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pictures classic ford show 2018

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hi here are some pitctures of the show, you have to load them up, other wise i have to put 184 on here, takes up to much time to do.

i had a great time, nice weather, and still more than enough old fords, so i think it's still the classic ford show,the few plastic ones don't bother me,

if every one makes the effort to bring there old bangers to the show, they will have no room, and i still miss a lot of cars on the day, and for spare parts i know prices are getting higher, but that's every where, i did still find good stuff for good prices, for getting in and out the show, we had no problems, we left at 17.20 and could just drive out, i think they got it good orginised, i will be back next year, i have to drive 500 miles to get there, it's worth the trouble, it's the best day off the year, cheers marcel

2018-06-13 (3).zip

2018-06-13 (4).zip

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