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  2. The boot light works perfect....in all the time I've had it i never realised that it came on with the sidelights.... what an odd way to wire it.... seems daft that if you park up and go into the boot yo get your stuff you then need to go back into the car to turn off the lights after you find what your looking for..... would it have killed them to put in a boot switch
  3. Today
  4. Cheers ...ill check contacts and earth's
  5. Think I'd have guessed at the other answer too!
  6. Simply Ford date added. Poor planning as its the same day as the Gaydon Ford rally ...... oops Info for simply Ford- https://www.beaulieu.co.uk/events/simply-ford/
  7. Its a simple circuit - if the light works via switch then its getting power so its either the door switches that aren't earthing correctly or dirty contacts in the light, Boot light is wired into the side light circuit so its on all the time the sidelights are on - no switch!
  8. https://classiccars.fandom.com/wiki/Ford_Granada_Altair So being 'designed' in 1980, Ford would have been using those wheels for a while and Ghia just 'went with the flow' - why redesign the wheel so to speak?
  9. Welcome back. As above, if you remember the email address you originally registered with I'll be able to track it down. Actually, I didn't need that much, it was Dav3yC
  10. Welcome to the forum. @Vista can possibly help you reconnect to your old login if you give him some details.
  11. The design and style is what I was referring too. You got what I meant! LOL
  12. I’d start by checking the terminals in the light itself phil
  13. I have an issue with my interior light... it works when you flick the switch but won't work automatically when you open the doors....i recently bought new door switches off ebay thinking this would cure the problem but it hasn't... also found that the boot light doesn't work and I can't find the switch that operates that inside the boot... my fuses are fine as the light gets power.... ive ordered a 12v tester to test the wires going to the door switches.... has anyone else had issues with these
  14. Yesterday
  15. Hiya Folks, I was here briefly 12/13 years ago but cant remember my logins so here I am again! On the prowl for a project.....
  16. Complete Set Up. Comes off a running car and runs perfectly. £100 Bestek bosch dizzy with cap and rotor Coil Amplifier Cables All you need is HT lead, 12v positive feed, an earth.fit and forget.
  17. Cheers Gareth. Just wish I had somewhere a bit more weather proof too do it. Should be grateful I'm not outside I suppose 😐 Today I attempted to drop the engine and box in to trial fit etc. Not a chance. so Tuesday, I'll be trying the lift body roll it in from underneath method
  18. Not a prototype, and certainly not unique, but probably rare now. Hyundai licence built mk3 Cortina
  19. A Gasser for this thread
  20. i will bet you had them re trimmed at classic trim
  21. Original beta cloth also came in blue
  22. Yes they are just Granada Ghia alloys 5 stud rather than mk2 Escort, mk4/5 cortina 4 stud
  23. those wheels are granada not escort/cortina
  24. Ford Granada Altair Ghia Prototype (based on Mk2) Interesting are the Alloy Wheels used on our Mk2 Escort / Mk4 Cortina Ghias were so referred to as "Ghia Wheels" simply because they came off those cars but they appear to have been literally designed by Ghia themselves seen here on their Altair Prototype.
  25. Well done Mike! You've a huge project on your hands but will be totally worth it. You will have a great motor on your hands when you're done!
  26. Last week
  27. So, paint is almost done. Body finished inc black outs. doors, bonnet and boot painted, doors to be finished tomorrow. plan for this week, fit headlining and all glass. Fit all panels and decals fuel tank, brakes and plumb all. pick up and bring home on Friday for finishing off.. thats the plan anyway......
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