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  1. khanlad

    Hi from Glasgow

    Welcome to osf
  2. khanlad

    Old ford show Gaydon

    It doesnt matter, its about the enjoyment you get from it, not what others think! Mines far from perfect, im always finding bits and bobs on it, bits id wished id done better, but it was never built to be a show pony, it was built to be driven,
  3. khanlad

    Mot exemption

    I often think about launching the stupid thing out of a window! Does that count?
  4. Perhaps some light torture first though, before they burn? Apple Pies!
  5. khanlad


    Sorted quickly or not, he'll only find something else to take apart, he cant help himself!
  6. Its looking well for sure
  7. khanlad

    Crossflow woes

    Up and running for classic and tour?
  8. khanlad

    I listened to the voices..they made me do it.

    Paint it silver and call yourself bodie
  9. khanlad

    Crossflow woes

    I had the same thing happen to my cossie head, made a right mess of it, was certain that it was an expensive metal ornament until i spoke to a bloke from maynard engines at the nec classic show. Showed him a picture and cool as anything said yeah we can fix that, couple of hrs work.... happy days
  10. khanlad


    Welcome to osf
  11. khanlad

    New member from Canada

    Welcome to osf
  12. khanlad

    Mk2 escort 4 door 1600 sport ?

    I havent mate, ive seen a 4dr 13 sport before but never a 16, im just relaying what i read in a book
  13. khanlad

    Mk2 escort 4 door 1600 sport ?

    Ford did 4dr 1600 sports, and 1300 sports were avaliable overseas but not in the uk
  14. khanlad

    OSF Tour Of The Moor 2018 - official

    Looks nice, lets hope we get a bit of that weather too,