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  2. Type 9 Gearbox Oil

    I haven't got it to hand now, but I did have the first edition Haynes manual for the first Sierra which I'm sure said ATF as the lubricant for the T9. But given the early 5 speed Sierras, of which I had one that did, had numerous problems with gear boxes going very noisy due to lubrication problems, Ford also changed the oil spec quite quickly to semi synth as well as certain component changes. Some mentioned in the article I linked too.
  3. Terrific, PM me your details once you've got the final amount and can PayPal them over to you if that's ok thanks Col.

    Yes, that's fine. I will pick it up this afternoon and box it up for you, i will try to get it posted today or it will have to be Thursday, probably parcel-force 24 or 48 hour. regards Graham.
  5. That's great, will he take £175 plus p&p for it?

    Airtronic, comes with thermostat digital display, and electrical connection, you will or may need to replace the metal plate that is still in place, but this is very basic, and i don't need to insult your intelligence, will try to upload in a few mins.
  7. Mk2 More door

    Nice to see another more door, That looks one hell of a job fitting a full floor, what are your plans, keep us posted with progress
  8. Hi, thanks for that still looking for one. Depending which make and model it is and must be complete, heater/ pump/ thermostat and wiring also the pipe work. It does also help if it works as they can be expensive to get sorted. Cheers Col

    Hi, he def' has one, he said to make him an offer, there is one on the net for around £250! I didn't realise how expensive these are! But he said to make him an offer, he is not asking £250! may chat soon.

    A friend of mine removed one from a BT truck body last week, I will ask and get back to you.
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  12. Mk1 Cortina" Pg tips"

    An update once every two years or so?
  13. Mk2 More door

    Try Expressed Panels. They may have em. Rich
  14. Silver Mk3 Capri 2L Laser reg D418OTW was stolen off the driveway of a house in the village of Earls Colne in Essex at around 11:30am on Thursday 15th February 2018. The car has been off the road for around 10 years so isn’t mint. No clear pictures of the car exist but Google Maps images show it to have rust & debris on the bodywork. Restoration of the car was due to begin this month. The car is on SORN. The chassis number is WF0CXXGAECGS35515 It’s been reported that the car was taken using a 52 plate white dual axle Ford Transit truck. Anyone with any information can contact Essex police on 101 or 01245 491491
  15. Mk2 More door

    Yeah I would give them a call because they don’t list everything
  16. Which Wheels will suit the 1300E

    There is so many to choose from mate
  17. Mk2 More door

    I can,t see them listed but might be worth a phone call, cheers.
  18. Which Wheels will suit the 1300E

    Look nice
  19. 1300s

    Looking to get a value for my mk1 fiesta 1300s . Can anyone recommend how to go about getting this done thanks
  20. Mk2 Escort Nimbus Camper

    . theres a dark blue one in wigan

  22. Type 9 Gearbox Oil

    Strongly leaning towards the COMMA Semi-Synthetic GL4 SX75W-90 now. It was between this and Redline, plus this save the pennies to buy a crank sensor bracket
  23. Type 9 Gearbox Oil

    very interesting, using ATF will kill your gearbox in 100 miles. i must be lucky as its all i've ever used in all 3 of mine since the late 80's, used in both road and competition cars. never had any failures in all that time. the only things that were changed when rebuilding were syncros due to the de rigeur cracking no doubt helped along by the rose jointed stick and the driver ragging it into gear. maybe the ATF you buy today is different to what was available back in the day
  24. Type 9 Gearbox Oil

    Yes Semi synth in mine too as recommended by both BGH and First Motion who both say dont use ATF in T9's. Here is an article on the T9, the bit about the oil is on the right. http://www.classicfordmag.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Classic-Ford-May-2011-Ford-Type-9-five-speed-guide.pdf
  25. Id be interested in restoring this for you. Done lots in the past and my panelwork is second to none
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