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Mexican Gerbil

West Somerset Tour - 3rd June 2018

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I decided to give “classic” ford show a miss and attend a small local ish event. Organised in association with the West Somerset Rally we had to meet at Bishops Lydeard Station just outside of Taunton. Time was 9:15 when we arrived and were one of the early few. Parked up and had a tea and cake for breakfast. 

By 10:30 most cars had arrived and there must of been around 60 cars. All (bar 1) pre 90’s. We had our route directions and shortly after 11:00 we set off at intervals. 

To my surprise we were routed down some very narrow lanes and sure enough we eventually met a car coming the other way and the back of the pack of cars in front. This lead to a follow the leader exercise. Sadly the car in front of us was the none pre 90’s “black snail”.

During our route we passed local villages where many locals had come to watch the cars go by. We were even lead through an open air market at Watchet. I stopped off at Blue Anchor to take some photos and lost the “black snail”. We picked up a Austin A40 with a faulty horn. It would beeep randomly. Which was fine until we got to a junction, car in front must have thought he was very impatient. 

Onwards we went. Through another village full of waving spectators and doubled backed on ourselves. We ended our Tour at Minehead Railway Station. Which seemed to have more cars than had started. We had lunch and an icecream. Sadly the train times didn’t really suit us so around 1500 we made our way home. 

Another great road is the A396. Maybe one to add to the list for future Tour of the Moors (exmoor)

After much heart ache with my cylinder head and getting the car going again I was unsure if I could trust a long distance show, but for now the wheels are rolling so long may it continue. 






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14 minutes ago, Vista said:

What was the black snail?

One of these from the 80’s but in black. The chap imported it in from japan. 



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Really wanted to join but clashes with Cortina day!

My Mrs would probably like the black snail, she has awful taste in cars haha

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