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Distastefully Modified Old Skool Fords - Show us your worst!

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17 hours ago, Vista said:

Been on the redbull this one. 




Its a cool looking car but must be photoshop or such like. Cant imagine it being able to keep its belly off of the ground.

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It has been suggested that we here in Australia have less sophisticated tastes that our colonial cousins. After seeing the Road Kill Toy advert with the Mk2 Escort in it I think that the UK can match Australia head to head in bad taste.

So in the spirit of this thread lets see some contenders in the Bad Taste Ashes. Australia vs England

Uk with Trailer




Vs Australia with Trailer


I think it proves bad taste is universal and everyone looses. But whats with the same idea of trailers made of half cars with fake fronts? Either these guys inspired each other or they are related.

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