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  1. khanlad

    RS2000 Stainless Exhaust

    From memory they zig over near the gearbox mount, pretty certain before so youd have a straight pipe a fair way before the bend over the axle?
  2. khanlad

    RS2000 Stainless Exhaust

    Doesnt the LH and RH refer to which side the tail pipe comes out?
  3. khanlad

    new to here

    Welcome to osf
  4. khanlad

    MOT Exemption

    Yeah probably, obviously they would know!
  5. khanlad

    MOT Exemption

    Really? Its a miricle that they still have one thats not rotted away, let alone stripping an identity because its been removed, do they have to be removed on mk1 rs 2000 to clear then? Are all of them heading towards q plates, dont think so, its not happened to you then? You can buy complete floor sections now, are all the cars fitted with them going to become q plates too?
  6. khanlad

    MOT Exemption

    This is where it all falls down, people are scaremongering again about altered bits losing reg numbers and cars being put on q's. Has this happened to anyone thats changed a normal tunnel to a larger one? In the 30 years ive been into messing with escort ive heard of none. If a tunnel has been cut out a larger one in the same shape has put back in all welded properly i bet they arent gonna be breaking out q plates! Its just bolloxs
  7. khanlad

    MOT Exemption

    If you smack the tunnel with a bloody big hammer its altered?
  8. Used a bit of pipe i think it went from water pump to carb? Sure it didnt look pretty, it just bypassed the heater.
  9. Used to be the first thing removed in my yoof, weight saving and all! ( it made so much difference) not! Never had any problems then, apart from the windows having as much ice on the inside as out in the winter and not being able to see for about 20 miles.
  10. khanlad

    MSN Ford Quiz

    7, doh!
  11. khanlad

    Rally Day at Castle Combe. Any interest?

    Fair enough
  12. khanlad

    Exhausts. Every inch counts.....

    Youre soooo old col!
  13. If its anything mine it does sod all, well tell a lie, it coils up when you turn it then wails round to where it started !
  14. khanlad

    Rally Day at Castle Combe. Any interest?

    Is scott coming this year?