valve guide. That's why you shouldn't use oil seals that stop oil getting down the guide when using cast iron (or "as-cast" guides). With bronze guides because they are self-lubricating they can be sealed but bronze guides can run much tighter clearances so the need for a seal is is less! Gas won't come out of the valve stem if that's what you're thinking as the valves will be shutting the valve stem off from doing that!
  5. gear box and axle oil

    1.75 imperial pints - it's all in the manuals! They are useful - if you haven't got one now's the time!
  6. gear box and axle oil

    If ou have the standard 3 rail cortina box you'll need 75/90 mineral GL4 oil (do not use GL5), and for a standard rear axle an EP80/90 hypoid GL5 is what you need. I normally use Comma oils for axle and gearbox.
  7. 1500 pre crossflow cylinder head assembly???

    They won't fit a standard head - so the answer is no.
  8. 1500 pre crossflow cylinder head assembly???

    Don't forget to use assembly lube (something like Graphogen) or oil/moly disulfide on the valve stems as they won't get oil straight away when the engine first runs. Also, make sure the collets are seated correctly - if they aren't in right they can - and will - jump out. Makes a nice mess!
  9. That's good news, glad it's all sorted. Just goes to show what these parts can withstand (ie pitting).
  10. 1500 pre crossflow engine help.

    I can confirm that 1500gt inlet valves ARE smaller - it was to do with un-shrouding the valves in an effort to get better breathing (valves might be fractionally lighter but not sure how much that helps!) As already said by Colr6, the combustion chamber would be slightly bigger. You could skim the head to raise compression but depending on what ratio you are after it might be wiser to use a HC head in the 1st place.
  11. Backlash is 0.005-0.007" - if it's tighter than that there's an issue, and the bottom and top limit need to be quite close so you wouldn't want 0.005" at the tightest spot and 0.015" at the loosest - you'd want tightest ideally at 0.005" and loosest ideally no more than 0.007". Love the spanners in the boot comment!
  12. Sounds a bit ominous! Is there corresponding corrosion on the pinion head over-run side? I wonder if some moisture has got in and sat on top of the oil and caused those marks where the teeth have have contacting? Has the car been sat over-winter?
  13. Adult room

    If you have to ask you clearly aren't adult enough!! There's a secret handshake required to gain entry!!
  14. Let's hope you can sort it - keep us posted. BTW - I've seen a 3.3 built up into a diff and they look OK but just aren't quite as good as a genuine Ford one.
  15. I'm not sure if you took what I said the wrong way, or whether I've mistaken your intent? Didn't mean it shouldn't be taken to pieces, I meant that your missus just kept driving it and could somehow not be bothered by it! It's almost a blessing to be that way! I rebuild Ford diffs so I know when they're even slightly noisy there's a problem