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  2. So did you or did you not get laid I am all confused now
  3. Blimey, how many? I hope you sold them all rather than putting them in the grave? Were you at the NEC? I was talking to someone on our stand who had a cortina estate of some description
  4. Hello Andy, welcome to the site. come on, we need to see some pictures please!
  5. As I said to Not Enough Time, I do need to learn that, the only problem with that is my battery is in the boot. I did have to smile at the recovery guy at one point. He said after hitching me up to be towed, knowing that my ignition wasn't working, can you put your lights on!😂 I got my car back on Wednesday as promised in the same condition as I left it except a bit dirtier.
  6. I took out breakdown recovery with my insurance company, Lancaster, but the firm that came out was CGM. As luck would have it they were based on the north bound service station opposite where I was and there was a bridge over the motorway so they had access to both north and southbound. You were lucky to have made that decision to trailer your car up. It's a real downer when your car won't start and squeaky bum time all the way home for you in case you stalled it. Still, it adds to the fun of driving a classic car!! That's what they say anyway, but tbh it doesn't feel that way when your car isn't behaving itself. At least it's an easy fix, similar to mine.
  7. You'll have to teach me how to do that one, that could come in useful in the future.
  8. I did remove the barrel from the dash. We could get it to turn over but not fire. It just wouldn't spark.
  9. Today
  10. Fair point! I might fit mk7 doors as they have electric windows ooh the luxury lol
  11. You could possibly justify the front end change if it was rotten plus factoring in time and cost I would leave as is.
  12. Pic of body removed, you can see some scabs that I’ve ground down on the drovers side but all surface rust so no major welding which makes a change on these i was thinking of putting a later mk7 front on? What are your thoughts? Or keep it as it is?
  13. We look forward to seeing it 👍
  14. I went in the shop it came to about £12.50 I gave the girl a score and then found the correct money in my pocket in change I requested that she gave me my score back and I give her the CORRECT AMOUNT of money, she said the till wouldnt be right so refused, I tried explaining it makes no difference as the till will still have the same amount at the end of the day! She wouldn’t have it! Absolute morons
  15. Thanks so much for your explanation! Much appreciated. Turns out the guy building the car is going to get it certified before selling so none of this will actually be a problem - but again thanks a lot for explaining it to me. Look forward to posting up a pic of my first Escort!
  16. I think I'd have added a few $ as a cover charge for the service and the waiting time!
  17. RS2000 Vans seem popular both sides of the globe.
  18. Every time I go to the shops now the young staff have absolutely no ability to calculate basic maths in their heads. Just this week at the shops I spend $11 and I had a $20 note but didn't want to get more change in my pocket so I gave her my $20 note and a one dollar coin. She had no idea how much change to give me. She faffed on the register calculator which told her there was no change to be given but she knew that wasnt right but was at a loss how much change should be given so she called her manager over not much older than her who then asked me how much change I thought I should get. After I explain the basic calculation she replies, "That sounds about right"
  19. Thats terrible Rich! lol
  20. Yesterday
  21. They do use a 5 speed Type 9, but a lot of them also use the 6 speed RX8 box. Apparently, 1st gear is very short though on the RX8 box.
  22. A few more things to bump this thread
  23. not fussed regarding 711m or 691m etc etc, needs to be a working engine/turning engine with compression, clutch not important, but needs to have most ancillaries as possible, pref/ as near to Essex as possible, and not too high a price, thanks in advance.
  24. VID-20191022-WA0001.mp4
  25. Abd being an engineer married to a solicitor myself, this one is particularly pertinent for me.
  26. Body removed this morning and the truck jet washed off Started to make the front uprights for the lightbar and winch mount, steel should arrive Monday for the rest of the bed
  27. Having a look on eBay, and there seems to be a lot of mk2 escort having a ST170 power plant conversion, this must be a very tidy packet for this. I guess there is a conversion available for a 5 speed box, prop and unrated diff as well ?.
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