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    Hi All, I'm Paris from Lancaster Insurance. I'm really pleased to be working with the club and its members. Lancaster can offer up to 25% discount for club members and can arrange a whole range of policy extras that you'd expect such as agreed value. I'd like to think we take a realistic view when it comes to modifications so do give us a try. All feedback, good or bad, will help us to develop the scheme going forward. If you do try us for a quote please use the bespoke telephone number 01480 400927 and let us know that the introduction has come from the club. We make a payment to the club for each and every policy sold as a result of their introduction which helps keep the club going. I'll stick my head round the door every now and again and pick up any queries that crop up. If you'd like for me to arrange a call-back for a quote then I’m happy to sort it - you can either PM me or I can be contacted by email at paris.wakelen@lancasterinsurance.co.uk. Look out for competition offers coming up shortly. I'll post these up as soon as they're finalised.
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    Three top coats on the Boot Lid top. But first found out what the 2 knobs on the gun did! (YouTube Paint Society) Then practiced on cardboard to get paint quantity right & fan shape correct, mixed accurate 60/40 & prepped Lid with 800W&D - off I went. Very pleased with result & no hiccups here’s some pics...
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    So popped to Aldi this morning with the missus to get some groceries-then onto Jenn's Diner near Redruth for a bacon n egg bap-which was delicious by the way-and these beauts were in the car park.
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    Wheels on! Next on the list are paintless dent removal, detailing (clay bar, 2 stage polish and wax), fix radio/electric aerial ...more work than I expected Sent from my SM-G960F using Tapatalk
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    Only show we will get to this year. Hosted by the South Devon Railway. Found a lovely corsair estate. Few other fords (see pics) and a nice collection of royal mail bikes.
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    Done it! First ever spray paint ‘job’ on the underside of Daisy’s boot lid (thought it best to practice there) First I made myself a spray booth 😂 with an old shower door, sheet, cardboard. Rubbed boot down with 800 w&d, had a practice on cardboard with only thinners & set psi to 45. Mixed thinners & paint 60/40, put it in the gravity feed bowl attached it to gun - off I go. Three important lessons, 1) There was a loose nut on the spray gun, paint dropped out onto floor everywhere like having a tap on - tighten nut! 2) The trigger has sort of 2 positions, paint ONLY comes out when fully pressed! 3) Mask is a MUST lucky with my choice no smell at all. Thanks to all for advice, every days a school day. Overall very pleased with result see what boot lid is like tomorrow when dry 🤷‍♂️ Here’s before & after ......small 👣
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    I don’t know, all these lights !! Wouldn’t it be cheaper to buy a pair of specs to see where your going ?????
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    Had a call from the trimmer today and seats are ready finally so will post pics up once I collect them tomorrow
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    Done Daisy Driving....got big RON ⛽️ onboard & now at the seaside.......😎
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    I see you're also wearing the correct safety Crocs.😜 I too am never out of my Crocs, must be an age thing🤔 I think this could be the start of a new " show us your safety Crocs" thread.
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    The car is still around and is back on the road. I know its 8 years to late.
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    Sorted out now thanks. 👍
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    My old mini was red & the brakes were sooo bad that every time you pressed them the blo@dy car did a right turn, roundabouts were scary! 😂 then eventually the doors dropped off 🤨
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    Got to love the old Minis. Around 1997, I needed to get home from Leicester to South Wales for a week, back to the Missus and kids. I used to use my FZR600 for going back and fore to camp, as the Missus had our Sierra back home. However, I had a bit of stuff to carry for this trip that was too much on my bike. I ended up buying a Mini for £60 off a lad due to it having a slipping clutch. It even had half a tank of fuel. Drove it most of the way home and it was really doing the job fine until it came to the Black Rock on the Heads of the Valley road. Thing was stinking its t1ts off by the time I got to the top of that climb. Sold it the next morning for £80. Got to love the old Minis.
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    cheers huge small rust repair of the anti roll bar mounting points, had to do both sides, and a tidy up of the skanky wc crossmember 🙂
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    I might make a dummy cable for my car to get free parking
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    a few pics from the engine bay resto while we had the engine out for a rebuild, more soon
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    it all depends on how you do it, as tbh, round headlights and cibies can look just as wrong everyone will have their own opinion on it cant say that the one above does anything for me, whereas Nick Heers does, but that was me who pushed him that way lol, and that's 2 up 2 down straight verticle and all frosted glass and larger ones at the top, and that wouldn't matter if the car had round or square lights, and of course the other important thing imho is the backs have to be body coloured the staggered/ angled look and or clear lens dosnt do it for me frosted is the wrong word really, patterned shall we say
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    Proper good advice thanks 👍.....1mm cutting disc then medium abrasive disc then flat stone with WD40 and finally green scotchbright .....Here’s pics of result........now thinking black shiny powdercoat 🤷‍♂️
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    1941 ford coupe deluxe running a 305 Chevy, has air ride and the front sits on the floor, solid shell and clean underneath Dakota digital dash. all info in the photos paintwork Is good some chips in the paint Ideal deal would be a swap for a mk1/2 escort could p/x with cash my way as I have none spare 😫 £21,500
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    Some titanium scrap machined up at work to make some nice rose joint bolts for the crossmember 👍🏼
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    Yes upgrade on the cards and better preparation tools, I think Carey said this back in August & JB recently Re preparation 👍, really enjoyed the whole ‘Air’ use & defo want more practice, the finish is much better than rattle cans!......small 👣
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    I guess you know why sprayers don't use/like those curly hoses - a soft pvc / rubber hose allows easier movement. Maybe an upgrade for the future?
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    Hello all here is my baby I’ve spent too long restoring this but finally MOT’d and almost running right haha
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    Vehicle wraps now available, message for prices!
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    I’m lost for words
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    Done a few bits, just trying to get the thing rolling to make it easier to work on as I haven’t the room for a rollover jig. Welds need grinding back and neatening up. Can get the front Suspension bolted up as soon as my track rod ends turn up.
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    Mate you sound like everyone else on here & that’s a good thing! I’m no mechanic, times a killer & I try to do most things myself on a budget...running repairs & bodge are the way forward 😂 to keep Daisy on the road, it don’t have to be massive achievements just little by little & people are interested 👍
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    I might pop up photos from time to time but I'm not a great mechanic i have 2 kids and another on the way so i have no budget and very little time to work on it...it will be small bodges here and there. I will be sending it for a respray next year though.😂
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    To be fair I've often wondered why they don't put pubs at the tops of mountains....🤣
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    My son (10 years old at the time) climbed it last summer. Proudly sporting his OSF hoodie on the way to the summit here
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    Heres mine...fully jacked up gives you 20 inches from the floor to the bottom of the cross member
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    I'll give him some credit in saying its a difficult walk, but the Belter should have known that ffs 😂. We were walking every day for 2 months before, knowing that it was going to be a bit of a slog. Took us 6 hours up and down. Stunning views up the top for our lunch. What topped it off us though when we got down was fish and chips from Bettws y Coed, which we took back to our Shepherds Hut. Then a couple of beers, soaking in a log fired hot tub.
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    Yeah there’s a Few differences , pictures show the red one is mk2 mk2 is half the weight shallower hollow where mk1 is solid and on the front the edges are sharper on the mk1 and centre Bar that you twist is thinner that said it will fit
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    I’ve just fitted a coolex Rad to my Escort Mk1 can recommend quality, price & performance others on OSF have too.
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    The red and yellow ones on eBay are both mk1 solid type different to mk2 but will do the job
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    Come on, I'm busting to see some colour on this now. Stop teasing.
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    It’s been a while, between one thing and another, then these crazy times. But finely the shell restoration is finished and it’s in primmer. Full paint soon I hope.
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    More 'After' shots - Quick hide the evidence. . . . . . .where? . . . . . . . EBay! - no one will notice! LOL!
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    It's a brave fella that paints a x-member that colour!
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    Sorry for the delay it took me ages to dig it out from under the house then a week and a whole bottle of plastic trim cleaner trying to get a bit of a sheen on a very matt bit of plastic. Anyways the Australian Aunger ones are not as deep as the UK deigned ones especially on the lower rungs. The bottom is solid too rather than open.
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    Cleaned everything fitted water pump with 90 degree elbow & re-fitted water pump with new gasket & sealer. Fitted new stainless Rad & the new blue silicon hoses with stainless jubilee clips. Topped up with de-ionised water & coolant. Just been out for a drive get Daisy up to Temp & there are no leaks......good day well happy 👍😁😁
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    thats without the nitrous, was all fresh at the time, had'nt done any running in miles, was bad enough thrashing the arse off it to set it up, without putting it under more strain, we did a couple of rwyb's with no gas then we got some really small jets and tried it with those. 14.5's is where its at now, bit slower than its best, but still puts a smile on ya face 👍
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    cheers huge, yeah got a few pics to share. engine back in, we took it for a tune up, was a few years back, went to peter baldwin, just outside of royston, about 2 hours on the rollers ended up with 167 bhp, not bad for an old sierra engine screwed together by me 😎
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    This shiny thing has arrived for Daisy unfortunately it got damaged in transit so an exchange next week. Now ordered 1ltr of C4 Daisy paint & 1ltr of thinners as I change from rattle can to spray gun never used one b4 but this is a hobby, for fun, to experiment & learn so going to finish the boot next week end 😁👍
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    A few pics of the Tour of Exmoor.....
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