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Fuel tank sender replacement

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It was easy in theory.....

Mk1 cortina,

Drain the tank, remove it, flush the tank, replace sender unit, replace the tank, have a beer an feel smug for a bit with my feet up.

So some bugger replaced all my fuel with litres of tea..???

Removed the tank easy enough

Flush the tank....more tea coming out the tank plus a few black bits..?? post-13298-0-43893400-1463347242_thumb.jpg

Replace the sender... a black gooey blob that resembles the stay puft marshmallow man fights his way out the sender hole and makes a run for it post-13298-0-54774400-1463347322_thumb.jpg

Now the sender doesn't fit.... slight fettle the filter gauze on the end of the pick up pipe...it fits ..put a drop of fuel in it........an it leaked.... :(

So close yet no cigar!! But boy was there some rust in it!!!


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Can see a few blocked jets coming out of that !!! Be putting a few in line filters in if I was you. Sure there is some tank cleaners on the market might be worth a look

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On bikes I've used tank restore which consists of a cleaner then a coating of sealer to stop re-rusting with good results. Used on bikes some ten years ago and still going strong

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If you want to get rid of the rust on metal [little things] this can be done by electrolease , i have done this and it work very good.

I must say at the i have used also the sandblaster , but it isn`t necessary.

Water with salt or soda , plus on a clean peace of metal and the min on the rusted piece.

And isolate the wires because they are gettin hot.

A fuel tank is big , but it can be done.

memory stick 1849.JPG

memory stick 1854.JPG

memory stick 1845.JPG

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 new tanks are on the market. just bite the bullet and buy one. trouble and hassle free and will last another 50 years or so! :) 

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