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well here is my mk1 STina bought it with all matching numbers original 1200cc pre xflow and box had been fully rebuilt buy pre owner who worked for ford in the engine assembly part 

history is as follows 2 owners from new i am the third first guy ordered the car from new with all the extras the second guy whom worked at ford i bought it off was the son of the first owner full service history with ford up to 1989 then car was taken off road for restoration and repair after a crash then put back on road 1997 then taken off road again in 2012 to restore some more the guy lost heart in it after all the bad bits were done and now to me picking it up 5 months ago. 


were i am putting the new wings on that came with car and swapping the engine for the st170 lump and rebuilding the car and going through it to repair anything that needs it. will be uploading pics as i go 









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Loving it. Keep the pictures coming. What colour are you going to do it in? It actually looks in good condition

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