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Mk 1 Mark

X.E into Old skool fords Whats needed!!

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Apart from a good Low mileage Xe engine...You will need the following


1, Sump Either from a Manta 1.8 s (Which is for a 7 degree angled) or RWD one from SBD Yukspeed Or Ebay ect.


2, Ford to Vauxhall Bellhousing (If using Type 9 ford gearbox) new from SBD.

Not sure if they sell the T5 bellhousing?

Or use the manta Gearbox But ratios are a bit crap imho.


3, Take old Dizzy to SBD and they will exchange it for a blanking of panel for the back of the head

(with the drive from the dizzy) or you can make up a blanking plate yourself

And cut the back of the head!!But you will the dizzy drive for back of the cam


4, Coil pack new from SBD or second hand from usual forums ebay yukspeed.

Even a Zetec one but you will need the HT leads with that.


5, Exhaust manifold new from SBD or can be found on second hand car forum ebay ect


6, Fuel...Injection or carbs....For both you will need an Inlet manifold SBD sell them new or second hand on the usually forums.

And you will need Carbs webber 45`s are best for a standard engine but have seen 40`s and 48`s..

Fuel pressure regulator is a must

Throttle bodies are a good option aswell 45mm or 48mm on built engines


7, If using carbs you will need an ignition only ECU you can find a few on Ebay omex dta ect .

But MBE 967i is the best option in my opinion and can be bought

from SBD with a base map and will get you going.

And then you can have your engine mapped.Whilst there (SBD)

Buy a throttle position sensor to change to managment from 2D to 3D managment.For more responsive engine and much better/Responsive engine once you have the car mapped.


8, Throttle bodies, You will need an ECU that Does Both Ignition And Fuel,

SBD Sell the MBE 967E System and is excellent and easy to wire up.But can use any other Omex Motec DTA ect


9, If using Carbs or Throttle bodies you will need matching engine Loom /Wiring harness.

For what ever system you are using e.g MBE ECU + Loom


10, If using throttle bodies you will need a swirl pot for the fuel injection system system or modify you own tank to stop fuel surge


11, If you want to retain the Heater matrix you will need the water bung for the back of the head.

Which you can buy for SBD.


You can find most bits you need here.And Carol and Dicky are very helpful




And the guys @ Omex are helpful and know there stuff






You can do the conversion on the cheap and keep the standard injection and coil and dizzy from early vauxhalls but you will need to cut out the back of you car/Bulkhead and it will be standard and ecu cannot be mapped.And a few cars have been done like this but do you really want to cut out you bulkhead in your Mk1/Mk2!!

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