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    On track at Brands Hatch.....
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    My very talented step daughter has painted my mk5 tina from a photo from the last totm i think its fantastic thought id share
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    Hi Mark1. For years I've wondered what happened to WEX 460M. I have often over the years typed in that reg on gov.co website hoping that one day it will be back on the road, couldn't quite believe it when I saw it had been mot'd again! So last week I joined a group called find my old car, i put a post up asking if anyone knew of its whereabouts and someone posted a picture of it now with a link, I could not believe it! Yesterday I joined oldskoolford hoping to see a few more pictures of it. Absolutely blown away by what you have done to it, well done, its stunning. I brought the car in about 1985 when I was 18 from a friend of mine from Saxthorpe, near Aylsham for £500 and sold it a year or so later (one of the biggest regrets of my life!) I only sold it to fund my next car, a 1981 1.1L Fiesta !! Unfortunately I can't find any old photos of it when it was mine (as a 1300gt) but I will traipse through the hundreds of photos at my mums after lockdown in the hope of finding one. You must let me know if you show it anywhere so I could see it in the flesh again! Its been surprisingly emotional seeing all your pictures and knowing it it is probably going to out last me now!! Ps I'm sorry for putting the sunroof in, it was the 80's 😀
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    Some great cars in this thread. Heres my little MK1 Escort. It was a wedding present from my wife, a complete surprise. Ive added the JBW wheels, Stainless Steel Bumpers, Sapphire Cosworth front and rear seats, front splitter (graphics were already on it). Recently I painted the engine bay, under the bonnet, underneath the car and in the arches and the leaf springs and all the suspension. Great fun car which I enjoy whether driving it or working on it
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    Trophies are in the post and donations have been made to - The National Autistic Society Jenny Lind Children's Hospital Thank you all again.
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    One of the reasons the site is so comprehensive is that it is one of the few that caters for those that prefer to Reject FB. It permits far more topics and sometimes epic novel responses with imagery whereas social media prefer to keep it fast and brief. The word FB written out or mentioned in full is even recognised as a swear word by the parental filter and changes it to a less flattering word instead. Many social media fads have a lifespan of ten years, this site was here long before and will be here long after. And we dont spy on you or sell off your information either. Oh wait @dt36 is having doughnuts with his tea in his garage again thinking we wouldn't notice during the lockdown, time to share Mr! Who are you again? I dont remember the name but the blue face looks familiar.
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    With a preference for 2 doors and dislike of Laser wheels I had to get creative!
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    Please allow me to share with you some pics of my original standard escort Mk1 1300GT.....’Daisy’ I’ve owned her for 16 years, boy does time fly! (Sorry Daisy) In the right light and not looking too closely she’s a beauty.....she does have holes in places I’m sure a car shouldn’t have holes and I’m no mechanic, can’t paint too good, weld or name a lot of the parts on a car - BUT I try and I will not be beaten,- ‘she is what she is’ so, here are some photos warts an all - cheers Huge
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    SO! Many things have happened in the last couple of years! and most recently suddenly having a lot more free time on my hands ive been able to crack on with the escort! First job was crispy rear arches, this is my first time replacing an arch in this way so i was nervous to say the least. But i cracked on regardless and after filling, sanding, filling, sanding, filling, sanding, filling, sanding. i think the result looks ok........from 10feet away. Most of the other jobs have been correcting, upgrading or repairing things that were rushed when trying to get it on the road all that time ago. So new fuel tank set up in the boot Replaced the very rusty and seized wheel bearings started tidying the engine bay (still needs a lot of work) As id finally got the axles out i cleaned up the diff and made sure it was happy. After many more days of body work the car is finally one colour again (almost) And finally found the wheels i want for this car, a very nice set of 7x13 compomotive CX's, ive just spoken with a very nice bloke from compomotive and have sorted out the steel bushes and NOS centre caps! Many other things have happened like getting the tailing housing sorted on the gearbox (managed to find a good second hand one that just needed some minor repairs) changing wheel studs for longer items, (found out that the front hubs are a different spline size to the rear!) cleaned and painted the front suspensions and treated myself to a set of KYB dampers, nothing fancy but better that the old blown ones! So im glad to say after a long time im finally back into getting this done, im looking forward to bringing him to some shows next year!! Hope your all doing well during these crazy times!!
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    I put some 'before' photos up on here as a new member and at the time couple of you asked for pictures of my car once the work was underway/done When I started I had no idea what I was going to do with it but a Silver Top Zetec and Type 9 with some of the RWD parts included along with a set of 45s and the promise that the engine was good which sort of made my mind up for me. The installation has been done really neatly by Tickover and, after I put the car in to have a pair of Mexico wings fitted, one think led to another and a full restoration and bare metal repaint of the 'rust free' shell was undertaken. The engine runs really well but is going in to HT this week to be set up properly. Then it's just sorting out niggly electrical issues and trying to source hard to find items like an interior mirror, rear seat base etc I've lowered the car 2 inches but, to my mind it still sits too high and I'm torn between the 6x13 RS 4 spokes that are on the car and a set of 7 inch JBW steels I have in the garage. Any suggestions or opinions on this? Also how far of the ground should the car sit (mines 220mm to the bottom of the sill in front of the rear wheels and 190mm at the front of the sills) Hope you like the pictures. I work in sales so I have a thick skin if any one has any constructive criticism
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    I think people like to see other people's projects. I know when I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed by the project, looking at other people's projects , helps to get back on track😀
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    Finally a bit of forward movement....... engine built, ready to go. Hopefully be in colour by the end of next week
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    That just says volumes about americans - nothing to add!
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    Hell NO! Don't care how its described its not food! Apparently fruit (which I do love) cannot be exclusively be used as your 5 a day - bummer! I suppose curried / grilled vegetables would be ok! Well i'm around all week with nowt to do - may not have Hobnobs but sure I can rustle up something suitable LOL! I do have a new TPS to fit - was going to do it last Friday before it all when 'pete tong' so may do it this just to keep me active. Car SOS - there's a plan, unfortunately they prefer wreaks not things that are just about finished LOL! Good one - I liked that but not sure where i'd stick it! Thanks to you all for your good wishes - as I don't actually know any of you in real life, the thoughts are appreciated - Old Skool Rulz!
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    CONGRATULATIONS @Ben Perry wins the peoples Vote @theduck wins the judges Vote Both have been contacted and trophies will be sent out.
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    a few pics from the engine bay resto while we had the engine out for a rebuild, more soon
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    Hello - I’m new to OSF & so I’m reading through as much of the history as I can BUT (and positively) the information is vast! I’m ‘Old School’ & I don’t do FB or any other social media ‘cos mainly I’m private & want to keep my privacy. I have a passion for Old Fords & I am amazed at the knowledge, experience & skills of people on here Re Fords its incredible!! I’ve paid my Cult money & I will try to share the little I know about my Escort Mk1 endeavours, it ain’t a patch on some I’ve seen on here but I try to keep it on the road so ‘it’s is wot it is’ if I can help I will & I’m sorry in advance if any topic I raise is itself Old Skool 🙄THIS feed has been so interesting, yes it does seem like everyone knows everyone but what I’ve found so far people have been inclusive & helpful, I am thoughtful though Re security and the Public feed with FB & how that will affect me posting. So far it’s BRILLIANT - Huge
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    Hi, Bought my first Mk1 Escort back in March just before lockdown. Originally a 1973 yellow 1.1 but now in Olympic Blue and running a 2.0 pinto & type 9 box, bought her from a chap near Norwich, maybe someone may know the car or had it when it was originally yellow. A long 400 mile trim up home to Edinburgh but never missed a beat and never had sp many folks beeping their car horn and thumb's up; grinned all the way home, these care are really loved and always seam to be admired. Need bits and pieces sorting like webber carb a bit rough on start up, exhaust knocking or something knocking in transmission tunnel; maybe gearbox mount, fuel gauge only registers from full to half way then is actually empty as I have found needs Mexico wings or doors aligned for a better panel gap and usual bits & bobs, but that's about it and expected for a 47 year old motor. Looking at some point to get a bottom re-spray and fit Mexico stripes and change as a Mexico tribute and return back to RS 4 spokes. She's a lovely wee car which I hope to keep for many years. Looking forward to read all your posts and gaining some knowledge.
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    They obviously never met Nick....😁
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    Got the last garage sorted eventually!! Gives me more space for accumulation of crap I have. Got rid of a few bikes to my lads houses, so even more space. One garage for some bikes and the Tina, other garage for the box and the MG plus two escorts and at last one to work in 😁Still got a load of sorting out to do, it’s a wonder the roof ain’t collapsed as there’s nearly a complete escort up there in bits...lol
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    That gear is wicked so I got stuck in, one and a half hours later I’ve done this
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    Not so old skool but still a decent daily lol My mk1 RS Focus needs a bit of TLC as my neighbour hit the rear bumper my parents neighbours hit the rear quarter recently, I’ve kerbed all the wheels, and someone hit the drivers wing as seen in the pic! I bought another set of alloys and had them refurbed just need to buy some tyres so that’s the alloys sorted it was absolutely filthy so managed to wash it today and will get on with sorting the bodywork the next couple of weeks, in the background is the EnduroKa we are building for this years racing
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    Pic taken just outside Cortina d' Ampezzo.....
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    Since she’s still in my possession..
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    I removed all the choke flaps and linkage. Knife edged the butterflies Bought a kit that changes carb operation to a dgas.it has an extra hole in venturi so both chokes open and squirt petrol immediately I changed the linkage to get rid of the bar and remove any slop. K and n filter Cleaned up the inlet manifold with a dremel to remove casting marks. Pump pedal 5 times starts and idles nicely.
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    Good to hear you are on the road to recovery! I'm getting on in years (73) I think youve' got to get things fixed as they happen, Ive had 4 new hip joints (to one side) a left knee, glaucoma fixed, cataracts fixed, on blood pressure and colostrol tabs, and waiting for a new right knee, but still working walking and driving - a bit like an old Ford, keep fitting the spares and keep going! beer helps a lot!
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    I don't want to live forever either just long enough that both Escorts are finished ....... Oh I guess I do want to live forever now that I think about it.
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    How's this for rare? Robbed it off Faceache (so I guess it is good for something) 1963 Ford Cortina Ogle GT Coupé, of which only two were ever built by Ogle. This is one is now in the Philippines and once belonged to Stirling Moss. It is unique in that it was a 4-Seater instead of seating 5. *Ogle Cortina GT, 1964. Commissioned by Stirling Moss (pictured with the car in the last picture) who wanted a 4-seat GT Coupé based on proven components. The car was presented by Stirling Moss at the Earls Court Motor Show. Two were built by Harold Radford Coachbuilders based on Ogle’s designs but plans for a limited production run came to nought. And the post from Brian Oinks on Faceache "I thought I would share this very special Car with you all. I found these old pictures in one of my Folders here, so I thought I would throw them up here. You cannot find these online (well, until everyone else shares them now) as they were shared by a close friend of the Family who ended up Custodians of this rare machine after their Father passed away. Their Father was a well known Filipino Racer and bought this from Stirling Moss and had it shipped to the Philippines. He raced it regularly at the Clark Track in Manila until he retired it, where it sat under cover until it was eventually rediscovered and verified to be indeed Stirling Moss' old Ogle GT Coupe." Oh and the final picture is feedback given on Twitter when I posted a tweet about the car.
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    My pleasure here ya go ....Huge Ps Sorry I don’t have a bonnet template
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    At last got the bottom of car finished,painted with corrosion converter,then primed,seam sealed,painted with black chassis paint,then finally sprayed with black stone chip
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    I agree. If you look really close and concentrate, I think you can make out the Mona Lisa...
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    Normally when building a trike, the rear end of a Beetle is used. Unless you live in Backwards-on-Sea.
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    Servo bracket adjustment next
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    The FR30 cam is very nice. Good tickover and pulls very well and noticeable. The head did not need machining albeit I had the engine all reconditioned and set up by a great engine builder. I am in the process of running in the engine.done about 150 miles so far.
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    You may not like it, but you have to respect the work that went into it. Must have taken years.
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    Done another hour on the bed this afternoon also picked the alloy ramps up today so I can make the brackets tomorrow to hold them in place next
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    I’m struggling with this technology
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    Been busy on the Cortina, cut out the gearbox tunnel,and welded a capri tunnel in.This was still not big enough in height to fit the Mt75 gearbox,so had to split tunnel and lift up to make room,then as the drive flang on the gearbox is high i thought the prop would be getting close,so cut tunnel all way to back seat and raised the front ,just spot welded at moment. Fitted engine and gearbox using retro Ford engine mounts,and sierra gearbox cross member,modified to fit on the capri tunnels bolt holes.Will have to modify the drivers side engine mount,so it is about 20mm lower ,I'm using the blacktop plastic manifold and it just hits the top of mount
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