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cvh forgotten?

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It may not be that old enough for classic? anyhow........,

I was wondering if there is any enthousiasm left for the old cvh engine. There is realy very little to find about on the internet apart from factory specs

and history. But looking for performance articles and other peoples experience who did modify the cvh for fast road rally or race use. I know there's 

more in the turbo department, but much less in N/A form. The cvh engine seems not to be popular, but i think it is underestimated a bit. It has good potential

for making power. The unit is light and simple in design, although it has some drawback as for the valvetrain assembly. High springload needed, 4th cam lobe

off centre. Most relevant is obviously premature camshaft wear, on wich i read the most. 

But as with any production engine, there are some pro's and con's. I know of two good powerfull cvh engines 1600cc in N/A form wich made close to 100hp/ltr. and a bit more

( hillclimb car it was )

There were a few types of these engines, but the early "hemi" ( crosshatch pattern on cyl.head ) was the most sought after for performance work. They have become rare now.

I found just a few usefull writings from Puma and Guy Croft many years ago about this type of engine 


Anybody who knows about engine building making power or what ever related to this particular engine, the stories and so on, share your experience or expertise here.

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best way to get power from it is to put it in the smelt and use the raw materials for something else! its a turd and always has been with only most vauxhall engines being worse

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