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  2. I agree with col a resto to that standard because lets face it there are two ways to restore a car ,would cost a lot more than one done on the cheap ,oh and RP you gave it an oil leak by the look of it 😂
  3. Thats the problem, i cannot remember anything about the sale, at the time i just wanted rid, but now youve said that.
  4. Is it metal? the one I have is plastic Dull grey type of colour. Not sure if you'd get away with painting it?
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  6. Did you not sell this to someone in Bedford?
  7. They may pay that figure but it absolutely isn't worth that, even with all the bells and whistles. It's a simple 4 pot 16 valve belt driven twin cam for God's sake. Profiteering on parts prices is what drives that cost up.
  8. Strange that you should post this as i'm presently trying to remake the whole loom and as my RS came with intermittent wipe switch and the red relay i'm trying to make it work. As none of the euro spec wiring diagrams show the relay or its wiring one of our Aussie chums posted an aussie diagram which does show it but there are significant colour differences in wire colours which makes life tricky! And yes I to, took the relay apart last week and yes there are too many electrical bits in there t0 follow so bought a new one - less than £6.00! Following Ford wire diagrams is a right pain though and i'm sure they were made with wire scraps they change colours mid loom so often LOL!
  9. Yes the BDA engines seem to have started to fetch a premium the past few years. We have had discussions regarding the values of UK and Australian Twincams on here and at that time the value of Twincams was higher than that of RS1600s but since then the value of RS1600s has surged ahead while Twincams have virtually stagnated. In the UK this year a UK Twincam fetched 40,000 pounds and an Australian Twincam fetched 34,000 pounds. Another really good example of a British Twincam is about to come up for Auction and its estimate is also around 40,000 pounds. This price has synched with Australian Twincam price highs, within the last few years. The record paid for an Australian Twincam was the equivalent of 41,000 pounds in 2017 which was surpassed in 2018 with a sale at 44,000 pounds. These RS1600s have virtually doubled in price in a short period of time. This was the record holder for an Australian Twincam in 2017 at 73,000 Australian Dollars, now surpassed. (It was the 16th Twincam I have driven, I have kept a long for decades LOL Brakes were shocking given it was the most valuable Escort in the country at that time! Now that title is held by the Yellow RS1600 above.)
  10. If you were using all Oe parts don’t think you would be far away from the asking price with paying someone to do it. I know of a Cortina mk3 near me using all ford panels and majority of stuff been done came out at 50k
  11. I'm guessing this is some kind of SEMA thing.
  12. Truly lovely restored cars though, as said the underneath of the red one is stunning how much would a resto of that level cost realistically?
  13. I realise this topic is years old, but I have just got round to the wipers on my mk2 RS and found that I have an intermittant wipe position on the wiper switch. This isn't working properly so I am investigating. The intermittant wipe is done by means of a relay, which is in a red plastic box in my case at the back of the near side dash. I have just taken the relay out of its case and found that it contains a circuit board with capacitors and transistors on. This is a simple time delay circuit which triggers the relay coil for a predetermined time, set by a capacitor and preset variable resistor. If anyone is interested I 'll work out how the circuit is designed and post a circuit diagram. However I suspect that my problem may be in the wiper motor itself as the self park doesn't work either and I suspect that it is the self park which triggers the intermittant circuit.
  14. The thing is with the Rs1600 it has the BD engine which is highly regarded amongst the historic rally boys and there pay £30 k for a new BD easily plus it’s a rare car now
  15. They are kind of crazy. I like it when someone with a rusted beater puts reserve prices that matches these pristine fully restored examples on Ebay after they saw what they sold for online. One of the reasons I left this thread open to other classics is so we can see and compare what other exotics you can get for similar money.
  16. I think these prices are absolutely absurd. These are fabulous cars but they are not £80k machines when far more exotic cars in similar condition sell for less.
  17. With Old Skool Ford prices getting out of control it seemed like a good idea to start a thread where everyone can post information and images when our precious OSFs break the bank. In 2016 the record was set in Australia for a Mk1 Escort RS1600 at $118,000 AUD. (67,000 Pounds Sterling) Strangely it was LHD so not sure what it was doing here? Last year (2018) a new world record price was set for an RS1600 in LeMans Green in the UK for 71,000 Pounds Sterling. ($126,000 AUD) Less than 2 weeks later in November 2018 that record was broken again in the UK with the record now standing at 80,000 Pounds Sterling by KGF Classic Cars. The under-body attention to detail quite stunning. So if you hear about any record breaking Old Skool Fords, please post them so we know what levels these cars are reaching. Many of us are Classic Car Enthusiasts in general so if you see other interesting classics breaking records I don't think anyone would mind hearing about them too for a bit of discussion.
  18. Tax expired in 1997 and no MOT on record since records went digital in 2006. Not looking hopeful.
  19. It was the talk of the adult room amongst certain former members circa 2007.
  20. Trust me, treasure your innocence on this and dont try solve the puzzle. I couldn't resist and now I cant put that genie back in the bottle. I really have lived a sheltered life. 🤢
  21. Bought this in 1987, think it came with a 1300, which i swapped for a 1600, sold it in the early 90,s by which time it had a full f/glass front, does it survive.
  22. Just happy its not 1 man 1 jar! So could be worse. Definitely not one to watch!
  23. Replace the 1 for a ONE and pronounce it like a China Man "WAN" CUP !!!!!!!!!!!
  24. lee atkins atkins motorsport
  25. Does anyone know this car, think i advertised / sold it on this site about 9 years ago, would potentially like to buy it back.
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