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  1. khanlad

    log in problem

    I never log out
  2. khanlad

    log in problem

    I did but it was only a few times, seems ok now though
  3. khanlad

    Anyone for bubblegum?

    I found this a few weeks ago, made me chuckle, but then again i am a child!
  4. khanlad

    Rs2000 wiring loom

    Cant imagine the blocks into the fuse box is much different across the mk1 range? Do you have a trusty haynes manual?
  5. khanlad

    Anyone for bubblegum?

    Ah that old chestnut.....it was forwarded!!!!
  6. khanlad

    Anyone for bubblegum?

    I bet his search history makes for interesting reading?
  7. khanlad

    Exciting news for 2019 !!!!

    Ask arfur, classic ford man?
  8. khanlad

    Yet another newbie from Essex

    Welcome to osf
  9. khanlad

    Rally Day 2018 - review

    A change is as good as a rest!
  10. khanlad

    Rally Day 2018 - review

    Whether you have running car or not its a good show. Lots of static scoobies but plenty of older stuff too.
  11. khanlad

    Fordfest 2018

    Thats the main thing you had a good day!
  12. khanlad

    Lotus stripes

    Its a tricky one, paint is pretty much perminate, although the lotus's stripe was a continuation of the colour round the back panel? Are you doing that too or just the stripe?
  13. khanlad

    Fordfest 2018

    Very true
  14. khanlad

    Fordfest 2018

    Not wanting to put you off but it started out more like focus fest and over the last couple of years became even more focus focused. Id be suprised if there are any oldskool sellers there? Having said that i could be miles off the mark?