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  2. If I was doing the job with out help, its a lot less awkward to remove the gearbox first, then remove the engine. Less mass hanging on your lift , and less mass to struggle with. And you will be taking the gearbox off at some time any way. If you have help , you could take it out together, but raise the rear of the car 2 foot off the ground, to make the angle out less steep. That's my tuppence ha'penny. 😁
  3. definitely think you need to come round and do my two
  4. More prep for engine lift - tonight dropped out the coolant into massive bucket never spilled a drop 👍 Rad & hoses off, cooling fan & pulley off, disconnected throttle cable & choke, removed carburettor. Everything tagged & bagged 😁
  5. Thanks.... I'll have a look [emoji106] Sent from my Hammer_Energy_18x9 using Tapatalk
  6. There’s a six dial On eBay for spares mate missing the speedo but everything else is there still not cheap though
  7. No probs.... never knew! [emoji106] Sent from my Hammer_Energy_18x9 using Tapatalk
  8. Unfortunately the matrix on a mk2 is different to mk1
  9. Yup... Sent from my Hammer_Energy_18x9 using Tapatalk
  10. Is that the Mk2 Escort one on turbosport you are meaning ?
  11. Yes Ray he can do that but learns nothing - you may as well go over an do it all! We all learn by experience, Huge has already learnt that he is a magpie attracted to shiny, expensive baubles, oh, and impatient as well! I can't remember if your garage roof trusses span side to side or front to back because if you try to lift the engine AND gearbox out, and you've still got the car sitting on those spare wheels, the crane arm is likely to hit them. It may be easier to separate them IMO
  12. Looking for the oil pressure gauge for the escort mk1 6-dial dash.... cheers [emoji106] Sent from my Hammer_Energy_18x9 using Tapatalk
  13. There's a lad on Turbosport taking his heater out.... might be worth a pm?? [emoji106] Sent from my Hammer_Energy_18x9 using Tapatalk
  14. good idea, but if you get in trouble like that, just call me, i can walk you thru it, i can put that car together with my eyes shut
  15. Last week
  16. Take pictures of wires and plugs. Coil, starter motor etc. When you come to re-connect them, you might have forgotten what sat where.
  17. Ray! I’ve just spent the last hour looking for the gearbox drain plug 😂
  18. thats where the junk i bought came from, never again
  19. Engine removal started by that I mean oil dropped, battery off, HT/LT leads removed - this will be THE first time I’ve tried this so my Haynes manwel is on page 24 & all tips are gratefully received 🥺
  20. Thanks to dt36 👍 for a great idea which means Daisy’s gone up in the world for winter & takes a step toward taking the engine out for my first time .....
  21. hi mate try the demisterman he does new matrixes ,a new one for my mk2 was 78.00 in copper and brass plus postage.he has a web page .
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