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  1. Capri MK1 3000E for sale.

    Hi, Had a very small amount of interest but they were offering peanuts for it, I was even offered a swap for a boat !!??, a fishing trawler, I tell you, there are some real daft people out there. No, it's back in it's secure storage for another year and I will just re- MOT it and advertise it again in 2018, but the price it is worth will also creep up in time as well. Cheers.
  2. Capri MK1 3000E for sale.

    Car now put away in storage until May 2018.
  3. Capri MK1 3000E for sale.

  4. I have for sale 3x Ford Type 5 (4 speed) gearboxes (Essex & Cologne v6). All 3 are in A1 running condition, having been removed from vehicles that I have owned over the years so I have used them in running cars. £150.00 each. Collection only as they weigh a fair bit, and are in North Wales. Any questions/photo's please ask. Thanks.
  5. Looking for Escort MK2 standard cars with Crossflow engines, so Sport, Ghia, Gl etc-etc. Needs to be as new as possible/ show cars etc. Nothing on KGF classics at the moment, so hoping someone knows of a suitable car or cars, always fancied a Orange MK2 Sport, but nothing for sale, but only looking for cars that are already restored or mint in the first place. Cash waiting. Thanks. (Nothing Pinto powered, as already have Pinto engine cars).
  6. Capri MK1 3000E for sale.

    Not much interest so far, don't want to go EBAY route, as every boy racer and his dog will be asking questions with no intentions of purchasing it. I have done 2 miles in it in the last 5 years, so it needs to run a bit more.
  7. Capri MK1 3000E for sale.

    More photo's.
  8. I am changing my scene in classic cars, so my MK1 Capri 3000E is up for sale. It has a genuine 57000 miles and is well known in the MK1 Capri world. Offers over £24k. In the first instance contact via this web site. Thank you.
  9. MK1 Granada would have a BW35 or a Ford C3, C4 never used on Granada until the MK3 came out. I have a C3 for an Essex V6 & one for a 2.0 Pinto. £50.00 each.
  10. Wanted Mk2 Escort fuel tank connection

    I have a complete tank with the fuel take off part still in it, looking for £45.00 for the tank, but I am in North Wales.
  11. Engine block etc-etc sold 01/05/17
  12. I have for sale a brand new Genuine Ford rear light for the Ford Escort/Capri MK1 N/S. It is complete minus the rubber seal and is mint. Will add picture later on today when I get some time to do so. £170.00 plus post.
  13. For sale a Ford crossflow 1600 711M block with crank, pistons and rods. Standard bore never bored out, water got into one of the cylinders and stuck the rings to the bore on that pot, so needs full overhaul, but looking at the crank journals, they will just need a polish and will go again on fresh bearings. £130.00 no offers.
  14. Xflow

    Hi, I have a spare 1600 GT cylinder head, off a 711M block so flat head not chambered, it is a type 37 casting. Does not have manifolds, just head complete with valves/springs, £100.00, can post at cost.
  15. 2016 isn't done with us yet

    Very bad year all through, as my old Dad used to say to me, "Don't put off until tomorrow, something you want to do today, there are only so many tomorrow's", I am 55 George Michael was 53, I suppose a light that burns twice as bright, only burns for half as long. Hopefully this will be the end of all the sad stuff. RIP George, I did like your music.