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  1. caprimk1v4


    Hope I spell it right, Penryn !!??. Al.
  2. caprimk1v4


    Hi, I am going to both Hertfordshire and Cornwall in the next 3 weeks, if "OLDWHEELS" wants to sort out with "MATT 74" I can collect and pay for the gearbox and "OLDWHEELS" can pay me and everyone is happy, not 100% sure on the dates, but I am collecting an engine from Hertfordshire and will be dropping off some parts I have sold to a guy who runs a body shop in Cornwall. So I could pick up a gearbox and drop it off, call it a pint and I am happy. Let me know what you want to do. Cheers Al.
  3. No, only had that one wing.
  4. caprimk1v4

    V6 Essex Bottom pulley

    Hi, Yes you can remove the bottom pulley (the bolt will be bloody tight), the timing gear on the crankshaft & camshaft are behind the timing case, so taking off the pulley will not alter the timing at all. Just be nice and gentle when re-fitting the pulley that you don't damage the lips of the crank pulley seal when your re-fitting the pulley. Good luck when un-doing that bottom bolt, you will need a good breaker bar. Regards. Al.
  5. For sale a pair of Essex 3.0 V6 cylinder heads. These are used with the "D" type ports not early Oval ports. Bought to have converted to unleaded, but never got around to doing so, now not required. Located in North Wales, £120.00 the pair, collection, could be posted at cost, but a pair of heads has got to be 32Kg's as a guess, I would not want to drop one on my toe, they are a cast, heavy head. Can take pictures if required.
  6. For sale a complete Essex V6 Engine, removed from my Granada Mk1 Automatic. The engine is complete minus the carb, and as it is an Automatic, no flywheel, but it does have the alternator,water pump, dizzy, exhaust manifolds, inlet manifold etc-etc. Nice running engine, but did have blue smoke on start up, so suspect valve stem seals are rock hard and are most probably half way up the valve stem as they perish so fast in hot oil. £225.00, no postage, as the Postman will hurt himself trying to get it out of his bag on his rounds. Any questions or pictures, please ask. located in North Wales, also have a new pilot bearing for the crankshaft if someone wants to use it as a manual engine, engine also has the double groove front pulley as the Granada was powered steering. SOLD.
  7. For sale, a set of four (4), brand new brake shoes for the Ford Capri MK1 3.0 V6 These are the very wide show as fitted to Capri V6. £45.00 posted to UK address only. Any questions or pictures please ask.
  8. For sale a Quinton QFP86 Fuel Pump for the Essex V6 2.5 & 3.0 V6 engines. Brand new in the box. £26.00 posted to UK address only. Any questions or pictures please ask.
  9. For sale, a brand new pair of Ford Escort MK1 bumper over riders complete with rubber bump pad. £95.00 posted to UK address only. Any questions or pictures please ask.
  10. For sale a brand new genuine BORG WARNER kick down cable for the BORG WARNER BW35 automatic gearbox, as fitted to some models of MK1 Escort, MK1 Capri etc-etc, does not fit Ford C3 or any of the Ford Bordeaux type automatics. £35.00 posted to UK address only. Any questions or pictures please ask.
  11. For sale, a set of five (5) in the sealed Ford packet, Ford Escort MK1 rubber exhaust hangers/rings/doughnuts. Finis number 1478543 69AB 5281 AA £32.00 posted UK addresses only. More pictures please ask.
  12. For sale 2x Brand new Genuine Ford interior lamps (roof lamps) for the Ford Escort MK1 & Ford Capri MK1. Mint white condition complete with bulb and immaculate rear reflectors. £200.00 plus insured post.
  13. For sale, Full set of 4 (Four), stainless steel centre caps for Capri, Escort, Cortina etc etc. These are in mint condition, with only the odd finger mark on them from taking out to photograph. £180.00 plus insured/tracked post, will not split the set. Can take more pictures if anybody wants to see more of them. SOLD.
  14. I have added them to the original list, and most have sold. Are you looking for something in particular. Regards.
  15. caprimk1v4

    Capri MK1 3000E for sale.

    Capri 3000E for sale, full service & 12 months MOT, no part exchanges required or wanted, genuine enquiries only. Regards.