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pinto engine for a project

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Hi, Im currently looking at buying a kit car as alternative to riding bikes, previous accident and cold get to me now.

have seen a couple with pinto motors in but am keen to "finish one off" myself. I have seen a couple without motors and Ive also seen a couple of reasonable priced transit motors.

my question is, a 2.0 Pinto option, could I use a Transit motor> obviously reading the forum the lower comp motors are available but is there an option for higher comp pistons to drop in?

I don't want to spend much on the basic block, preferring to spend the money on rebores, pistons, cams, uprated oil pump etc.

the choice 205 block are snatched up by the rally brigade, is there a tranny option?

any help such as comp pistons, cams , clutches and gearboxes appreciated. my previous with different comp pistons is with Ariel Square four motors using mini pistons.

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Don't be he'll bent on getting a 205 block for what you need. I'm currently rebuilding a 202 block as a spare engine and these are actually newer than the 205 version. 

As for the compression question, this can be addressed with new pistons,  if needed.  I've just gone for a set of Hepolites to take it out to 2.1. They were £180 with rings fitted. 

Block is currently being machined to take these. Soon as it's bored out, I'll dummy build it to be measured to have the block decked to match the top of the pistons. Was initially going to go for +0.25mm protrusion,  but after taking advice here,  now going flush for more reliability. 

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thanks dt, my other option was buy a 1600 runner and then rebuild a 2,0 ready for later, the 202 option might be easier to find, our local scrappy is just up the road 5 mins so can check every week or so

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