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  1. Incorporated into the centre anti roll bar bracket and has a screw in towing eye.
  2. Somebody stole the wiper blade wind deflector off my RS at a show years ago. I remember being mightily hacked off at the time as they were a desirable expensive item even then
  3. Hey, at least you were colour coordinated! Had my own go at that on the way back from an event at Lulworth Castle in 2007.
  4. That's how I've ended up with three of them!
  5. To date everyone who has attended and camped has brought a Classic Ford......but one year one participant decided that his kids were enjoying the park so much that they were going to skip the tour on the Saturday.
  6. Given this thread, going to guess mk1 Escort
  7. OK, I have switched to Microsoft Edge as a test Mk2 Escort Van project - CHASSIS TWEEKS AND BODY MODS - Old Skool Ford As above, nope, doesn't work on Edge for me either. I'd say Edge is the problem therefore. Try using a different browser. If however you are wanting to stick with Edge, use the "embed link" feature from the icons above. It's the one to the left of the quotation marks and looks a bit like a chain link at 45 degrees. Click that and a pop up will come up and let you insert your link into one row and give you the option to display alternative text instead of the link. Like this: Fanny Magnet
  8. Can you try with another browser and see if that makes a difference please?
  9. What browser are you both using? There's nothing about our site's settings that would prevent you posting links.
  10. Some of us are close to Dartmoor but we've had people come down from Scotland and Yorkshire, across from Surrey and North and East of London. How far you want to come is entirely up to you. As to camping facilities. It's a lovely site with excellent facilities, both for camping and for entertainment. Check out the River Dart Country Park website
  11. Is there a reason you can't check the taxation class on your V5C?
  12. I think the V112 is only applicable if you're taxing it in person over the counter in the Post Office. When doing it online, you just need to make a declaration by ticking a box to state that it hasn't been modified when you apply for your year's free VED. Certainly I've not completed a V112 to date and I don't MOT mine every year. To date since they've been exempt, once every two to three years has been the norm for me.
  13. To give some further background, it's the cost of camping at the river Dart Country Park that we perceive as the problem. In past years we have been offered a discount rate with no additional cost for extra bodies above the 2 inclusive guests that each pitch includes. This year however, no discount available unless we attend earlier or later, i.e. May or September. To attend in June or July (we were looking at weekend of 1st to 3rd of July) the Pitches are £41.00 per night, this includes the first 2 persons. Additional persons are £12.00 each per night. Any and all feedback welcome.
  14. Look on your V5C for the tax class. It will say Historic Vehicle
  15. It is exempt MOT and VED if over 40, but that doesn't happen automatically and you need to change the taxation class on your V5C to historic vehicle. If you were told it was exempt when you went to tax the car then that has already been done.
  16. Is it registered as a Historic Vehicle for VED purposes? If so, yes it's MOT exempt......but that doesn't mean it's exempt from needing faults fixed. But I can't see you failing foul of anything for a non self cancelling indicator
  17. Like this one in Australia right now! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MK2-ESCORT-RS2000-MEXICO-GHIA-GENUINE-FORD-NOS-INDICATOR-TURN-OFF-CAM-/222334983648?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l6249&mkrid=705-154756-20017-0
  18. Depending on the width abd tyre sizes, you may need to make modifications to the inner arches too, in particular on the front where you can scrub at full lock.
  19. It's a Brera, manufactured 2005 - 2010 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfa_Romeo_Brera_and_Spider Again, price dependent on age and mileage but you can have one for about the same money as the Corrado. The issue with the 6 cylinder versions here is they fall into a very high road tax bracket based on their CO2 output. £600 per year Vehicle Excise Duty is a painful price to pay.
  20. As others have stated, it'll be the cancel cam is missing or broken. Pic of one below
  21. Staying with the muscular coupe theme, I'd have the V6 version of one of these quite happily too. Not quite in your 20 year bracket yet though
  22. That's another issue to consider. Are you judging 70 from your speedo reading or from a satnav? If the former, changing from standard tyre size to 175/50/13 also drastically affects the accuracy of your speedo. When it's reading 70 you'll actually only be doing 61mph.
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