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  2. Mk2 Escort Nimbus Camper

    What's next after the paint job?
  3. Interior what’s it worth

    The old would still look great in it, especially if you want to retain its original look
  4. My old orange escort LTF733K

    Most welcome to copy this photo in the Orange is the Black thread it certainly should be shown off with its Orange siblings
  5. Orange Is The New Black

    That's because he probably doesn't even realise it copies or mimics a UK year format. We have a many different style of plates to choose from and no plate is permanently assigned to a car its just all open to swap and change. The style used in the photo was one that was introduced because many of the modern European derived cars didn't have space for the conventional taller Australian 3 number 3 letter plates. He probably chose it for its euro look for his Capri that was privately imported as Mk3s were never sold here. You apply for a plate with lettering and numbering you choose and if that one is already taken they give you the next one closest in sequence. Im guessing this guys name is Arthur and he was born on the 31st October or the 30th November but it was on another car already.
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  7. Orange Is The New Black

    Something odd about that one. An "N" plate is for September 74 to Aug 75 so definitely mk2 territory. That's either had a front end job to look like a mk3 or is carrying a private plate.................oh wait, just zoomed in and can see it's a NSW Australian plate. Why would the owner copy a UK format that's too old for the car? Stunning looking car whatever.
  8. Hello

    Yes. The original.......The best
  9. My old orange escort LTF733K

    That is a seriously nice looking car. How did you ever let it go?
  10. Hello

    As it happens, I want a mk1. Although I had 4 mk2's I have always wanted a mk1.
  11. My old orange escort LTF733K

    Like many of the older threads on here, it's been ruined by the then reliance on photo bucket for hosting images.
  12. In very good condition, looks very period, all wiring attached is good, see pics, will post this if collection not possible, been dry stored for about 10+ years.
  13. MK1 for a wedding in East London

    Or let us hire it of course, if anyone on here does that! : )
  14. Lovely looking piece of kit! needs a minute weld at the collector otherwise Very good!
  15. Nasty white stuff!

    My gosh what is that? Everything has gone white? A foam chemical spill?
  16. Nasty white stuff!

    On tour in Scotland this week, it got worse (much worse) 20 minutes after I stopped for these pics.
  17. Stephen-X-pack new year make over ??????

    Sorry mate, you could buy her the glasses, but then she'd see you more clearly - that ain't going to be nice for her.......
  18. Stephen-X-pack new year make over ??????

    Damn, thought it was some new fangled diet or exercise programme ! Was all ready to order it for my wife's next years Christmas prezzi ...LOL
  19. Stephen-X-pack new year make over ??????

    If they could guarantee I could look like her, I would trans tomorrow.....and then never leave my house again....
  20. Just noticed your new sig pic, that must have been some new year resolution or diet, rebuild !! From the fat dumpy super hero to what can I call it, a nice body with large bumpers!! So what's your secret or is it your weekend pic making use of your bi- gender name. We need enlightening
  21. Hello

    Good luck finding a project
  22. Midlands to wales

    Aled and Ross are both on here.
  23. Hello! My fiancé used to have a white MK2 which he was rather passionate about, we are getting married in May and I'm looking into the options of having someone with a MK1 drive us, anyone local interested? It's Sunday 6th May in Hackney. Thanks in advance! Molly
  24. Hello

    Welcome to the site
  25. Car needs a birth certificate

    Yes, we (OSF) are registered on the DVLA's V765 scheme and can help with that. Drop me an email to the admin email address.
  26. The older members on here will remember my thread on the restoration of this car, it took long enough (Can't find the link now the site has changed) I managed to track all of the new owners up until now where it appears to have gone quiet. It's still my baby and it's nice to keep an eye on it and make sure it's still out there! Last I saw of it was with Mark Burton (he may still have it) but no contact for a while. Any info appreciated. attached pictures of mine and beyond... Rick
  27. Hello

    Welcome Ian, I was 20 in 91, and I still have the OSF that I bought then. Hope you find what you are looking for at a reasonable price..
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