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  1. Yesterday
  2. Ok thanks vista do you think I should just wait then ?
  3. Order no 287354 for 2 stand passes, 3 adult tickets and 3 showguides? Whether they've taken payment or not, your order is definitely on their system.
  4. Really? I'd contact them with your order number. They took my money very quickly. But yes tickets usually a week before the event
  5. End of today's run. Final leg tomorrow. Time for beer and dinner
  6. He is doing my cage on my Evo at the moment as well
  7. He done the fabrication on this car!
  8. hi katana, i will bring one to england and will post it there in england, it's a lot cheaper, would you please sent your adress in a pm, it will be still for free, becaurse you help a lot of people with info, cheers marcel
  9. Prob wont get tickets until 7-10 days beforehand m8 Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  10. As anyone received there tickets yet? As they haven’t taken money yet ? Thanks
  11. Thank you, is this person able to work to an extremely high standard and modify a sump pan which must be 100% straight and level when the cutting, welding and associated fabrication is complete? Regards
  12. My friend does the fabrication work for (Baggsy) who drives a skyline with turbo V8 for monster energy he might be able to help
  13. Hello Hope someone is able to assist. Does anyone know of a specialist sump modification person/company/fabricator/engineer, who would have the skills to modify a sump for me? I would like to find a person or company able to work to a very high standard as I need this modification to be of high quality. Would appreciate any recommendations or assistance that anyone may have to offer. Thank you
  14. I remember mini trucks in the '90s but this is too far.
  15. I just don't get Hummers, especially six wheeled ones.
  16. We are off on our little tour of Devon and Cornwall. The couple in the Morris 1000 have travelled the whole of the UKs coastal roads. Good effort I say as it was still in bits the day before that started 2 weeks ago.
  17. Thank you @Rally Pack 2000 the bulbs arrived yesterday.
  18. Hello Does anyone have any information or knowledge of a chap called Jim Zail? Possibly American or Australian and we think he produced some specialist parts including oil sumps and or modifications to oil sumps. Would appreciate any relevant information that anyone may have. Thank you.
  19. Rods no longer available. Soon to be screaming around somewhere in Ireland. Thanks for anyone that enquired. πŸ‘
  20. Not really, the venue has proved to be one of the popular features. We have discussed (briefly) other options for the driving route (a coast tour maybe) but nothing concrete.
  21. It's already gone Chris, closed permanently at the end of last season. Lodges (aka large caravans) going there instead. When I asked in the bar what there was for kids to do now he shrugged and said "nothing but for the Pitch and Putt at Β£9.00 for adults and Β£8.00 for kids" . Β£34.00 for four of us an hour or two's entertainment? Thanks, I'll pass.
  22. They are bulldozing the fun park?!?!?!?! My grandparents used to take us there all the time as kids 😒 First Dobwalls then shire horse centre now this.
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