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  2. See I still must be making mistakes with them as the JBWs that I have been looking at seem to have thin wheel nut surrounds like the RS ones to me! I can spot that in Lasers though. Its funny that I thought Capri lasers would be just as good when I bought them and thought people mad when the criticised them on here, but I really do get it now and hope to get a set to change them over. Some of those JBWs are really nice though. The 7in ones @dt36 bought the other week were really really sweet but after considering factors its the 6s for me. To think a Twincam owner followed me home one day offering me more than a thousand quid for my set of Lasers, I probably should have taken it now that Im after the real thing! LOL
  3. Lol-you just have to look at the wheelnut surround-on the JBW's/Lasers its the same thickness as the spokes-RS its thinner. Still a lot of people over here think they have RS alloys when they aren't it's a common mistake.
  4. Cause the Sierra rear wing is blocking the rear view mirror and thats the only way he can see out the back!
  5. I can most times depending on the angle of the photo its more some of the JBW wheels these days that I cant tell for sure if the Ford symbol is filled with paint. I have never seen a RS alloy or a JBW wheel in real life. I hadn't seen Capri Lasers either till I had bought a set online and it was only after having them in my hands I could see the differences when I looked at online images. Its easier for you guys when you have been looking at them for decades on real cars. Most here still think Capri Lasers are RS alloys. Add - I just started using new specs for the computer which I sat on and Specsavers is closed temporarily because of the virus so Im squinting alot at the moment for details in pics!
  6. I'm still behind . Watched the handbrake/hub repair on Wednesday morning, sat on my static bike. Just an observation. How come you don't send your bits off for powder coating when they're off, or are you just happy to paint them silver?
  7. Had the car out twice today. First was a general run out for petrol and tyre pressures. Car is driving well. Did a general once over earlier, checking lights, wipers washers etc. All good. Left it there and did a bit of work to the inside of my garden shed, lining the inside with membrane and boarding it with marine ply. Just took car out for second run down to the builders yard for more screws. Got a few flashes from an MGB and a nice convertible E36. Think it's ready and should pinch through the test
  8. Brilliant scene only bettered by Basil reaching around the wall to turn on the light switch only to fiddle with Polly’s nipple! 😂
  9. to dig the concrete floor so there's enough space for the ramps??
  10. They do nothing w/out a willing volunteer to stand in front of the car whilst I rev it & drive toward them 😳 whilst they hold the shovel against the wood to try & hold the ramps in place!!! Ps She’s well insured
  11. Probably going to do a John Cleese take off where he beat the car with a branch, he’s going to beat it with the wood and then the shovel for not going up the ramps ....lol
  12. Today
  13. Nice project-come on RP can't you tell they are proper RS alloys and not Lasers?
  14. One coat etch primer, skin edge sealed & one coat of undercoat. Next is sand it, fill it blah blah
  15. I have around 10 starter motors and maybe 10 alternators, been stored in my shed and i need them gone. They are all untested and must of come of old crossflows or pintos. As rules dictate i must put a price on them so how about £3 each or take the lot for £50 I will not be able to post so collection only from Bexhill near Hastings text only on 07503174073 I guess they should work ok as i wouldnt have kept them but to cover myself budget for a rebuild Sorry no pictures
  16. In episode 13, I fabricate some brackets to hold the brake & clutch switches, and do some copper pipework.
  17. Hope there full of oil ... will stop it all tipping over when he puts the shell on it . Could also put some ammonium nitrate in the footwells to use as a heatsink when he welds sills !! 👍👍
  18. What is the timber and the shovel for? and how are they supposed to be helping?
  19. Shiny Radiator arrived for Daisy thanks to scortedvan who recommended CoolExperts £139 inc vat & delivery 👍
  20. BIG thanks to you scortedvan Re CoolExperts just bought mine & it’s really nice! (Project Daisy)👍
  21. Why has it got any of that junk on it?
  22. When is a Ramp not a Ramp? - When you can’t get your car on em! 😤
  23. Vista

    Just plain wrong!

    🤔 why has it got a periscope on the roof? 🤭
  24. Rich T

    Just plain wrong!

    Always liked SD1s. But that aint pretty.
  25. And this is why children aren't allowed to own cars.
  26. Like this! So you’re on pre-MOT checks today, good luck & let us know how you get on 👍
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