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  2. Sierra diffs in Old School Fords

    If you have that many laying around you could sell him one cheap to get him started then?
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  4. Just plain wrong!

    Damn, you ugly.
  5. 1956, recon engine 3 years ago, 1700cc, usual scabs bodywork wise, chassis is good, needs brake and clutch attention (sticky at times), starts runs and drives. Viewing recommended, based in Essex.
  6. Sierra diffs in Old School Fords

    i have got about a dozen slipper sierra diffs at least 50 pairs of shafts and probably 75 open diffs of various ratios so its just a couple of days fabrication work and about £60 of steel
  7. Sierra diffs in Old School Fords

    Running 350 on a Nissan CA18DET.. Nobody has been able to give a straight answer on how tough these 3J and so on shafts are. I'd rather break some drive shafts than hundreds of pounds worth of halfshafts. Car gets given a very hard time all the time.
  8. So I have decided to see how my wheels would look spaced out, and I don't mean on drugs either. Has anyone got any spacers for sale. I'm wanting 25mm thick ones to fit my mk2 rs 2000. Let me know Cheers. Fozzy
  9. Full respray

    Hi buddy, thanks for that and it's maybe worth asking. So how much did it cost you. PM if you want. Cheers. fozzy
  10. Wheeler Dealers... yes or no

    It's a yes from me, I like the show. Edd shows some good tricks that I often use in the garage afterwards. Mike is not my cup of tea though. Must admit the episodes from the US is to a bit to american. One of the best things about W.D. is when the visit specialists like machine shops, trimmers etc + they never argue like they do in most other car shows mk2dk
  11. Full respray

    Hi Fozzy When I had my Escort sprayed, I made a special deal. The paintshop had it from november to march. That made it possible to get a good price, as they only worked on mine, when they didn't have anything else, you could say the filled the empty holes in their order book that way. I visited them several times during the process, and every time they'd got a bit further. Perhaps an idea for you too . . . mk2dk
  12. EBay scams

    More of the same. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Escort-Mark2-RS2000/152791542533?hash=item239315eb05:g:T2sAAOSwB3BaDxW- https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1974-Ford-Escort-MK-1-RS-Mexico-RS2000/152791542206?hash=item239315e9be:g:vJwAAOSwk1haDxWu

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  14. Sierra diffs in Old School Fords

    What are you running in your car? Im running a turbo cossie, putting a bit over 300 through my english, quiaffe atb and 3j shafts, it gets abuse, i dont drop the clutch out of every junction, but i do when i know people are looking wondering how sideways it will go! I sold a diff, beam, trailing arms and shafts earlier in the year, think it went for about 550? It looks like a hell of a lot of work to save 300 odd quid?
  15. EVENTS 2018

    Do you have a lust of options or titally dependant on them?
  16. Sierra diffs in Old School Fords

    I think the hardest part would be having the control arms move without hitting the chassis rail on full compression. That said I'm running 200lb × 14" coilover springs so I doubt that'd happen. Can pick up an entire Sierra Bosworth rear subframe for less than a standard Atlas axle so any fabrication work would be worth it.
  17. EVENTS 2018

    Waiting to here back from campsite.
  18. EVENTS 2018

    Still no date for tour on moor?
  19. EVENTS 2018

    Rally Day has been added
  20. Weber Carbs

    Is there anyone close to Milton Keynes who knows about setting up Weber carbs, and might be able to pop over to help me set them up. Eventually I'll take the car to a rolling road but I just need a hand setting them up for the time being. They are twin 45's and are on a blacktop zetec.
  21. Valuation

    Jerrytom is in Kent, ask him who he used for valuation
  22. Orange Is The New Black

    I've joined the orange gang
  23. Valuation

    Spec is 1973 MK1 1300xl YB Cosworth Engine - T3 turbo T5 Cosworth gearbox Anti-dive kit Quick shift rack GRP4 baby atlas axle Gaz shocks on rear Rear disc conversion Coilovers on front Princess 4 pot brakes single piece prop LSD All wires have been ran through the inner wing new file pipes and brake lines 15x7 minilights new contour Mexico seats
  24. Valuation

    Yeah it's been modified, will get the list of bits
  25. Wheeler Dealers... yes or no

    Well you never know RP, I've got my scout very close to an original Aussie twin cam as we speak. Make sure the gates are locked ! LOL
  26. Wheeler Dealers... yes or no

    Thinking of Trading Up to an Escort then Col? I knew you would break eventually.
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  28. Mk1 Cortina 2 doors - 4900£

    Unfortunately I am not able to help.
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