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  1. Yesterday
  2. Clutch cable problem

    These are some of the problems with buying after market parts, not the same as oe. As with most parts these days made in the other side of the world on the cheap ! Run a drill through it and if you need another one try another supplier, problably find it cheaper anyway.
  3. Clutch cable problem

    I recently bought a new clutch cable from Burton Power for my Mk1 Escort 1100cc Estate which has a standard crossflow engine. I originally intended to carry this as a spare, but then decided to fit the new one and keep the old one as a spare. My problem is that the original pin will not fit through the eye of the new cable. My thoughts are that my pin is imperial and the eye of the new cable is metric? I could easily drill the eye of the new cable to take the old pin but I thought it might be a good idea to ask here first. Has anyone else experienced this scenario? Replacement pins do not appear to be available so buying a new one is not an option.
  4. Thinking of buying a land rover ?????

    chelsea tractor
  5. 1973 Mk1 Mexico Handbook

    If their website is up then its probably all good. I hope thy can help you out.
  6. 1973 Mk1 Mexico Handbook

    Went on their website and messaged them through that , so hopefully its correct , but yes if i get no response will call them . Thanks . Dave .
  7. 1973 Mk1 Mexico Handbook

    Just bare in mind they may have changed their email since then so if you get no reply double check by giving them a call.
  8. Expressed V Magnum

    Well as it stands im 50/50. I think a rear panel is the way to go on my car. But weather i go skin or full kit and caboodle is another thing. Need to take a closer look ant the inner frame etc and go from there. Also the one on my car hasnt got the pressings where the number plate goes even though its a 74??? That being sead, its definately had a N/S/R 1/4 panel in its life so theres every chance its had a rear panel aswell. Rich
  9. 74 Escort alternator wiring

    Nice one. Ill probably start from the dash (once ive re-fitted it) and work my way forward. Thanks for your help
  10. 1973 Mk1 Mexico Handbook

    Have now e-mailed them , fingers crossed they can help .
  11. Mk 1 project

    I have seen a picture that was taken at a ford body repairshop [windows still in place grinding] , and there was one guy puting the bubble arches on a new mk1 , i tnink that this was the only way you could order this option , i think also that the mk1 that came with the bubble arches came off a other line/or factory/or at the ford dealers workshop ?
  12. 1973 Mk1 Mexico Handbook

    Thanks very much , will contact them and see if they can help . Regards, Dave .
  13. Last week
  14. As above....my carbs didn't come with these!! Cheers Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  15. 74 Escort alternator wiring

    Yes, the other wire on the light comes from ign switch.
  16. 74 Escort alternator wiring

    Straight to the dash then?
  17. 74 Escort alternator wiring

    Ign light.
  18. Evening all. So, in its life its had a few "mods" to the wiring. Ive chopped a load out from under the dash and engine bay. Had spot lights fitted. Theres 3 wires that come out of the back of the alternator but one of them has been cut. Its the skinny one out of the 3. No idea where it goes. Ive cut back the loom tape about 12 inches and cant see what it connects to? Ill take a look tomorrow to see what colour the wire is. Havnt looked at it for a few weeks and forgot the colour. Cheers Rich
  19. Australian 4 Door Mk2 RS2000 & Rally Pack models

    Rusty boot floor.
  20. Australian 4 Door Mk2 RS2000 & Rally Pack models

    What's the catch ?? To get all that for that price ....must be something wrong ???....lol
  21. Australian 4 Door Mk2 RS2000 & Rally Pack models

    If your good with orange you can have mine for 65 thousand quid. You even get an engine, glass and seats!
  22. Mk 1 project

    Agree with you on that one, did my Anglia but sent the Tina to the body shop.....one learns ones lesson.
  23. Mk 1 project

    Yeah I'll leave that bit to the paint shop!! My pet hate!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. Looking for another car for this show.. anyone interested.. Gary.
  25. Australian 4 Door Mk2 RS2000 & Rally Pack models

    Was going to bid on that but the colour put me off !!
  26. Australian 4 Door Mk2 RS2000 & Rally Pack models

    But dont forget that Ebay Auction you found. Even a dented roof will set you back 65 thousand quid!
  27. Thinking of buying a land rover ?????

    Range Rover Sport? Ah, so not a LandRover then, a mumsy estate.
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