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  2. I have only done it when I have had new Lucas units for a Crossflow and wanting one for a Pinto, as they are on the opposite side of the engine.
  3. You can still get that info, just not as readily.
  4. No wonder everyone is switching to LEDs. Darn I should have stocked up on filament sidelight bulbs when I had the chance!
  5. You also lost the ability to see what threads people were currently checking out. In the main home page you just hovered your curser over the persons name and it would pop up links to their profiles but also what thread they were checking out. Now when you do that it simply just says they are online but you already knew they were for the fact their name was in the currently online box. It was just a handy little feature to see what topics were attracting people the most so its no biggy but I liked it.
  6. Agreed, that shouldnt need altering though, as its for the car, so already built to correct hand, ive not had to alter one yet
  7. If you look at an ACR Lucas alternator, there are three mountings lugs, you take out the 3 through bolts, and spin one half of the case to align the front lug with either one of the two other lugs to give you either L.H or R.H mounting, it takes about 3 mins if it is off the car, its that simple.
  8. Really? Being left or right handed, you can't just 'flip them over' as the mounts would be upside down - surely?
  9. Thats good news then, as Ray say's it should have a ACR by Lucas on it, 17 ACR springs to mind, but there are a few in the ACR series, and they are L.H or R.H assembled, but very simple to spin the case over to the other hand, I have 2 from APP OLDHAM, as well as one of his high torque starter motors, very happy with all his stuff.
  10. It looks like the ability to add bespoke ranks / titles has disappeared with the latest update. I will check again and make sure I'm not missing anything when I have more time.
  11. I dont like change HAHAHAHAA 🤣
  12. Nothing stays the same 😬 and i'm still not part of ze clique
  13. Oh yeah just noticed that as well., and my old title has gone as well
  14. What was your title before?
  15. Yesterday
  16. SA custom wheels Assen Black 8 x 13 , OK wheels but very wide
  17. My 1600 Sport came into the country with brand new 8 x 13 5 spoke alloys, I just want some standard wheels, as fitted to SA sports.
  18. Apparently I’m a keyboard molester now !!!
  19. Scott and Chris have shields on theirs, is this discrimination creeping in ??? Plus I’ve lost my title 😳
  20. Bring it on in your one piece skin tight race rep leather suit. There's no replacement for displacement Seriously though, go down to your local Triumph dealer and try their demonstrator. You'll be amazed how capable they are. Don't believe me? Read / watch the reviews
  21. Lol, good spot. I have no idea. Forum software was updated to latest version last night so there may be a few new features.
  22. my blue gm vehicle was made at the defiance of poxall!!!!!
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