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2 minutes ago, Ray said:

the mind boggles as to where you keep this mechanic Nick

but you let the mickey mouse mechanics drive your car though

OBD on your car stands for "OH BOB DUNNIT"

I thought OBD stood for ...oh bugger dunno

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14 hours ago, colr6 said:

Ive just had a guy bring a 1.3 Capri to me fitted with one of those asking to remove it as that's all that was left causing his problem. The story goes he's inherited this car from his father and for the past two years it's suffered with a misfire/ flat spot. The leads/cap/ rotor/ pugs have Been changed on 3 occasions, two weber carbs( conversion kits) taking that it's been into garages for this work and not one has spotted that it was running on a ballast system! One garage even replaced the coil with a 12v item! The motto is with the garages of today if it ain't got a 16 pin plug to plug the computer in to tell them what's wrong they ain't got a clue! Ran 12v feed to the coil which also fed the unit.....mis Fire/ flat spot gone reset the carb and timing ran like a good un

I had to check the coil resistance before I bought it as there are different ones for up tp 1.5 ohms and over 1.5, maybe they bought the wrong one to start with? I had already removed my ballast wire and fitted a 12v coil.

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The fezzer blew a hole in the silencer today and now I cant stop it wheel spinning, I think it was restricting it! I,m going to straight pipe it see what happens then 😁

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