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  2. Unlikely, mk1 will be imperial thread and mk2 metric thread. My money is on it being an m8 bolt. Just pick one up from your local bolts and fittings shop and it'll do.
  3. Look forward to the finished paint job 👍
  4. Now who’s counting their chickens before they’ve hatched 🤭🤭🤭🤭🤭
  5. Pass and tickets arrived now no trailer for me i Wii be leaving home about 8:30 and be there by 8:45 see you all there
  6. Long slow process in my experience.... and that was just re-installing my original loom, trying to work out what's there and what isn't and why!! Never mind using 2 looms to make 1...enjoy [emoji848][emoji848] Great when finally sussed and everything works as it should [emoji41] Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  7. Night..... mare so, loom altered, I now have intermittent wipe, but no washers. Looks like a dodgy switch. the new loom has more plugs on than the original, so thats good. old loom had domestic 3 core used to headlights, not a wire in sight for front side lights.... new loom has all headlight feeds cut for what must have been a relay? Not professionally done. this could be a long job
  8. Thanks for your replies everyone. I'll grab the V5 and have a look see what needs filling in. Will get it in the post very soon and report back 👍
  9. The colour is not that bad it’s got metal flake in it and really shines, that trailer was the best money i’ve spent I am a specialist lorry driver and my mates would rather have me move there cars than someone they don’t know
  10. Sh1t colour drab love it, that is quality
  11. I'm almost ready to paint the inner floor on my car but I've misplaced some of the floor plugs. If anyone has any laying about it would be a massive help to get my project moving again. Below are pics and numbers of what I'm after. I require 2 of the above. 2 of the above, these are plastic. and 4 of these.
  12. Can’t see you having any problem at all, as the car is produced in the configuration you’ve put it to. Same applies to both ins and dvla on notification from left to right and an increase in engine cc Nothing comes under substantial change as the parts used are std stuff on a production escort anyway.
  13. Probably the same bolt for mk1 & mk2 escorts....had the car into a local garage and they have lost it so after one. Thanks
  14. As title been refurbished, 5.5 not included I’ll take £500 for them
  15. Maybe they should have spent there money on something else!
  16. Really? Are you feeling ok? 😂
  17. Let me see if I can find some for you
  18. No lol BUT You can change a car to RHD as it was built from the factory like that your not modifying it, get that sorted, I can’t see there being an issue as your not changing lots of stuff in one go then do a cc change
  19. Not sure i want to "bend the truth" as it still has the full original bulkhead and small tunnel. As far as bulkhead mods went, all holes were welded up on the left and holes made on the right for steering, clutch and brakes etc...
  20. Take everything out of a st170 focus and fit it in the fiesta bay keep the injection etc 170bhp so powerful enough and reliable
  21. The engine won't be an issue. The panel work is covered by the clause of changes made during production. Did they make them in RHD with original Ford panels? Yes. Back that up by saying the bulkhead was shot and needed replacing but original Ford bulkhead panels are not available in LHD configuration.
  22. Send the V5 off stating a change to Rhd tell the insurance it’s fitted with 1600 x flow once the V5 is back send it off and tell them a change to 1600cc
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