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Home made X flow bike carb manifold

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Hey guys. Apologies if this has been covered 1000 times.

I'm going to build my own manifold as I live in New Zealand and the costs are to high to import one.


What material did you use? Aluminum, mild steel or stainless?


For the vacuum for the booster and distributor did you do a single port for each or multiple connected through T fittings.


Has anyone got pictures they can post up please.




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Depends on what you can source and feel happiest welding and fabricating....... aluminium probably easiest / hardest for welding - AC TIG.


Vacuum - IMO best is individual port tapping's run to vac. 'tank' with servo and dist. off that - evens out the pulses. Sorry no pics as i've got EFI and a pedal box!

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I'm not running any vacuum on mine, but with hindsight (as Katakana), I should have tapped 4 individual take offs to each inlet. Ended up having to buy a vacuum less distributor instead.


Although I'm all sorted now, I am planning on something like Jenvey Throttle Bodies in the future. Bike carbs are OK, but not as good as Throttle Bodies.

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