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    Slow progress but getting there next job is the wiring i got the original loom stripped and checked repaired where needed by Martin in wales who owns the Escort Agency his knowledge and advice is fantastic i highly rate them. Loads more to follow as it looks like theres time on all our hands for a while now.
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    Some people like the clean look, others like the standard look but for me it's the Rally look. 👍
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    Cheers. Yeh, I'll be sticking around. Once we've got past this virus situation and ive found some sort of storage, I'll be looking for a 100E i think. Always fancied one.
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    = inundated with responses from Thai ladyboys "me horny for you Missa Jim "
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    This came up and thought you might like it @PeteRS8084 think this was silverstone a few years back
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    How is it when you get any spare time it’s always consumed by power wash the bloody drive !! Got my patio done lol. Seeing as we can’t get any builders, started building my own garage Yes another one. Got the trowel out and some lines crack on. Been looking through some old paperwork and found an old pic. What do you do with 16 sport back in the days of normality 🤭 Oh yes knock the windows out and strip the interior, drop a 1700 twin cam in it and blast it round a field...lol
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    I got cut up by a taxi driver last week. I was walking through town today and I recognised him at the back of the queue at the taxi rank. I got in the first taxi in the queue and said "How much to the station ?" "£5" said the driver. "And how much for a blow job ?" I asked him. "That's disgusting" he said "Get out of my cab" I got in the second taxi and said "How much to the station ?". "£5" said the driver. "And how much for a blow job ?" I asked him. "I'm not having any of that" he said "Get out of my cab" I worked my way down the line, getting thrown out of each taxi in turn, until I came to my target at the back of the queue. "How much to the station ?". "£5" said the driver. "Ok" I said "Let's go" As we pulled out and overtook the other taxis I wound the window down and gave all the other drivers a thumbs up with a big grin on my face!!
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    Hi all, i know I said Christmas for being on the road, looks like it will be next Christmas...... all body work done, everything sealed in epoxy, now to the filler work. Should be ready for paint in a couple of weeks........ bloody lock down, no work, no money coming in. properly pissed off and stressed ( just like everyone else, all over ) heres a couple of the latest photos....
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    Aw Bless! They're wearing their best LGBT jumpers.
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    Ignoring lockdowns and social distancing rules some friends still popping over for a free feed.
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    Although I think it’s a good move, I feel sorry for those who have put so much effort into organising such an event with no outcome. My thanks go to all involved in try to organise it, just a pity it can’t go ahead but common sense must prevail cheers Col.
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    Finally got the repairs done. Was getting a bit anxious I would get the car back with all the businesses shutting down for the duration, so glad its back home now sporting its new bumper and repairs. The starter solenoid is really bad now for sitting idle for so long so the starter has to come out this weekend. Number plate needs a paint as well.
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    I only advertised it on here It probly could have been found with Google etc but knew i wouldn't end up with any tyre kickers on here. Daz. Nice to meet you. Enjoy the car mate.
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    If you look really closely, you can just about see the join.
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    so it's round to yours then for a cuppa and chocolate! i'll bring ar col!
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    As of yet no shows have been cancelled that we are planning to attending. However with every day that passes, new restrictions are being put in place to limit and slow the spread of Covid 19. As and when shows and meets are confirmed on or cancelled I will update you all as swiftly as i can.
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    Morris Minor driver = Ford Escort Driver =
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    25,000????? My next thread is going to start "I WON THE LOTTERY" and " I am feeling so alone,if only i had a gorgeous young lady to spend it on.......
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    Evening all, Been on here for a while but have decided to finally make a post. I've had my Mk1 fiesta since I was 17, but did a year of shows and was put off by the know it all's. 4 years on, I plan on doing a few again this year. I now have a 1958 100e, the fiesta still and a mk1 cortina, which is my latest buy. I've attached photos of the cortina and fiesta, but need to get a good one of the 100e. I'm down in Cornwall at the moment. I'm keen to do the classic ford show this year, and keen for a convoy from the South West if others are about. Cheers, Mike
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    I’ve managed to paint the whole of the workshop floor, well one workshop anyway!
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    Found a couple more pics yesterday this is the mk1 Escort we rallied
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    I've just sprayed all my blocks with Sodium hypochlorite, the green just disappeared, sorted all the algae on my garage rendering instantly too. (Still needed to brush out the moss in the block gaps with my cheap Aldi special brush.)
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    On the new Top Gear note, you know I quite like it and the three show hosts. They have the traditional bloke banter but they don't get as malicious as the originals with a bit more respect between them and helping each other when needed. I used to hate Richard Hammond constantly ramming his door open into the side of the others cars whenever he pulled up and got out of his own car. It always seemed a bit petty. The new guys have their jibes but its never taken to extremes. So Im definitely liking this latest incarnation. The grand tour is dead. With only 2 episodes this season and the first didn't even have cars in it and no more car audience discussions, Amazon tweaked the winning formula they paid top dollar for into oblivion.
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    I’ll find some more pics heres a taster lol
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    Not the best pics but here goes put the tool through the pin, there maybe some persuasion needed Pin removed and you can see the wear Actually a simple job with the right tool, best £35 I’ve spent rather than messing around for hours
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    I'm gutted for you all. I wasnt going to say but Mrs Gerbil and I are expecting our first child on the weekend of the tour. I was going to put it all in place before making my excuse and not take part in the run. What with all the stress of Mrs Gerbil now on the "at risk" list I've been close to breaking point as I'm still having to work. I'm relieved that I wont have any more planning for a while but sad you guys will miss out this year. What was just an idea in a pub with a mate of mine back in 2012 and for it to finally happen, I'm so pleased this has got a small following. Please stay healthy out there. I want to see you all in 2021 with baby Gerbil
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    Cant believe im having to do this. Looks like redundancy is heading my way so the car is for sale. Its a 1974 1300GT in Tawny brown imported from Portugal in 2016 and i purchased it from Cambridge classic cars. I registered the car and has a correct (M) age related plate. The body is good but the paint isn't great tbh. Welding done to the shell has been. Rear lower corners bothe sides using expressed panels and professionaly finnished at a local body shop to a high standard (if i didnt tell you, you wouldnt know). Also had both front floor pans replaced fully welded inside and out. Suspension. Brand new....Burton 145lb coil springs. TC anti rollbar, bottom arms. Fully pollybushed front and rear with black series bushes. 4x AVO adjustable shock absorbers. Adjustable Panhard rod and tramp bars. Quick rack and track rod ends. UJ that connects rack to column. Diff 389 fully rebuilt at the cost of £450+. Rear wheel bearings. Brakes. Front callipers refurbished. New flexis all round and all copper brake pipes replaced. Bias pedal box and servo now fitted. ALL OF THE ABOVE ARE BRAND NEW PARTS FITTED IN THE LAST YEAR OR SO. Parts by Motorsport tools or Burton. More info to come later when i get the chance cheers all.
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    They'll be the Vauxhalls then.🤣🤣
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    Due to the current climate the arse has dropped out of the market of classic fords! I do however have some very collectable toilet rolls for sale. Genuine 1 owner from new, all four matching in fully sealed original packaging. Gotta be worth £40.00
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    Agreed. Especially after all his hard work... still, needs must eh?? Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    We will all totally support you for a slice of the action? I think there is too much ambiguity in some chocolate bars to really be used as bog roll substitutes
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    I did panic but my dealer assured me that he has my nans usual quantity of smack this month and a new variety of hindu kush coming fresh off the boat next week. (Purely for medicinal purposes) Interestingly there is a shortage of eggs on the shelves but no shortage of Easter eggs however you cant boil both apparently.
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    this is my Escort...
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    Been looking at my Auto Enrollment Government/Workplace Pension and my pot has dropped by £20k due to the markets also dropping because of all this C19 mallarky and the oil prices. Just made a change to my monthly contribution, which was 6% and have now dropped it to 3% this morning for the time being. I have now set the monetary difference to my mortgage account as an overpayment. Although I don't see a physical return on my money by doing this, I'm hoping my money is better placed here for the time being.
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    I have car-owner virus
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    omg i sooooo look like the morris minor owner!!!
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    Hi All, Mk1 Escort owner from Ireland and new to forum. Attempting to restore a 72 mk1 with limited knowledge or skills! . Currently stripped and shell blasted and trying to comprehend the amount of bodywork required. Will need a lota help so thanks in advance. [emoji16] Cheers Niall Sent from my MAR-LX1A using Tapatalk
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    In my personal opinion most people that buy mk1 or 2 escorts are buying them because of their handling, performance and laddish image,and therefore will ultimately be seeking as much handling and performance from it as their wallet (or wife!) will allow.There will always be purists who will want it standard and there is nothing wrong with that (i have two standard morris minors,haters gonna hate lol) but lets face facts an rs2000 was a fast performance saloon for the masses in its day but in this day and age if one raced my 60year old wife in her diesel grand(ma) c max away from the lights its gonna get its doors blown off! there will always be a place for modified old fords. Oh and to explain my opinion on them having a "laddish" image from my experience when driving a morris minor it makes older people and young kids smile,but if i am in the Escort i am instantly transformed into a geezer,with teenagers shouting their approval(and often shouts of rubber! or burnout!) and knowing nods of approval from car guys of all ages driving sharp looking moderns.i dont mind the laddish image at all,it makes me feel 40yrs younger haha.
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    This one may need some translation for those less familiar with military slang 😁 For all my crab and pongo oppos. A pongo , crabfat and matelot all die on the same day and end up outside the pearly gates. Saint Peter is stood there and says: " Before you can come in you have to tell me what you've done in your life" The crabfat says ,’’ I served my country for 22 years, married a lady, had two children , went to church every Sunday, never worn jeans and have never drank. Sir’’ St. Peter says "OK, you're in, stand over there" Next the pongo steps forward and tells St. Peter what he'd done. ‘’I served my country for 22 years, married twice, had 4 kids, attended church regularly, not worn jeans for 22 years and only drank at weekends. Sir’’ and he saluted. St. Peter says "OK, you're in stand over there" St. Peter turns round and Jack is walking back down the cloudy stairs. St. Peter says "Where you going" Jack replies "I ain't got no chance" St. Peter says "No, no you have to play the game" Jack says ok. "Well ermmm I served my country for 22 years, married 3 times had 6 children and 4 outside wedlock, went with stacks of dubious ladies in loads of different countries and even been with a kai thai, never been much for church, at the drop of a hat got my lagging off and was pissed every night and most times during the day. St. Peter turns to the pongo and crab and says: "You two are duty watch, me and Jack are going ashore!’
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    Yeah, looks real good, nice bit of quality work being done on it, no corners cut, will be a credit when finished, well done.
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    So ya work your ass off all week and look forward to the sunday lay in. And then sunday comes, and Col turns up. Drinks all my tea and raids my escort parts! It's a good job it's for a good cause, project Harrier!
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    Hi All, New Member here, picked up my 1978 Mk2 escort last weekend.. I’ve always wanted one so had to be done! Spec - 1.6 711M x flow with twin 40inch dellortos, atlas axle, 4 speed box, x pack kit and a few other bits that I probably don’t know about.. lol thanks for adding me to the forum
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    Book her a track experience as a birthday present. Win win
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    Hi all, new member but have been and old school Ford owner since before they were Old School! Currently own a 1979 Flat front RS2000, not much original left.....
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    Your post sums up why I personally stopped attending 'shows' - the snooty, look down their nose, know it all's! If they have an opinion, let them keep it to themselves and refrain from telling the owner why their car is shite, whilst not directly speaking to them! Last car I took to a show / club gathering was my much loved & modified '68 Cooper S - it was my bloody car, built for me - not a heritage collection! Do what you want and ignore the 'riff raff' comments if you can.
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    An only 2 people replied 😭😂 It's ok, it's common knowledge, she's told everyone I'm a c**t 😂😂
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