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    I have booked now, including a track slot. I am looking forward to a different venue. You know what they say. . . . You can please all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all of the time!
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    So after a bit of added security work(handy owning a diamond drilling firm) she’s finally home 😁
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    I think I might have covered some of this "history" in my introduction (Howdy from Surbiton - sorry not worked out how to link to other topics!). But, anyway, I thought I'd throw in a few photos to add some, erm, colour to that intro... Unfortunately, I don't have any (or haven't found any) photos of my first ford (Mk1 Cortina 1500 Estate) or my '55 Mk1 Consul. But, I do have a few of some of the others. So, here we go.... I bought the Mk1 Cortina estate when I was 15, which gave me time to do it up and get it road legal for when I passed my test. My dad and I GT'd that with 28/36 DGV (I think), a fast road cam, GT head, GT manifold, Lotus Cortina rims. Looovely. But, rusty as hell - that fell apart in a couple of years. Second of my Fords was a lovely white 1600E; lowered a bit on 170lb springs and standard leaf springs, tuned a bit (32 DCD (I think), fast road cam, bit of head work). Really enjoyed this car... So, while I had the 'E to blast round the roads of NW Norfolk, I fancied something altogether, erm, slower! I found a pair of sit-up-and-begs (one Pop, one Anglia) in a fellas garden / garage. The Anglia was a bit of a basket case, but had a few useful spares for the Popular, which came in what can only be described as honest, original condition! It came with most of its components stored inside the car. But, with a little persuasion (plugs, points, condenser, new battery and a tow down the road), it fired up and became an absolute hoot to rock around in - and I mean literally rock around! Having nailed all of the bits into most of the right places, it was treated to a pretty special hand-paint and stayed in completely standard form until it was sold a year or two later (I was off to university and this was not practical student transport!). I think it is still knocking around somewhere... Before: After (and that's my brother's 1300E in the background): The 1600E stayed on as my student transport, blasting around Uxbridge and the surrounding areas, including the obligatory Chelsea cruise. That was until it, basically, just fell apart - rotted away underneath and ended up in Ford heaven. To think they didn't seem worth saving back then! It was 1988.... But, I managed to stay on the straight and narrow with a 1955 Mk1 Ford Consul - lovely green , with green interior, 3-speed column change, visor over the windscreen and headlamps, lowered on whitewalls, blue dots, Raymond Mays cylinder head and tubular manifold (pretty much straight through exhaust, too, which was popular with the neighbours when I rocked up past midnight!). I can't really remember what happened to that. I think I sold it or swapped it. And, apart from a quick foray into kit car racing with a Pinto-engined Dutton Melos (they are not meant to be racing cars!), I have sinned and not partaken of old Fords until my present jalopy: the Mk2 1300 Cortina Deluxe. I plan to keep the Cortina and slow-build it. I'll keep it pretty standard for now. But, I suspect, plans will move.... The Dutton: And the present project 1300 Cortina....
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    Bought some 8x13 banded steels from eBay at the weekend and had some old 205/60/13s which I stuck on them for now
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    So with lots of 50th anniversary Capri events taking place this year Surrey Capri Club has been working on building from the 45th event to bring this one bigger & better. SO many things still need to get sorted. Sunday 8th September - Starts 10am. Capris only unless by special request! Entry fee is standard Brooklands fee £14.50. As soon as you drive in you will be guided by our marshals with many other Capris of all models and styles. Our merchandise is available on the day. We will be drawing the raffle for the banking photos and everyone can come to view this. Test hill will be open to those registered and paid (see our website for full details on restrictions & cost) so watch the Capris go up a hill steeper than you think! We'll give everyone time for lunch and then awards will be presented. And, as a treat, Steve Saxty has spoken with myself & Calvin last week (thank you very much for that teleconference) will be providing the heritage 280 Capri and others as he states above and will give a talk about Capris. This and more will make this one of the best events to remember, turning 50 is a massive celebration so let's do it in style! We want you there as part of the Capri collective! More info & updates on www.surreycapriclub.co.uk or Instagram @surreycapriclub Any questions anyone has please do not hesitate to shout!
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    holes are 17mm, don't drill 22mm whatever you do, the wiper mech will fall through, the part of the shaft that sits in the hole is 16mm and the butt part of the spindle is only 20.5mm itself, so it dosnt sit on much to start with
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    Changed the points today and after finding several gremlins in that neat bit of wiring it has a least coughed and popped out of the exhaust and carb when spinning over and oil is coming out of the rockers so that’s also a good sign, now that I’ve got that far I might just pull the running gear off and get it on the rotisserie as I've priced up inner/centre/outer sill repair panels as well as front jacking point and rear spring hanger/jacking point so looks like I’ve persuaded myself to rebuild it! Not that I haven’t got enough of my own already to do
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    Get it on the road and use it? 😎
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    put carlos fandango wide wheels on, drive it through a farm gate knocking the wheels off, sliding into a hay barn, then light up a cigar failing that ask Colin
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    People are fooking mental, that is just a pile of Escort shaped rust......crazy.
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    Hi, It does sound as though you have a low ratio diff in your rear axle !!??, (Low ratio is a bigger number as in 4.125/1, a high ratio diff would have a smaller number as in 3.54/1). It depends on what you want to do with the car, if you want a nice relaxed, quiet, long distance cruiser, with good fuel economy, then you want a tall or high ratio diff, if your trying to out accelerate other cars away from the traffic lights, you want a short or low ratio diff, but there are limits, a very tall ratio axle would be say from the likes of a 3000 V6 Capri, that would have either a 3.22/1 or 3.09/1 diff ratio, very tall indeed for a Ford, but your 1500 Cortina engine would not have the power or torque to pull that ratio, and you would never get into top gear. If your happy with how it drives, and it is not breaking the bank at the fuel pump, leave it alone and enjoy it, if like me, my classic cars are just items that I look at and polish, my Capri 3000E did a MASSIVE 1.4 miles in just over 10 years, but I sat in it and wiped it over at least once a week, people say it is a waste, yes I understand that, but the condition I got them in, you would never want to put them on the road, people collect bottles of fine wine, they don't guzzle a bottle down on a Friday night with there fish & chip supper. That's a nice Cortina you have, you should be proud of it. Fords are my hobby, if I could ever help you out in any way, please just contact me here, I will try/do my very best to help you or anyone out. Have a nice day, give the Cortina a wipe over with a soft duster from me. Cheers. Al.
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    Yep, as Col say's, Normal (but clean), standard English/Timken axle unit. They are made from about 8 different sections, all seam welded together on a jig, you could not (in those days), press a complete Banjo case all in one section, be careful how aggressive you are cleaning, they have been known to get small pin holes from years of the rust biting into the steel, and a bugger to get a good weld on a crack or pin hole as your chasing the pitting in the metal. As eeb43 say's wrong year/type diff casting, but the ratio might by chance be the correct one for your application, a bloody good axle in my opinion, ok will not take Cosworth engine torque/power, but will handle good power outputs as long as your not wheel spinning all day, about 9million % better then a Borg Warner or Kolne rear axle, reliable as the day is long, I love them. The diff casting is an Escort item (73 AG) AG denotes Escort origin, the 73 is the year identifier that the part/item/casting was introduced, you will see things like -: 69EB (Capri item from 1969 on) 70EB (Capri item from 1970 on) 73 AB & 73 AG Escort item from 1973 on etc-etc B = Britain G = Germany But could have been made in one of about 20 foundries Ford UK used for casting parts, not all were made in house, a few did get made by outside companies licensed by Ford.
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    How about this, something I’ve just purchased
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    Well I measured twice and using your advice and photos I’ve found it’s bolted on. Also the oil cooler as it’s bolted on the same holes.
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    All booked in see you all there
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    I paypall gifted the seller £2000 last night as a deposit for 2 cars. He sead i can pay the rest in cash when he delivers them to me thisafternoon. Im so excited ?.....
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    Now that we have found the best illumination to cure the deterioration in Mk2 Instruments was there any other OSFs that needed a solution found for them? If there seems to be enough speak out I will try get a set of instruments and trial a few different bulb choices in them to see what works. So please speak out. I have a few sets of the new type bulb for Mk2 Escort instruments that dt36 has highlighted above if anyone needs them. It works really well. The first three new Mk2 Escort members to pay as subscribers or have just joined as subscribers to the forum I will send for free as a reward for your contribution.
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    So had a fella round today to balance and set up the carbs. Great old boy been doing classics for the last 40yrs.. finally got to have a proper blast up the road ?would definitely recommend him to anyone in the Norfolk/Suffolk area ??
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    If you look in the Venturi around the second choke butterfly area when shut, is there any evidence of it scraping on one side? It maybe the butterfly needs centralising. if it’s on auto choke set up try disconnecting the choke mechanism levers to eliminate that.
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    So some of you may have seen ive purchased an Anglia 105e that’s had a bit of work done back in the 60s 70s Here are a couple of pics from then and this is is how it is now As you can see it’s definitely from back in the day lol with Magard dash and pinstriping but I quite like it fitted with discs on the front and some antitramp bars on the leafs on the rear, it’s got a tuned 1500gt engine which I’ll strip to see what’s been done and hopefully find some nice bits internally but the big question is what do I do with it?
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    Hello, My name is Steve Saxty and I'm a recovering Ford enthusiast who's just spent two years writing a book on classic Fords of the 70s, 80s - I'm better now, thank you. If you don't know about my little book, well OK it's 165,000 words and twice the length of a novel you can read about it here. I'm excited to share all the material I have in the book since I have been hoarding hundreds, if not thousands of photos of prototypes and design sketches. There's a few hundred in my book but I've got videos and all sorts that I'd really like to get out there. Me? well you can read a little more here about me but I worked as a designer at Ford in the 80s and still a retain a soft spot for the company today although I later moved on to Mazda, Porsche, and Jaguar. I tended to drive a mix of company cars and my own back then, Cosworths and two Tickford Capris and as company cars I'd usually run Scorpios or XR4x4s - although I did manage to grab an RS200 for a day on the road which was a rare treat. Anyhow, I'll happily answer questions and happy to post, what I hope will be some interesting material in the future. Steve - and here I am with the last Capri the other month!
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    I agree, and I certainly welcome the change.
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    Tiger seal is the best, wont shrink and you can paint over it, silicone will shrink ,fall out and can't paint over it.
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    I used grey stripe brushable seem sealer, looks just like factory applied stuff, goes on dead easy and you can paint over it no problem
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    lots of options open to you RP, give an hour or so and once ive had dinner I will list it all
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    15?!?!?!? One ... five...? Comon peeps !! It’s classic ford show!!. We should be in triple figures on the stand.
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    Love the meticulous routing of extra wiring 😜
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    The cams are marked generally on the back end.
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    Hi Guys, just thought I'd show my car once again, its been a while, its a bit of a sad moment because due to financial issues I might have to sell my this car. its been with me over 12 years and has all its Ford panels still intact, including all the floors sills and jacking points which can still take the weight of the car, the boot is like new as are the inner wings, original engine, carpets and I'd estimate 60% original paintwork, I'm trying to hold on to it at the moment, if I do have to sell it, I can't see my self ever being able to find one this original ever again, its been a great car and very reliable. I won't be giving it up without a fight.
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    I don't even know where to begin with this one. I assume they were going for the bellend look......well they nailed that 100%! Struggling to work out what it was before it was massacred mind!
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    Somebody seems to have parked an Ocean Liner in your garage Jo
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    I've got my 2.0 Crusader running with a Webcon Retroject DGAS throttle body, not looking for any big power gains but ease of starting, smooth running and not tipping fuel down the exhaust pipe! all fitted now, just needs a bit more rolling road time to finish it, not a cheap conversion but I wanted to get it running as well as possible, I've been spoilt by the Jenvys on my Mk3 Tina!
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    A Subaru Impreza actually
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    i also did this to my kooltina. ford made it easy to do ;-)
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    Nice new panels going into this...going to make for a solid motor. Great work 👍
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    More progress on the rally build, the car is now on the jig with front end removed, chassis legs have been mocked up with inner wings.... now to repair and make the bulkhead water tight before final fitting the front end.
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    I’m getting the likes of belly fat busters about 15/20 times a day, health ins, dental implants, weed killer warnings, tons of norton anti virus, attorneys, fat flushing fruits, ussaa credit cards oh and the best one Lovely Asian doris might save that one ! One never knows ....lol
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    Hi all, I am organising several classic and super car events in the Midlands between Wolverhampton and Stafford. As a long standing member of oldskoolford any fellow members wanting to attend can have an area reserved for them. I will also have an auto jumble at every event and will be the best place to get spares from us. Details below. Any support will be appreciated.
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    After all the spots are gone your camping plans will be left up in the air!
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    Hi.intriduced myself yesterday.so i thought id shove a few pics up of the car as it stands. hope u like .thanks .mel
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    about £80 a tonne
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    No thanks. The two cars that are turning later will be taking up all my spare space. Thanks for the offer though. Saying that, im still waiting......
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    Im selling this old bridge and shed with a white curvy roof for only a few thousand quid. One owner, im simply not using them any more if your interested? (Will Post)
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    Thanks for that and yeh bonnet, roof and boot lid are original haha
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    Just got to weld the osr door now! hopefully try get hold of a good one though, it’s gone to my unit hopefully start the body work soon! And the car had a mag feature to cheers
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    Ex IT Manager...suspicious is my middle name!!...
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