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  1. I’ve got the ones from Works escort ( slim fit ) fit very well.
  2. If the top front is ok then my suggestion would be to be to put a piece of wood between door and pillar at the glass line and shove the bottom of door in. A few attempts should get it somewhere near. Mine was in at the bottom in the same place, so a piece of wood at the bottom of door and push the top in. It took a couple of hard pushing but it twisted enough to cure.
  3. You could get shims for the hinges to push the door out at the top. If it needs to go in it’s an A post adjustment with a lump of wood and a large hammer. You’d be surprised how much you can twist a door to get it to fit right.
  4. To fit the centre mount you’d have to fit the anti dive kit. You could upgrade the bumper bar mounts and fit eye to those. That’s all I did to the Anglia, but don’t have the bumpers to cover them up. It’s a necessity for track days.
  5. 50k !!!!! Anybody want to buy a Harrier….lol
  6. I don’t have any issues whatsoever with any of it………..DONT know how to do it….lol
  7. Me too 🤗 Don’t what I’d be in though
  8. The Lucas ones would more than likely cheap as chips because they were fitted to a lot of uk cars. The cibie headlamp I would assume to give better lighting as usually associated with them being a quality light.
  9. Thought the RS came with Cibie head lamps not Lucas
  10. No , had a couple of messers. Not really pushed the advertising. If it don’t sell just have build another garage …lol
  11. I didn’t know you could see who liked you content 🤔🤔
  12. So I was the nearest 🤩🤩🤩 bit of a very very low count TBH. When you do look though it seems to be a consistent number people posting and a lot just looking and gaining the info given.
  13. Just spent the last four days prepping the interior and underneath ready for epoxy primer then raptur treatment. The body man has been round it, checked adjusted gaps as necessary. Hopefully they might get on to filling and final prep before paint. This week end is taken up shotblasting all the ancillaries and prepping for undercoat next week end. Engines away at the engineers for boring, crank grind , valve guides and unleaded conversion. All reciprocating parts balanced after I’d lightened the flywheel and rods. New Kent cam on its way as well.
  14. You’ll know next time, take a pack up and a flask 👍
  15. At £35 think I’d of returned to sender 🖕🖕
  16. Going back to std in its original colour which was silver. Only 500 silver ones done as against the 1000 white ones. It’s the guys 70th birthday and the daughter wanted to see if she find his car for a surprise, funny really they only live 25 mls away from me !
  17. Got these pics from the previous owner from back in the 80s
  18. I’ve just been contacted by a previous owner via another forum, so hopefully will be able to get some history of the car from the 80s at least.
  19. As above, std bores comes complete with pistons/ rods and crank which is at 20/20 eeb 43 assures me this is the same as an AX block. £650 I also have a good flat head with valve sizes 39/34 £100 collection from Hull or arrange your own courier.
  20. So I’m onto the running gear, should I paint it satin black or gloss black. Rear single leaf springs were grey original ones taken from a genuine low mileage car, leave Grey or paint black ? Your thoughts guys.
  21. I believe the car was Swiss, I’ve never seen them at all 😳
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