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    Got home very late yesterday after getting to the finish line at Westward Ho! Around 8 ish. Driven some amazing coastal roads. Been great. In Total, the Morris 1000 traveled 4391 miles around the coast of Britain over 22 days. Out of that, Top Banana traveled 390 ish around Cornwall and West Devon Thank you all that have donated. Here are a few of my favourite pics from yesterday.
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    We are off on our little tour of Devon and Cornwall. The couple in the Morris 1000 have travelled the whole of the UKs coastal roads. Good effort I say as it was still in bits the day before that started 2 weeks ago.
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    Winter maintence almost done. Correct brake set up complete just needs bleeding. Shiny door handles have come back from the chrome platers Correct Mexico style radiator and oil cooler fitted. Tested and not leaking. Re wired the spot lights
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    Like these, 185x60x13 on 7x13 steels although mine are fitted to a MK2 Corrina.
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    End of today's run. Final leg tomorrow. Time for beer and dinner
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    Five of us pootled down in convoy the 35 miles or so from the Plymouth area today to take in the Duchy Capri and Classic Ford Club show at Trevornick holiday park. Glorious Cornish sunshine eventually broke through and, aided and abetted by strong winds coming in off the sea, has left me quite rosy cheeked this evening! Arriving fashionably late @deltamal had beaten myself, @steve caf577k and three others by several hours so there was already a fine array of Classics (and a few not so classics) on display by the time we arrived. Good to catch up with @PeterWestaway, @capriaddict and @mk2 matt, no sign of @hellblue today but I did see @sab6024 lurking somewhere in the background. Respect to Dale of DB Autos for barrelling down the "freeway" at high speed keeping up with the Escorts in his big F150. I think at 6mpg he probably used more petrol than the rest of us put together! "Gas" must have been pretty cheap in the US in the 70's! The only slight fly in the ointment was bringing along two young kids who had expectations of being entertained at Holywell bay fun park....only to find it had been closed down and was in the process of being bulldozed! Cue "I'm bored Daddy" from about 30 minutes after we arrived! Asked a member of the park staff what there was for kids to do and was pointed in the direction of Pitch and Putt at Β£9.00 (yes you read that right) per head! Apart from the bored kids, a great little show with some fine metal on display. Stand out car for me was a mint looking mk1 Transit camper, I got distracted though and didn't get a picture of it. The RS1600 sporting the numberplate 5 BDA looked quite special too.
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    Hi all, have just bought my new to me Escort, a MK1. I suppose it is the least desirable model, being 4 door, left hand drive, and 1.1, but this is a budget daily driver, so I'm happy. Not many pics as I'm away on holiday at the moment, but I've tried to paste a picture from the ebay ad I bought it from. The big plus with this car is that it has never been welded, and runs like a dream. Thoses who remember the ebay ad will be pleased to know I have removed some of the horrible modifications it had made to it over the years, like strip light on rear number plate, yellow fog lights in grill, spagetti wiring and switches under dash. I've also fixed some non-working items, such as door switches, bonnet prop, interior light, wnidow winders, and numerous other issues. Plans????????? I desperatly need to sort out the gearing, these 4 speeds are just not up to motorway speeds, I need info on 5 speed box, but believe it may have starter on other side on LHD? 1/4 bumpers, I love the look of these Alloys, I want some with wider tyres, but don't want to play with arches, what width? Having steering rack rebuilt, Β£75, plus poly mounts. Engine wise I'm happy, 50 hp suits me at the moment, though I have changed oil and filter, and might go electronic ignition route. All help gladly recieved, its my first MK1, thanks.
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    Just about finished a 3 year resto on my RS2000. Looking for the best shows to go to this summer, my car is for driving though not showing. Any security or safety tips also appreciated.
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    Went to simply ford Beaulieu today ,what a fantastic day a good mixture of fords over 1500 on show here’s some pics
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    Most wives target the Escort as a rival for termination at the wedding rather than give you one as a present! A rare treasure indeed. (The wife not the Escort)
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    So, the drama continues. . . I picked my car up from the exhaust place, and boy what an exhaust, it looks gorgeous. I watched the mechanic perform the dark art of cam timing set up. It is a little confusing but very interesting. Once back together and put in the car it was fire up time and it started almost immediately. I was well chuffed. Next up is the rolling road session and the guy says pop the bonnet and start the engine. Within 10 seconds he says, the carb is f$%&*# it's pointless setting up your engine as the carb is pulling air in where it shouldn't and I can't control it. Apparently it's quite a common problem. He then says that Andy Burton from Burton Power has called him recently to tell him has just got 10 brand new 32/36 Weber carbs. I was going on holiday the following day for a week and my mechanic said he would sort it out while I was off. I now have a brand new carb, but then my master cylinder sprung a leak and pissed brake fluid all over my freshly painted servo! Long story short, it's sorted now and I went to my first show of the year on Sunday in Aylesbury and the car rocked. It was about a 170 mile round trip, so a good first drive. It zipps through the revs and pulls really well. It is now awesome and I love it. There was quite a whine from the gearbox, so that has now been off and into the transmission shop for a replacement bearing and new gaskets which I collected today, so back in the car over the weekend and ready for the re-booked rolling road on Thursday. Just in time for the classic Ford show. . . .if nothing else goes wrong.
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    I think Scott is referring to the fact there ain't much to test on the cars and the fact the young testers wouldn't accept end float on bearings play in steering boxes and stub pins trunion's etc the test would have to be shorter or classic specific
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    I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder? Because I've zero interest in drag racing, I see a nice classic car ( a 2 door Mk5 no less) with a giant nose on the bonnet, enormous wheels and tyres at the rear, likely horrendously loud and uncomfortable to be in, very heavy up front and no practical use as a car..............whereas you no doubt see a race car that's enormously powerful, huge grip, very fast off the line and gives a great adrenalin rush when the lights go green (just don't mention corners eh )? Lol, it's MOT'd too. Though I'm laughing my off at this advisory from 2017. No shit sherlock! Date tested 20 June 2017 PASS Mileage 3,689 miles MOT test number 9412 4915 7130 Expiry date: 19 June 2018 Advisory notice item(s): Exhaust noisy (7.1.4)
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    A little update on where we are folks, looking like being a busy event this year.😎 48 Tour cars booked in total (just two places left now) 31 Camping pitches sold with 60 adults and 14 children camping A further 26 day guests (in 18 cars) included in within the 48 tour cars Who is going to take the last two slots?
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    Its an OSF, 2 to 1 its broken down and he is waiting for parts to get it going again. If he ordered them from Burtons it could be there for months not telling him they arent really in stock.
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    My first car late 70s πŸ˜‚
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    I like fishnets with a nice pair of legs in them, ....oooops just read the previous posts 🀭 thought this was going to get interesting 😍 but no bloody cars again..lol
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    I slept with worse in my younger days 😁
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    It is with great Sadness I have to say that envious eyes, extreme values and lack of secure parking is influencing my escort use, in something I don't like but I put it down too old fart paranoia! I just keep thinking I'm being followed or that someone is going to damage it, I almost wish the value of the car was declining then it would then be easier to use, less of a risk and probably more enjoyable. value has a double-edge to it . increase the value and maybe use it less, I am considering doing a deliberately rough capri to increase my use of it, and therefore reduce the risk of theft or damage . I think I am over thinking it . Does it effect others this way?
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    I really like the site, I'm proudly a contributor,I don't post much but read lots . It's a great reference library and soundingboard, the for sale sections don't get as much use as they used to but with ebay and now Retards Club it is understandable. I may not be noticed when I visit as I do not always log in but I'm here! I appreciate your help, and banter please keep it going, I'm sure that we would all miss it not being here Mike
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    Escort / Cortina Huntsman Estates
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    Seven cars this morning. Off to lands end
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    Just remember when you remove the Blue domes from the two main gauges to be very careful with them. The become very brittle and fragile from time and excessive heat. The LED bulbs will do away for the need for them entirely and not trap in any heat from the bulb either. They also are have half the wattage of the originals so less heat and strain on the circuits. The bulbs are polarity sensitive so be sure they are the right way around.
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    And, as always with days out like this, the getting there is arguably more fun than the being there. We got ourselves a convoy.....ok, a pretty small one but it still turned a few heads
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    Today I managed to find time to complete the route and questions for your navigators (if you have one). Very happy with the route. It is are most challenging yet. As such you will be let out at intervals at the start. Route cards will be handed out on the morning. We have got you a lunch stop. Plan is to all meet up for a bite to eat and a get together for some pics. Finally going to a destination I've planned from day one. Here are a few pics of what to expect πŸ˜‰
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    Pack arrived on tuesday....[emoji106] Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
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    OSF Dutch crew arrived at Spa Classic
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    Got my tour pack todayπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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    Further info: At approximately 12:45 today (May 13th) a silver Range Rover HSE was seen towing a Yellow Mk1 Escort that is an exact match for the stolen car but with no numberplates (on the Escort). This was on Charlton Road, the main road into Keynsham. I suggest that at the very least, the Police should be asked to contact any local businesses with CCTV, or indeed centrally managed CCTV, to see if any details on the RR can be identified. A reg number for instance.
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    Bring your sun hats folks, we have booked the weather this year!
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    !! SOLD OUT !! As it stands we have sold all 50 spaces on this years tour. We shall update if any space becomes available. Thank you all for supporting us.
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    Wow Talk about Deja Vu! Its like my friends and the car washing all over again! They were all Old Skool Forders too. Except they weren't old skool then.
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    For you maybe - not for us!
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    I remember that from the magazines - number plate says it all!
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    We can see where the brains are in the family! LOL! (no offence intended)
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    I applied for a job,......didn’t get it😒....wouldn’t mind it was working for myself πŸ€”
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    All done now. Trimmer didn't ask about a logo, but I think I would have left them plain. Currently going with the round headreasts at the moment, as I have to still change the net in my other Fishnet. Net is all stitched ready, just got to open up the base to fit it. Car looks much cleaner and tidy now with these.
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    I'm not sure they'd look that good on me!
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    What if I just drive about with one of each? πŸ˜‚
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    Oh cool. Im glad I don't have to decide, I couldn't make up my mind which I preferred actually they both look good equally! But Rolltops are probably right in that fishnets seem to age and weather more in time than Rolltops. Better still just keep them both and change them with your mood or occasion!
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    Should be used for lots of things to help save waste. Take this young lady for example, wasting all these hotdogs - be much more environmentally friendly and less wasteful if she had re-usable hotdogs from a 3D printer.......
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    Im three down and one to go now. Just a passenger front handle left. Cols suggestion to look for Mk3 Cortina ones rather than Mk2 Escort ones save me a real load of money. There were half the cost without the RS Tax. So thanks to Col for that. They are brand new from two different sellers. The chrome has a few blemishes from being stored for years but you barely notice. While writing this post I just noticed the seller who sold me the rear ones has the last passenger front one I needed so I scooped it up. It doesn't appear as in good a condition as the others but its new at least and should be easier to rechrome if needs be. It doesn't come with the lock either though like the drivers one did.
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    i am booked on the stand, i hope i can go, becaurse my mum just got in a nursing home, i will leave on the saterday, maybe go back on the sunday or monday. the first classic ford show on santa pod, wasn't so big, but still great, it just grew from there, i think it will be a good show, and if more people will attend, it will be great from the first show, we all make the show. i have to come from holland, so it's a big drive, but it has been great each year, this year will be the same. please try to get there, cheers marcel
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    i havnt posted any updates on my blue beast lately, and to be fair i havnt been taking any photos either, so i took a few tonight, engine and gear box re overhauled, prop all in, new front struts, and an original steering rack all overhauled and fitted, replacement rear springs and shocks, although i may change the shocks again yet, rear arb in place on the axle, but not connected to the chassis yet, to be done on the ground,heater all been out and re done, the list goes on tbh
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    kin ell it must be bad! lol
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    Best supply the 'unkindest cut' to Dad and as regards the kids - apparently they are quite tasty, bit like chicken! Good hard hitting 'Oldskool' story.
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