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Some handy thread types and sizes for people to know





Engine bolts (in block): 5/16 UNC.

1300-1600 flywheel bolts: 3/8 UNF.

Oil pressure take-off: 1/8 NPT for 681 blocks & 1/4 NPT for 691 and 711m.

Thermostat Housing: 5/16 UNC 25mm long

Inlet Manifold: 5/16 UNC 25mm long

Exhaust Manifold: 5/16" 25mm long (UNF for the nuts and UNC in the head)

Oil Pump: 5/16 UNC 25mm long

Rear Crank Cover: 5/16 UNC 25mm long.

Water pump x2: 1/4 UNC

Water Pump x1 (alternator bracket one): 5/16 UNC 25mm long

Sump bolts:

Oil Breather Box:

Distributor to block: all 1/2" long

Front Timing Cover: all are 20mm apart from 1 which is 43mm long

Crossflow water pump pulley / fan retaining bolts - 5/16 UNC for MK1s, Mk2 and most remanufactured pumps are M8



Pinto spark plug thread: M18x1.5.

Pinto oil pressure switch: 1/4 NPT (pipe thread).

Pinto alloy sump to engine bolts: M6x18

Pinto alloy sump plug: M12x20.

Pinto block drain: 3/8 NPT

Pinto temp sender: 1/8" NPT


Gearbox & Bell housing

RS alloy bellhousing to engine bolts: M10x1.5 (30mm long).

Bellhousing to type 9 gearbox: M12 x 1.5 FINE

Mk1 Escort gearbox cross member to body = 5/16 UNC

Type 9 cross member to gearbox = M12 x 1.5



Propshaft to Atlas/English axle bolts: M10x1.0mm pitch.

Drum brakes to english axle Mk1: 7/16 UNF.

Drum brakes to english axle Mk2: M12x1.5.

Mk1 Axle U bolts: 7/16 UNF (20tpi)

half shaft securing bolts on an english axle: 5/16" UNF



Caliper to strut bolt (2.8i strut): 7/16 UNF.

Disc to hub bolts 2.8/RS hubs: 3/8 UNC.

Drum brakes to english axle Mk1: 7/16 UNF.

Drum brakes to english axle Mk2: M12x1.5.

Brake pipe unions metric: M10X1

Brake pipe unions imperial: 3/8 UNF

Bilstein competition/Escort RS type front insert bottom thread: M10x1.0mm. top thread 5/8 UNF

Capri 2.8 Bilstein top nut M12 x 1.25

MK1 RS roller top strut mounts - 5/16 UNF (24tpi)

Mk1 Axle U bolts: 7/16 UNF (20tpi)

Rear leaf spring (front): 7/16 UNC


MK1 Escort Steering column top nut : 9/16 UNF

MK2 Escort Steering column top nut : M16

Mk2 Steering rack track rod end lock nuts: M14

MK1 rack-to-crossmember bolts: 5/16 UNC (18tpi)

MK1 Escort anti-roll bar bracket retaining bolts - 5/16 UNC

End of roll bar - 5/8 UNF

Mk1 Escort wheel studs: 7/16 UNF.

Mk2 Escort wheel studs: M12x1.5.

Group 4 wheel studs: 1/2 UNF.

Capri wheel nuts: M12x1.5mm



Escort seatbelt mounts: 7/16 UNF

Cross member to body: 3/8 UNF

Mk2 Escort - most bolts are M8 (ie bonnet, boot, hinges, etc)

Large inner tank outlet 3/4 BSP on Mk1 and most probably Mk2

MK1 Escort window winder / door release handle screws - 3/16 (no.10) UNF (32 TPI)

MK1 Escort interior door handle screws - 7/32 x 24

MK1 Escort steering column to the underside of the dashboard - 1/4 UNC

Steering arm to RS strut bolt size - 3/8 UNF

Mk2 Escort Wiper Motor to body - M6

Mk2 Escort Heater Motor to body - some odd square thread (possibly acme) with 7/16" heads into clip nuts

Mk2 Escort Pedal Box lower nut + upper bolt - both M8 but lower nut could be 5/16" UNF, same as exhaust clamps

Mk2 Escort Steering Column to under dash nuts - M8

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