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  2. I been a bit of a busy boy lately, took the door off and managed to get it painted at work inside and out, got it re fitted tonight, so made a start on the drivers side stripes, rear brakes have new brackets made and the discs have had a bit of a skim more soon 😁
  3. Now that really is a joke. Ordering French Nuclear Subs with Diesel engines then cancelling the order cause we changed our minds and wanted nuclear ones? Why not simply ask them to swap the engines over in the plans given they were nukes originally? I keep wondering if it was a case that the French weren't willing to sell us nuclear technology? Given we know very little about what you guys and the yanks are offering instead its hard to say if it was all worth it. But boy the French are pissed! Its the first time they have hated a nation more than the UK since Brexit! If its mainly based on the British Attack Sub Vista shows above then I think it will be a good machine but if its more American where they can pull the plug via software like they did in the Jet Fighters we bought off them then that creates sovereignty issues about how and where we can use them.
  4. Yep XC Falcon Coupe Lancia Fulvia, very good that was the hardest one Excellent and correct. I love 850 Spiders. My favourite Fiat!
  5. As always 2 sides to every story - did make me wonder why Aus. was ordering Froggie Nuclear boats but having them redesigned into Diesel power at $$$M's when Nuke boats ultimately cheaper - weird! That's a joke if ever I heard one LOL!
  6. Very deep discussion topic for a joke thread! LOL Interesting thoughts there however its not quite accurate. Its odd to hear that perspective given the UK pretty much determined our future in that regard. We do in fact have a Nuclear capability and just replaced and enlarged our main reactor at Lucas Heights. Its actually operated for many decades as we produce all our own radioactive medicines and it also serves to make computer chips. We also are one of the few countries that store all our own waste. Being one of the most geological stable continents many other nations have tried to con us for more than half a century into storing theirs as well. The sore point of what you say is that we actually started a program to develop our own nuclear military capability but you guys and the yanks, (the UK and the USA) literally conspired to scupper that by applying diplomatic pressure and denial of technologies to ensure it never went ahead. Both the UK and USA were firmly against a nuclear Australia. That in turn would have helped an expansion into a wider use of civilian reactors for power that would have been required to provided the raw materials needed for a military development. Instead we were guided down the black rock route as we have plenty of it even though we also have more than half the worlds uranium. So alot of that really blows back onto the UK and USA. (Remembering in those days we would blindly follow you into any war just because you asked let alone stand up to both superpowers at once on the nuclear issue, neither wanted us to rival as another superpower we were better off as mid range lackeys) There is also the fact that the UK tested its bombs here and exposed Australian servicemen to the experiments and refuse to offer adequate compensation when they started popping off with cancer is still a bit of a bit sore point that still makes the news and has often been cited as deterrent to the population embracing nuclear power as a safe green thing. (its always a fine line with Nuclear Energy to win the hearts and minds of voters and those historical acts are a huge stumbling block) Keeping the green credentials though? Well we have never had them to begin with and are always singled out for that fact whenever a country wants to deflect on their own inaction. We have some of the worst land clearance and species extinctions around for example. Yet China is still allowed to call itself a developing nation like India so are allowed to pollute with impunity yet we have to sacrifice all local manufacturing which they in turn get the benefit because they don't have to meet any environment standards and can make stuff cheaper as a result. Also then to be criticized by the USA one of the top 3 polluters that we arent doing enough although until Biden became President the USA had specifically asked us not to raise our greenhouse targets so they didn't have to raise theirs and not make them look as bad and then overnight with a change in presidency publicly stabbed us in the back for supporting them on that very point. πŸ€” Then the UK of late also jumped on that bandwagon with the Americans who they themselves built the foundations of the nation on coal now lecturing us that we must stop doing the same. So its a bit more complicated with a history of the nuclear powers of the 50's/60's forcing our hand telling us to do what the say not as they do (or did). Over the years the manipulating and double standards started falling on deaf ears so we just shrug our shoulders like the kid that has been scolded too much and don't really care what anyone says anymore which empowers successive governments never to really enact any change. There is always an industry lobby out there more important than the people. So for us its sort of like the UK and USA destroyed democracy in Iran to get their hands on cheap oil and installed the nutcase Ayatollahs and now expect the whole world to sort the problem out together. The latest Green harping is similar. We were pretty much pushed into the position we find ourselves today. I totally agree we need to move towards a coal free future but too many hurdles were placed in our way through the past many decades that a nuclear option is long since past. We have some of the largest solar battery stations in the world though with more coming online so hopefully that is a start and more development into green hydrogen industries is also happening. Hopefully it will be enough. I personally am a carbon sink tree planter supporter! Stop the clearing and plant more trees! LOL But we are an insignificant spec in the scheme of things and an easy mark to scapegoat and blame but unless the big 3 stop remaining as stagnant as they are then the planet will never heal. The joke of a new green China are just more lies to come out of a Wuhan lab LOL Maybe an environmentally caring China is meant to be the joke for this thread! Blimey what completely unexpected thing to post on the Joke thread let alone a car forum. Sorry guys my bad! (Post will be deleted in a few days just to give time for a quick read but is too morbid to keep πŸ™‚)
  7. 6 lancia and its a consul capri not a ford consul capri! and if that toyota is going spare can i have it please?
  8. Ah #8 is probably Aussie Ford then - I missed the eucalyptus trees LOL! And then #10 would be 2nd guess - Japanese?
  9. Decent turn out at Earlswood lakes - Sunday 26th Sept 21
  10. Not bad. A few gaps there but not bad at all. Tip 8 is not American though (Although some of it is), and 10 is not German
  11. Word must have got out that you have "funny money" πŸ˜‚
  12. The weirdest thing that I found bizarre was Australia has no Nuclear capability whatsoever - military weapons or civilian power stations! And that these new nuclear subs are only being allowed as they won't need refuelling throughout their service lifetime . . . . . . . then I guess they get farmed off to some other poor sucker to deal with the nuclear waste by-products! Nice one Australia - keeping the 'green' credentials whilst still mining and burning mountains of coal LOL!
  13. Ok - I'll have a stab at . . . . . 1. Jag XJS 2. Ford Consul Capri 3. MGB GT 4. Bavarian Murder Weapon 3.0 CSL 5. Ford Taunus Estate 6. You are having a Giraffe! 7. Ferrari 250 GTO - but the nose is wrong / modified! 8. Its maybe American and Ugly! 9. Ford / Shelby GT500 10. Something German?
  14. At the engine re-builders, "Ive got an engine on the back of me trailer, needs some rings and maybe lighten the flywheel?"
  15. Quiz 10 - A mix and match (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) (9) (10)
  16. Last week
  17. That's my dilemma! I need to figure out which aspect of it isn't capable - can it not take the heat out of the air and into the water, or can it not take the heat out of the water back into the air? Or is it both!? I've got pump to play with, as it's controllable via Pulse Width Modulation to vary the speed, cooling fan speed can also be adjusted via PWM (to draw more air through the radiator), so those are "free" tweaks I can do, then after that it's either a bigger chargecooler itself, or a bigger radiator, or both. Will be trying to do some science in the next episode to try to figure it out! Can't really go air-to-air intercooler, as I don't really have space to run the post-turbo pipework to the very front of the car, nor the post-cooler pipework up to the throttle body! Hence why I went for the air-to-water chargecooler system instead.
  18. Thanks man! Yes, adding my bodyweight to the driver's seat will definitely help - I came to that conclusion the other day! That certainly won't be the last time I do any alignment, so I'll definitely do that next time! The IATs (post chargecooler) were over 80 degrees C - a friend calculated that if I can get that down to 50, then I should gain an extra 30hp at 6000rpm!
  19. Hopefully you’ve all seen the last video, where these were flashed up on screen. Thought you’d like to have a closer look at the results of the power run I managed to video. As I said in the video, this was just a very quick rough fiddle of the power area as I ran out of time on the dyno, nowhere near finished with the tuning – but even with the massive overfuelling, high inlet air temperature and no timing changes, the power figure is still pretty impressive, hopefully a bit more still to be eeked out of it! Calculated Flywheel Torque (dotted line) vs Calculated Flywheel Horsepower Wheel Horsepower (dotted line) vs Calculated Flywheel Horsepower Air-Fuel Ratio (dotted line) vs Boost Pressure
  20. @Confused, Watched it this morning. Fair bit of power there and jealous of your Hunter. Send me a WhatsApp or Email addy in message box. I'm uploading my Hunter bumf to my Google Drive at the moment that I think you'd appreciate In the meantime, get some water kegs or weights for your drivers seat, equivalent to your bodyweight.
  21. Thanks again, Im guessing the tyres are going to rub , but its on a 195 right now, Theres plenty options these days on 15 inch, can go to a 175/50 in 15 as well, The "5 Star " wheel is just a local knockoff rim , its on 6J wide and I wasn't to fond of it. Nonetheless, will lower an inch and see. the Pinto is yet to go in, so it will go down a bit more
  22. Brake fluid πŸ€”
  23. And the next thing i did was , i put en boot carpet , but it was 30/35 mm to short , i don`t how a original carpet fits , luckly the battery and the jack sits before the end. But it looks much better than the old mk2 boot carpet , the only to do is to place some isolation under it to fill it up.
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