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    My mk2 van with pinto and type 9
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    Ive driven this van. Its got an LS1 crate engine, 9 inch diff and space frame chassis. Mad thing it is. Just been sold apparently.
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    Got a boot spoiler for my sport through the post today from Australia, on the recommendation of RP to get one from this guy not far from him. Well to say it was gorgeous would be an understatement, it’s flawless. The spoiler was £225 plus £82 delivery so just over £300 Might sound a lot of pennies but when you consider they’re asking more than this for a years old one that’s distorted and half the studs missing, it’s a no brainer for me. No it’s not an original part but who gives a shit if it looks better and cheaper 😎 whoever thought you could get so exited over a bloody spoiler 😉
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    😃😃 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿😋😋 But will there be Dragons or Springboks to slay??
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    Ladies and gents, all being well, we should have a 6 car stand at this years show. We do try to do our bit in putting the OSF name out there at this huge indoor classic car event. The show spans 3 days for visitors, and 4 days for anyone showing their cars at the show. We appreciate it is a trek and expensive for a show, but it is ten fold for the people showing their cars, so please if anyone would like to show their support, please use the club discount code found on the members page, get yourselves a ticket and pop by the club stand and come and say hello. Cheers.
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    I probably should start a new topic but couple of pics of the 1300 Sport today The owner has decided on fitting a new bulkhead luckily New inner wings, bulkhead and upper bulkhead clamped in place, a bit of manipulation and I can start spot welding it back in place
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    This is the "bolt pattern" you need (starter included)
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    Cant believe im having to do this. Looks like redundancy is heading my way so the car is for sale. Its a 1974 1300GT in Tawny brown imported from Portugal in 2016 and i purchased it from Cambridge classic cars. I registered the car and has a correct (M) age related plate. The body is good but the paint isn't great tbh. Welding done to the shell has been. Rear lower corners bothe sides using expressed panels and professionaly finnished at a local body shop to a high standard (if i didnt tell you, you wouldnt know). Also had both front floor pans replaced fully welded inside and out. Suspension. Brand new....Burton 145lb coil springs. TC anti rollbar, bottom arms. Fully pollybushed front and rear with black series bushes. 4x AVO adjustable shock absorbers. Adjustable Panhard rod and tramp bars. Quick rack and track rod ends. UJ that connects rack to column. Diff 389 fully rebuilt at the cost of £450+. Rear wheel bearings. Brakes. Front callipers refurbished. New flexis all round and all copper brake pipes replaced. Bias pedal box and servo now fitted. ALL OF THE ABOVE ARE BRAND NEW PARTS FITTED IN THE LAST YEAR OR SO. Parts by Motorsport tools or Burton. More info to come later when i get the chance cheers all.
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    Omg reliving my youth!
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    Absolutely! I think the new bar from Escort Tec is the best option but they just prefer to fix the old one. (Although Im not sure these after-market bars are decent quality or not?) Just to add balance to the argument I will mention that our insurance prices are a fraction of yours but the end result is that costs are cut. But my confusion is why is my Insurance company aiding the insurance comply of the doris who ran into me by driving the price down with a cheaper job? I just don't get it? One positive is that I hadn't put the overriders on yet. They are as rare as hens teeth. I have a set but one is split and then I got a spare one but its a different design to all the others LOL So I left them off till I could find a 4th one. I was going to post at some stage for a swap in case someone was in the reverse position and needed one like the odd overrider I have.
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    Given that it has a Georgia numberplate and horrible US spec side reflectors, I'd say it's a Mercury Capri
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    It’s not a quiz if I’m the only person replying lol 😂
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    Hopefully it sounds like the vw Guy has good knowledge of old cars ie rust lol don’t take that the wrong way!! 😂 that’s what us English people have to suffer find some bits on eBay and send the insurance some costings
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    That's if your cam is ground accurately and you can rely on the figures that come with the cam! If I wanted to be super accurate, i'd measure max valve lift 0.050" either side, allied with a degree wheel and split the figures but if you are adjusting #1 where do you measure - oh yeah #8 !!! LOL! Yes i'm an argumentative git!
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    Thanks to Scott for getting it sorted even away from proper internet access. I was starting to worry how long we were going to be offline.
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    Sometimes it’s a blessing
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    Yes I happen to have a 1630 block with lotus pistons and pre crossflow ported Head, 40s with inlets lol
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    My first thought also - unfortunately LOL! Surely your insurance works the same as ours ie. the vehicle shall be reinstated to a condition that it was before the incident inclusive of parts and labour and be paid for by the offending parties insurance. The body shop shall quote or an assessor will compile the value of loss - this is where classic cars are a problem - you can't get the parts or they are extraordinarily expensive and so the insurance co will try to right off the vehicle and offer a cash settlement which tend to be piss poor! Start getting your evidence of parts availability and costs inclusive of carriage as you should not be out of pocket for someone else's mistake + if this is your 'daily' then claim for a hire car whilst yours is repaired. As a biker i've had insurers of people that have caused collisions, try to piss me around - i've taken two of them to Small Claims court - and won! It can be a fight but it can work out, just don't give in or accept first offer!
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    That’s a bit of bummer RP, you answered one of my first questions. Was it a doris !!! Get it done cash that’s my advice, work out the full cost and approach the daft cow. Explain that through insurance it would take months for them to locate parts and you want it back right ASAP !
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    Thats a real shame. Looks to be a pretty clean cut incident though. Any chance the person that hit your car could blame you or fight it or have they accepted responsibility?
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    Ain't it shite when that happens.... Not too much damage with such a low speed shunt I hope. Would still piss me right off....[emoji34] Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Yes but the complete floors are easier to fit than trying to get repair panels to fit and look like they haven’t been done
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    Yes, I am aware of that too. It should be resolved by a server move.
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    Oooo you little tease you!!
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    Needs a bit of work/welding then m8.... Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    SOME of the panels needed, more on there way!
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    Feel for you m8. Selling the mk1 would be a last resort for me but more important to keep the roof over your head. Always get another classic when the time is right. Looks like a lovely car m8 tbf. Sure it'll sell [emoji106][emoji106] Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    Im glad you wont leave us. I do like your square headlight Mk1 though. Can 100E's be found for reasonable prices at the moment? I think the best value in OSFs right now are Mk2 Cortinas. You get some great ones for little dollars. The wont be low for long though I think they will be the next price boom in the OSF market.
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    Knew it would be my fault somehow 🤔🤔 As soon as I said all seemed to be fixed that was it ....no more....nowt...but all up and running now😀 Oh shouldn’t I have said that.....whooooops
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    I thought it was just an Old Skool thing but you guys will plant anything in the scrub!
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    Had it once but seems ok today. Will get it checked out.
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    What! You have SWIMMING Giant Boxing Rabbits, it must be like living in Jurassic Park. Wow!!
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    You could run xflow bottom end lotus pistons with ported pre x flow head
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    Thanks for the replies. I'll look into the standard air filter with the cut out. Looking still quite expensive. An alternative then, would you keep the 28/36 DCD over twin 40s? And what is the advantage of the twins, over the weber. I like the idea of the period modifications and the look of the twins. I know more power would be more easily achieved with a crossflow but like the idea of running the pre crossflow. Cheers again.
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    Thanks and thanks 👍 Little bit more info on the car, it was last painted in the early 70’s, there is no rust that I can find, has full stainless exhaust system and I have seen it once since April !!!!! Here is a picture of it with the car I sold to buy it, ended up being pretty much a straight swap money wise.
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    Yep - same as me, 3.54 diff. I had the T9 overhauled so made sense to uprate the bearings and the tall 1st. Its weird and must be an age thing but the loooooow 1st never bothered me in 1982 with my first RS!
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    That sits awesome looks great 👍🏻 Personally I would go without fat stripes and stick to plain looks so much better that way.
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    It’s all ready to go sorted
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    Ask him how many 8ths are in an ounce and see how quickly he answers. Saying that, i hear even thats gone over to grams now.
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    How about a Capri Van?
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    It was a young girl on her provisional license actually not paying attention when leaving the car park. I just switched over to a Classic car insurance a few months ago so they cant write the car off as the damage is only a fraction of that. The fact is that policy is only a few months old I dont want to get them involved if possible. Sure its someone else's fault but that doesn't stop them from increasing my premiums for some perceived increased risk. I have a claim number from their insurance company which I thought is strange before I have even taken the car to a panel beaters, She is claiming its only bit of paint on the bumper that is all that's needed but the rear panel has been pushed in at the bumper brackets so they are going to get a bill shock. New original bumper mounts are 150 quid alone. You cant get new Mk2 Black bumpers at all so they are going to have to straighten the old one and powder coat it or something. Just with the parts situation it just means months of waiting and hassles that I didn't want. Its sort of like your winters, where you spend most of the year in a garage fixing it and for those few months you want to drive it and enjoy it before you have to put it away again. While I dont have the winter problem it does spend most of its life me waiting for parts or painting this or that and this past week I have just got it to the point where I can have my few months of use and thats been taken away from me this year. She knows I was angry, her husband rang last night to speak to me but I couldn't make him understand (alot due to a language barrier) that you don't get replacement parts from the local shop and it will take months to get this sorted. He had no conception of what it takes to maintain and older classic car. He feels the insurance company knows where the parts are. Rubbish!! They dont have a clue.
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