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  1. Escort duratec

    Its all going to be very pretty isnt it!
  2. Midland to Wales tour 2018

    That was mentioned at the end of last years run but i dont even know if hes on here?
  3. Midland to Wales tour 2018

    It was always ross that put it on here but hes off doing wedding things i believe? If its the wales group cant imagine they would have anything to do with the telford to wales bit?
  4. Midland to Wales tour 2018

    Where did you hear that? Ive done it the last couple of years, its a good day, but not seen anything this year. Be interested if it was running

    Well ive just screen shot your confession col but fear not i can be bought!
  6. Escort duratec

    I lime to look at it as a constant refresh system
  7. Escort duratec

    Rad still on back seat, not even started it since october, when it went away for winter. Still smokey, when its not ill put some more oil in!
  8. Escort duratec

    Rome wasnt built in a day, but it was a fair bit quicker than youve been doing the swap over! Pull your finger out man ! Hehe, hows yours now, sorted?
  9. Nice one, the stupid grins and being a child never stops. Enjoy
  10. 1300E resto number 2

    Had a quick look at yours at tbe nec, err mint!
  11. 1300E resto number 2

    Are there any more stops to pull out further than the blue one?
  12. Mk2 1600 sport zetec

    Its looking very pretty
  13. Youll still look like the homeless col
  14. Are we selling tickets in the store? Ive just had a better than boys look but cant see them?
  15. OSF Tour Of The Moor 2018 - official

    For the whole weekend or just run?