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I’ve got a baby on mine with slightly flared arches and with 7.5 rims it’s  quite tight , your need wide rims to get that power down ,

my engine is 265bhp nice and modest / drivable not to racey,    you would have to have bubble arches for a 52’’ atlas I reckon mate.   James

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Hi, ye I recon to mate. I'd like to go narrow if I can,  as you wide rims etc..grip!! Im Happy to flare 2 inches but no more so what ever fits best baby or narrow it'll be. How much of a flare did you do?  I keep having these nightmares that ive went down the bubble arch route and im loving it...:huh: it's like groundhog day every morning... Nothing against them, look good even depending on the car colour and styling. Ronnie 

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