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  2. Fair play Col. I remember years ago a guy on TS tried to do a roof swap with literally no experience-lets say it didn't go well lol. 😂
  3. It’s just a case of thinking about it, read up a bit, make a plan and crack on. It’s surprising how much info you can get from the likes of this forum. Always had an interest in bodywork which helps plus friends who’ll lend you a jig and instructions...lol yes bought 50 of them a good help but started using self tapping screws on temp fixing. Your suggestion on the gearbox mount worked a treat. It was nearly an inch out !!!! Certainly could have caused a slight problem later. Even my paint man laughed at my approach but was quite happy with the results I’d achieved. His wor
  4. Col that’s looking amazing! I know the feeling of how many times you have to fit and refit time and time again to get everything looking right have you tried cleco pins? Prob a bit late now though
  5. Quote " Saying that I’m no panel beater or bodywork person " then proceeds to remove a whole floor and put us all to shame lol - top work fella.
  6. Looking great Col. Proper work going on there....[emoji108][emoji122][emoji106] Sent from my Hammer_Energy_18x9 using Tapatalk
  7. Looks good mate. Really good well done 👍
  8. You can get it for £8.50 a gallon locally to me but minimum five gallons purchase ,I suppose its whether you want to risk what this new crap will do to your internals ,as I said great for when your putting the car away in the winter months
  9. Looking good and not long now and she will be up and running
  10. Credit to you as that been some work and looking good
  11. New Daps fitted so took it out for the first drive of 2021 after work last night. Liking the more original look of these over my Anthracite Minilights. Little bit disappointed this morning though, as went in garage to get my pushbike out and noticed some balance weights on the floor at two wheels. 🤨 Will take them back off some time this week and go back to tyre bay for re-balance. Don't particularly want to drive car there as they just buzz the wheels on and off and I've never seen them use a torque wrench.
  12. Few more pics on the progress be it been a bit slow. Panel fit has been a bit of a ball ache tbh. Saying that I’m no panel beater or bodywork person but perseverance prevails. Got nearly everything to fit within tolerance on the structural side now exterior panels to get right.
  13. My thoughts too, mine was dynoed on cheapo morrisons fuel, as that's what I'll be using, as a road car 😁
  14. Not sure its entirely performance related although hi CR engines will notice it under load - its more of its propensity for sucking moisture from the air and internally corroding elements of the fuel system never designed to be used with alcohol fuels!
  15. Mixed results then, I agree you may not even notice the difference between regular and higher octane unless driving hard And if i was using the Mex as a daily driver then it'd cost a lot more to run on higher octane stuff, but for the old blat out every now and again, I'd rather stick with something which is supposed to help, It seemed to run fine on the Tesco Momentum 99, so will probably stick wth that, and its closer than Shell HAHAHA Oh, and the house still stinks of petrol !
  16. I have used BP Ultimate until recently though Shell VPower has been rated highly especially Honest John of Telegraph, Recently when filling up my lawn mower I noticed it smelt slightly differently to the smell I am accustomed to so I guessed this was due to ethanol being used. Coupled to the fact that ethanol content is going to go up to 10% from September I started looking into what else I can use. Esso Supreme 99+ seems to tick all the boxes for me as they say it does not currently have any ethanol in Supreme 99+ (but it may change from September) except if you happen to live in Devon or Co
  17. To be honest , unless ur using the car for competion purposess , then you probably wont notice the difference between standard petrol compared to v power, save ur self some money for other goodies,
  18. I've heard about this in the past but on checking the cost it may be economical for a lawnmower but at about £200 for a tankful I think i'd rather drain the whole system before lay-up!
  19. Yesterday
  20. Try Aspen ethanol free petrol especially when laying a car up for a few months ,it lasts for years without any deterioration
  21. I'd love to try that for u but unfortunately I'm far too stupid to pull that off, so I'll let someone else have the privilege 😂
  22. I might need a crossflow 4 branch exhaust manifold for a mk2 Escort 1600 ,if I can’t find where I’ve hidden mine.anyone got one.
  23. OK, so drained all the old fuel out and chucked in a Jerry can of V Power just to get it going again, and after standing for around 3 years and after a few attempts it coughed and spluttered into life 😁😁 The can didn't do much to the gauge, which I don't entirely trust anyway, so gingerly drove to the closest tescos and chucked in £20 of their 99 momentum Came home via the motorway and wow, I'd forgotten how lively it was. Certainly blew the cobwebs out. Needless to say I'm fookin buzzing.....oh and stinking of petrol 🤣🤣
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