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    Update regarding the missing single bulb holder: Bought a Landrover bulb holder, bit it was too small. However, we have a result x6. I bought a batch of bulb holders for a Mk3/Mk4 Escort and they are bang on. Just got back from my parents house where I had them delivered, so went straight in my garage when I got in and pulled my dash out to try them.  Late now, so will refit the dash tomorrow and see how it lights up. These have been a nightmare to source, but finally a result.
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    Here's a set of Revolutions I have for my Mk1. Found them for a good price on ebay then refurbed them in my breaks at work. They were in OK condition when I got them but look better now. First time I've refurbed a set so quite happy with them. Here's the before and after.
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    Few pics of some of the parts having a coat of Epoxy.......
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    Anything contained in the Rally sport catalogue, of which I would be at this precise moment selling on fleabay from my sun lounger in Barbados😎 Making humongous profit to keep me there till I pass my last part over the counter....lol
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    I had the same idea. Didn't see any other oldskoolers but got a few waves and headlight flashers!! Weather was ok, no salt or rain about so out I went....love driving it. So much more fun than the modern stuff....looking foward to next summer's tours and shows [emoji109][emoji109] Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Nice sun visor dude!
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    as far as im aware, you are correct RP, the door capping's were specific to the 1300E, and even here are getting hard to get, even the dash parts, about 3-4 weeks ago a set that imho needed re furb, made £480 on e bay, I had lots of people at the NEC asking where to get the wood from, but there are people making and selling bad repro, that would look ok veneered properly, the veneer is American Cherry, but ford didn't veneer the door capping's, they just stained it to get it close, but mine are veneered so it matches as an aside, those flat RS wheels are SH1T, even Nick reverted back to an early E / TC wheel
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    after the conversation with Carey about our 14" pirelli 4 spokes, and the pic he sent of the finished wheels looked fantastic. i came across these 2.8i pepperpots on ebay last night and thought we should have a new topic of retro wheels. not modern new ones that turn up nice n shiney, im talking wheels that you guys have refurbed. steels, alloys, wooden wheels if you cars old enough. these are the 2.8 pepperpots.
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    Not the best image i have but it took me ages to get it on here and cant face trying again lol. Set of 4 rough but perfectly round mexico steelies. Shot blasted then painted stardust silver. Then masked up and the black inserts painted. Then laquered. Took about 3 hrs per wheel.
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    So today I treated the car to an accuspark sport non ballasted coil. Today I discovered I need new rear tyres as it was getting sideways too often. I can almost drift the large roundabout near me.sounds like problem solved. Neil
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    the old work van with the bad boy bonnet when it was in fashion.
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    They were just trying to get your sheep......😂😂
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    To keep everyone in the loop, we’ve been in contact with CF show and hopefully we can bring you some good news soon and start the club booking process
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    This is my little project, fitted lotus steels, has some outer patina but never been welded, underneath is solid. It has been lowered 1 1/2" on the rear and a coil and a half removed from the front, I have set the tracking but going to fit these top mounts pictured to give a little neg camber.
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    Wow so thats really a commercial thing you pay to do to Porsches. I think the 944 version looks pretty good actually.
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    Yeah, we have told him he needs to get out more...
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    RS Suspension for your car, to stop you keep moaning at me that it sits too high
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    Good to see they've found a use for those Chinese shells...lol
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    He needs a drinking partner!
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