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Heater Controls

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Good Day Gentlemen.


I'm looking for the heater control assembly as per the picture please.ang1.PNG.97a4288006ffc0a257f35e11851cd1d1.PNGassess_anglia-076_240_160_84_int_s_c1.jpg.dd26bbdf8f2a1a5bc54170992c69d990.jpg

Then above the "HOOD" T-Handle is place for a switch,  please tell me what the switch is for? ang2.PNG.e6f8f75ff8e4d408592957aa1ac137eb.PNG

If anyone has either the heater controls, or the "HOOD" trim with the space for the switch, or both, and wants to sell, please let me know.

Thank you Gentlemen.


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The switch is for the heater blower.

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