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  2. "Love it. I had the exact same car when we needed a 4 door, after 2 kids popped out of my Betty's flower." Hurt my lungs laughing to what "dt36" said, bloody brilliant, you will have to wear "Rubber Gloves" next time you are going "GARDENING" !!!!!. Made my day that has. Oh yeah, nice Sierra as well, forgot all about the car.
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  4. I was more concerned if it was going to try and squeeze between the car and the hedge, there would have been only one winner the size of that thing it was a bit on the large size. ,!!
  5. Could have always offered an invite to the BBQ afterwards.
  6. Not to many people like brown leather though, we let it mosey on by😲
  7. Always some cow trying to muscle their way in. Genuine leather trim though.
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  9. A few (ok lot) more pics. Some good convoy shots too. 😎
  10. Thats the weekend before le mans classic, good run out for ma boy!
  11. Was wanting an Escort Mk1 6 dial instrument cluster working or not for bulb testing. Needs to have the loom though for the bulb holders etc. Thanks guys
  12. Hairdressers don't drive convertibles its counter productive! But good for business. Not traditionally a fan of red but it looks pretty good as well.
  13. We are looking at 26th - 28th June. But TBC at this stage.
  14. They need to be used m8....but through use, they break!! So I'm like you.....use it then fix it and use it again etc. Least we can fix em....without a lap top!! [emoji106] Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  15. Looks like a great weekend, still gutted i missed it. Got a date for next year yet?
  16. Some photos on its journey to the mechanic... Fitted a new battery and poured some fuel in the tank and started up without much hassle Any attempts to drive it failed though and a new clutch seems to be the only solution. I was also concerned about the 34 year old timing belt 😆 which will get replaced along with new oil/fluids/filters etc.
  17. Think I use it too much. Seems to run excellent on one event then fail on the next.
  18. Glad you made it through the tour Chris, my heart sunk when I saw you with the bonnet up again.
  19. Thank you for coming. As long as you lot enjoy it and keep coming it will carry on.
  20. An excellent day! a big thanks to Mexican Gerbil and the team for the route and planning 👍 I know it takes a lot of your free time,
  21. Not only aftermarket cams - they allow to set any cam bob on but also will allow slight adjustment either way to change engine characteristics ie. pick up a bit of torque low down / lose a couple hp or push hp @ higher rpm and flatten the torque - its all 'dark arts' but can have benefits!
  22. Well it appears more damage has been done and needs fixing. Whilst on TOTM the car cut out several times when hot. I was getting electrics to the car but not through the starter. Turn the key and nothing not even a click. Once cooled it would start again fine. On the open road was getting a small misfire but wouldn't cut out. After chatting to someone at the tour best I change the battery too. Starter solenoid and ignition components....
  23. Hi all Looking for recommendations. My dad is looking for a set of wider back wheels for his 63 ranchero, I thought due to the cost he maybe better off getting his existing ones banded Anyone have any recommendations on who to use, we're in Hereford so closer the better really Cheers
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  25. Fitted one to the engine I built last year and is fairly straight forward, as long as you take your time with the DTI. Was spot on when on the RR. Tuner tried to tweak it either way, but then put it back to the initial setting. If you are running an aftermarket cam, then a vernier pulley should definitely give you some improvement. 👍
  26. Thanks for that mate. Gonna be while before I need one, but it's interesting to know.
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