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  2. And what do we have here ,, outbreak planned in jan 2017 , , ,, and there was a training event 201, https://www.bitchute.com/video/Bex8pPtTpjM3/ , just like 911 , For MORE VIDEOS on Corona virus on this channel, see: bitchute.com/hashtag/iccccorona_virus Also check Spiro's homepage: bitchute.com/channel/spiro This video released Jan 26, 2020. (https://youtu.be/mx8xKcQMTRs & bitchute.com/video/EwrQonXzO0FG )
  3. Long life Cocaine and Hookers never last as long as the use by date.
  4. That's awesome thanks. Love a new vid especially when im stranded at home. Nice workshop. Has owed over 50 Escorts and can remember rally car number plates but doesnt know the codes to tell what the shell was? Yeah right! LOL I did toy with the simple hubcap look for my Twincam except being bright orange it kind of takes away that understated Q car type look that they often try to achieve with white ones.
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  6. @Rally Pack 2000 Nice wheels on the last Escort they look at here:
  7. Vista

    Corona virus

    Some especially tasty US spec boil in the bag action packs if I find stocks running really low
  8. Haters will say it's photoshopped. Isnt it one of those Minicar Racers?
  9. It will be really tough, fingers crossed we all get off lightly compared to Italy and Spain. Not a lot of good news going around currently. I reckon these forums will turn out to be just what we need for our mental health.....
  10. Is this a new series? I dont remember an Esprit in any of the episodes I have seen.
  11. Saw it but wasn't convinced - the green gauges always looked naff when original - an electronic reproduction didn't improve them unfortunately! Good resto though and the owner seems to have been deserving - well beyond normal service retirement!
  12. Did you see that amazing dashboard with the various gauge options. I could not see the guys company name but I need it.
  13. Getting there! We are all in the same situation just going to be a tough few months
  14. looking great that mate! always good at that stage as once the paints on its assembly.
  15. don't talk him out of it, i'm having the escort parts. lol
  16. Hi all, i know I said Christmas for being on the road, looks like it will be next Christmas...... all body work done, everything sealed in epoxy, now to the filler work. Should be ready for paint in a couple of weeks........ bloody lock down, no work, no money coming in. properly pissed off and stressed ( just like everyone else, all over ) heres a couple of the latest photos....
  17. Even if they still had to chop the roof, I'm sure something could have been done to sort the door top out?
  18. Usual standard of trike aesthetics here.
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