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Evening all.

I need a bit of info on the rear wheel bearings on my 74 if anyone can help please? 

The diffs out of my car at the moment being repaired. Thought id replace the rear wheel bearings. 

Ordered them from motorsport tools.

Ive just taken them out if the box and theyre different. Both 1st line, part no FBK022.

But theyre slightly different. One looks like a sealed unit and the other is open backed. Did one superseed the other and they both fit or is one a wrongun?



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They will both probably fit, but they are different brands. 

I have a new set of the ones on the left if you want a matching pair and 1 spacer. 

If I'm 100% honest, I didn't use them, as I went for better SKF bearings instead. Cost about 3 times more though and took some getting hold of. 

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They should be the same brand. They both came in 1st line boxes.

I wanted the more expensive ones but i just cant justify it at the moment. If they work ok and dont leak then cool, if i have any problems at a later date I'll get the SKF ones.

Thanks for the offer, i may take you up on that. 

I'll ring the supplier 1st and see what they have to say.

Don't really want miss matched bearings even if they do both fit.



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the one on the left is crap, the bearing won't go in your axle becaurse of the rubber band, the left one's are used a lot in the speedway with the formule 2 cars, some will started to leak with out even racing the car, the one on the right has got a number on it, that could be a good one, there are 3 brands of bearings , the best are skf, if the bearing has got a number on it, it will be a good one, they are a bit difficult to get hold of them, you could find them on ebay, at different prices, cheers marcel

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